Friday, September 14, 2012

The Unfriendly Confines

Good evening everyone.  I may still get this post entered on Friday CST...  I decided to utilize my very rare weekend night off (yes, I've been back at my current job for just over a week) to check out the newly renovated Bobcat Stadium in San Marcos, America.  Since Bobcat Stadium has been expanded, Jim Wacker Field has seen two games, and they haven't been pretty for the home team.  Last Saturday, the Red Raiders of Texas Tech came in and put it on the alma mater, 58-10.  Tonight, the Eagles of Georgetown High School tried to match the Red Raiders, but only managed a 55-7 win (I'm being sarcastic, as the Eagles could have seemingly scored as much as they wanted to). 

On a just as discouraging note, my football picks have been 4-9-1 so far (against the spread, which is how I will be calling the games here).  Courtesy of USC winning by EXACTLY 39 points in their season opener vs. Hawaii, I'll be dragging that tie along for the whole football season...  I threw out a few more 'maybe' picks than these 14, but these were my offical picks (my statisticians were working overtime to check the accuracy of my stellar record to date, thank you very much).  I will be picking ten games per week from here on out, until we reach weekends where there aren't that many available (plus the bowl season, where I'll pick EVERYTHING like last year)... 

This week's games...  This week I am going to go with the following ten bets:

Washington State/UNLV (Over 56)
BYU (- 3) over Utah
Houston/UCLA (Over 75 1/2)
UCLA (- 17) over Houston

Oakland (- 2 1/2) over Miami
Detroit/San Francisco (Under 46 1/2)
Houston (- 7) over Jacksonville
Kansas City/Buffalo (Under 45)
Minnesota/Indianapolis (Under 45 1/2)
Arizona/New England (Under 48 1/2)

Have fun with those and have a great football weekend!  See ya again on Monday...