Monday, December 10, 2012


Good afternoon everyone.  Things are pretty bleak here on 'Bikini Hill' right now, and in every way imaginable... After the temperatures reached a high of 79 degrees here yesterday, the current temperature is only 45 degrees, and yes, I'm drinking hot chocolate right now...  I am not a fan of the cold weather at all.  The forecast high for today is only 54 degrees, and the low temperature tonight is supposed to be 27 degrees - BRRRRRR...  Final exams are also ongoing as I type as this is the last week of the semester on campus, and the last week before San Marcos, America becomes eerily quiet for a whole month.  One of the old gang who is out at Texas Tech right now probably captured every student's mood in a facebook post a little while ago when she stated, "hope my Spanish final doesn't rip out my heart and light it on fire!!!"  Good luck to all of the students across our great nation who are currently taking their final exams - it's a very stressful time indeed...  I would normally sleep for no more than a couple of hours at a time when I had to take my finals, and then I would sleep for about three days straight after the semester ended...

After being greedy and gobbling up the last 10% of my Las Vegas sponsorship pool (for a personal total of 40%), the $1,000.00 goal has been reached and I have collected over $830.00 of that total.  The outstanding money is as good as gold considering who hasn't paid me yet (comprised of a small group of people that includes my dad), so I'm pretty close to being ready to leave for the desert next week.  Back to the weather, because this particular blog is the most interesting one ever, this current cold snap has me recalling some brutally bitter winter nights in Las Vegas where the wind actually blows quite hard...  Again, BRRRRRR...

I watched as much football as I could stand yesterday after working through a very busy weekend, and I was able to see my picks finish the day with a 5-3 record.  The total amount of points scored in the Dolphins/49ers game was 40, and I picked under 39, so I was that close to going to 6-2 for the day.  I also selected the Cowboys at (-3) over the Bengals, and Dallas won the game by just one point, so I was that close to going 7-1 on the day...  :)  Anyway, tonight I have the Patriots (-3) over the Texans, and I have Houston and New England combining to score more than 51 points.  

Speaking of football, while I was watching yesterday's late action unfold, I happened to open the blog application on my Droid and saw that my friend grrouchie had done a short blog post.  In the very elite Lucki Duck blogger football prognosticator contest, which has been very tightly contested at the top, Mr. Grrouchie made the observation that Memphis Mojo must have the ability to see into the future (or that he went back to the future, Marty McFly style.., I don't really remember)...  Anyway, in this contest where every single point that your team wins by benefits you, Mr. Mojo happened to pick the Seahawks this weekend, and yes, Seattle just scored again, and the score is now 58 to NOTHING...  I happen to have the Patriots in this contest tonight because I don't believe that the Texans play much defense, so don't judge me if I'm rooting for the final score to be 70-0 New England...  Great week Mojo - WOW...

Speaking of Droids, a little while back I touted for the very inexpensive Body Glove protective case that I had purchased online.  While I still tout, the top of this case very quickly lost its hold on my Droid, so I ordered another, even cheaper case (less than $2.00), to replace the Body Glove one.  Funny story, when the new case arrived, I COULD NOT remove the bottom of the Body Glove case from my Droid, and I didn't want to damage my phone by going all out to do so, and this leaves me with a hybrid phone case.  I have a metallic blue top piece, and a black bottom piece...  My apartment manager told me that the case looks like it could have been sold like that, so that's good enough for me...  :)

Speaking of football (I did a while ago), did anyone else watch my Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday???  I don't think that I can ever recall a team having such horrid starting field position throughout the course of an entire game.  What's worse is that my Steelers, who have lost SEVERAL close games this season, are STILL the sixth-seed in the AFC playoff race with a mediocre 7-6 record.  The only team in the AFC North that did win yesterday was the Cleveland Browns - what a crazy football season...

Speaking of speaking of stuff, I have quite a few errands to do today, so I will leave you with rooting for the Patriots and more than 51 points to be scored tonight as your good deed for the day.  Bundle up and have a good one!



  1. Mr. Mojo happened to pick the Seahawks this weekend, and yes, Seattle just scored again, and the score is now 58 to NOTHING...

    Aw shucks :)

  2. Lucki Duck's contest is rigged, obviously.

  3. Despite being cold, it has been sunny here today and I just returned from a walk around Bikini Hill, but FIFTY-EIGHT to NOTHING??? Pffttt... :)

  4. hey Coach, I had the Cowboys at +3.5 on the road this weekend and they covered for me. Are you sure you had them at -3? I'm just trying to help out your record, though you are still killing my numbers for the year.

  5. Maybe the line completely flipped??

    1. Cowboys were the dog from the opening line on. Had you been in Vegas, you would have noticed... and cashed.