Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Plain Old March 16th

Good morning everyone.  I just brought up my ten bracket(s) on the computer to see how I fared yesterday at ESPN.  In my 'official' bracket, the one that I gave my predictions from here in Wednesday's blog entry, I went 12-4.  I only had 1 of the 4 losers advancing to the Sweet 16, so I am not too displeased with that.  # 12 Long Beach State only lost by 7 to # 5 New Mexico, but that loss will cost me a game in the 2nd round also as I had LBSU advancing to the 3rd round.  # 9 UConn lost by 13 to # 8 Iowa State, but I didn't blink at a 9-seed losing to an 8-seed.  I was very suprised that # 11 Colorado beat # 6 UNLV because of the fashion in which it occurred.  Although the Buffaloes only won the game by 4 points, they had been up by at least 20 on the Las Vegas hoopsters (I wish that I could have seen the comeback run by UNLV but I was already at work).  # 7 Gonzaga destroying # 10 West Virginia by 23 points also caught me off-guard obviously.  The good news for me is that those were my only losses of the day.  What I found funny this morning when I brought all ten of my brackets up is that I went 14-2 in the very next bracket that I completed after doing my Wednesday post here. UNLV and UConn were my only two losses in that bracket yesterday, and yesterday's games were the only ones that I had those squads winning.

For not being a college student, this has been a pretty full Spring Break for me.  To start the week, I picked up a shift at work on Monday, a day that I am usually off.  On Tuesday, a day that I usually work, I was off and found myself able to attend the Texas State @ The University of Texas at Austin baseball game.  My alma mater was the first opponent to sellout Disch-Falk Field in Austin this season, but the Bobcats ended up with a disappointing 6-1 loss after being held to only 4 hits.  I watched the game with a friend and his family, and did have a good time.  My friend has one son who is a first-grader and one who is a second-grader, and I picked on both of them enough that I cannot remember which one this moment occurred with.  I offered my friend's son a dollar for his Bobcats shirt, and he answered "that's not worth it."  Then he noticed the poker chips that I habitually play with (yes, even at a baseball game) and he counter-offered "I'll trade you those for my shoes..."  You HAVE to love kids...  :)  On Wednesday my sister brought her kids to town and we all went out and had a burger and fries.  She is also a graduate of my alma mater, so I got to give everyone a quick tour around town, and she was able to see some of the changes that have occurred since she moved on.  The expansion of Bobcat Stadium is currently a work-in-progress for the school's move to the WAC next season.  Last night my brother dropped in for a surprise weekend visit from the east coast and we got to hang out while I worked.  Not all of the residents of San Marcos, America have returned from Spring Break, but there were enough people around that he got a good taste of it.  I have work the next 2 days, 3 more days of NCAA hoops action, and on Sunday I plan on attending a baseball card show.  Again, a pretty busy break for this camper.        

As we proceeded through the last few days, I noticed that this particular string of days on the calendar have some significance attached to them.  In the past few years with the advent of facebook and my sister being a math teacher, I am now aware that March 14th is "Pi Day".  That's 'Pi' as in 3.14, not your grandma's apple pie.  A little while back there was a writer who went by the name of Shakespeare, and he mentioned something about 'The Ides Of March' in one of his works, which is March 15th.  Tomorrow, March 17th, is Saint Patrick's Day.  Today, well, today is just March 16th, but I hope that you have a great day nonetheless.  Actually, go ahead and enjoy the whole weekend, and I'll see you again on Monday.

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