Thursday, December 6, 2012

You're Like A Gummy Bear

Good morning everyone.  Today is the official last day of classes at Alma Mater U.  That means that I better get ready to work this weekend and that I better get myself in gear for my trip to Vegas.  I have now collected $530.00 of a pledged $700.00 toward my goal of $1,000.00, and tonight is the night that I'm really going to start asking people if they want to be involved in the sponsorship pool...  ;)  When I mention how we'll have action on every random bowl game that comes on t.v. while we're in-between the fall and spring semesters, well..., everyone seems to light up at that prospect as much as I do...  :)

I have probably mentioned that I make several trips to the campus library of my alma mater.  I recently realized that when I look the windows at the lights of San Marcos, America, I ponder the same question as when I'm looking out at the lights of Las Vegas:  what is going on out there?...

Recently I was in the check-out line at Wal-Mart (this seems like a frequent occurrence lately) when I spotted this item in this packaging on the shelf (I SWEAR that I'm not making this up):  "Pajama Jeans:  Pajamas You Live In - Jeans You Sleep In..."  I can't say anything to improve on that...  :)

So I was at work just last night...  :)  I was positioned outside behind our tier of three bars when the following occurred...  During the slower nights of the week, our middle bar is closed, and our customers initially make their way up the "fire escape" stairs to go up to The Veranda, which is our rooftop destination.  Obviously, the customers also exit down this same stairway when leaving.  Let me say at this point that the low temperature for San Marcos, America last night was supposed to be 46 degrees.  I was wearing two sweatshirts to combat the elements, my favorite forest-green Nike sweatshirt, and my heavier gray Polo hoodie.  This Polo hoodie is big enough that it EASILY slips over the Nike sweatshirt underneath when I'm wearing the duo together.  So these four young ladies are making their way down the stairs.  Two of the girls are well ahead of the other pair.  As the first of the two ladies approaches me at the bottom of the stairs, she inquires, "aren't you cold out here?"  The Veranda has heaters, and these girls had just walked down the long indoor hallway (through "the maze" as some people might call it - GRRRRR....), so this question was understandable (and thoughtful)...  :)  I nodded that I was fine when the first girl came up and gave me a hug. Right behind her, the second young lady came up and hugged me, and then she EXCLAIMED..., "You're Like A GUMMY BEARRR!!!"  :)  I couldn't stop myself from laughing (nor could her friend), as she made this "discovery" - of course this was followed by immediately turning toward the entrance to Harper's, our lower-level bar, stating, "He's Like A GUMMY BEARRR!!!"  I'm assuming that this was due to the marshmellowy clothing that I was wearing, looking and feeling (evidently) much like a preppy version of the Stay-Puft Marshmellow Man (for all of you 'Ghostbusters' fans out there)...  :)

I'm not going to improve on that little tale, so I'll see you again tomorrow when I post my football picks for this coming weekend (ALL of which must be NFL - YIKES!!)...  Have a great day!

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