Friday, March 9, 2012


Good morning everyone!  I'm excited about this Friday just because it stands to be the last one for a while where I won't be making a sports prediction about something.  I'll give you another ramble on Monday, followed by a list of NCAA Men's Tourney predictions on Wednesday, and I'll have some more hoops predictions on Friday based on Thursday's games, etc...  At this time I have to give credit to my brother for his call yesterday.  The following was his facebook post before yesterday's Big East Tourney games began (he happens to cheer for the Orangemen, which prompted this post)...  "Big East Tourney Failure:  UCONN/SYRACUSE at Noon, USF/ND at 9PM.  You schedule the best game of the day with the number 2 team in the country and the team from New York in the Garden when everyone is at work and most likely won't see it!"  I read this post, then went back to sleep to prepare for my nightshift at work.  When I woke up and turned to ESPN, I learned that the Huskies had won a couple of games in a row since their coach returned to the bench.  Then they showed the highlights from the extremely close 58-55 Syracuse victory.  In all fairness, Notre Dame beat South Florida by 4 in overtime, but still, nice call brother...  ;)  I have a story from a former student of the local high school that was relayed to me through facebook, and I couldn't help laughing even though the story is pitiful (which is actually why I laughed).  The student relayed his involvement in a 'fender bender' earlier in the week, and said that when his mother showed up to the scene of the accident in a BMW, the female motorist, who to this point doesn't speak a word of English, starts clapping and stomping the ground chanting "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!"  Yeah, never a dull moment, huh?...  For the moment winter has returned to San Marcos, America, as while I slept yesterday afternoon the temperature dropped from 77 degrees down to 49 degrees in an hour and a half.  I had already seen the 10-day forecast for the area earlier in the week, which made that Monday fantasy baseball studying trek to Bikini Hill imperative.  As far back as I can remember, I can only recall one spring break for the local university where the week off wasn't accompanied by rain at some point...  The break officially starts on Monday, but since most of the students here don't have class on Fridays, the festivities have already begun for all intents and purposes.  As far back as I can remember, the NCAA Tourney has also started during that week, which is why I am personally looking forward to next week.  It is one of the best sports weeks of the year with all of the games loaded up between Thursday and Sunday.  I am going to let you go now, but I hope that you have a great weekend and I will see you again on Monday.

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