Thursday, December 13, 2012

Three Night Blowout

Good afternoon everyone.  It's hard to believe that it's already the 13th of December.  My schedule in the immediate future will be on 'autopilot' now because of where we are on the calendar.  Most of final exams here at Texas State have been taken by now, so that means that for the next three nights at work, we will be BUSY...  Graduation ceremonies here in San Marcos, America take place tomorrow and Saturday, so that means that there will be three FULL NIGHTS of festivities.

Last night I actually worked my whole shift (thanks for the applause), and we were much busier than you'd expect for a Wednesday night where the forecast low temperature was 34 degrees.  I was manning the front doors, and these doors were closed because of the cold weather.  Invariably, whenever a guy wearing only a short-sleeved shirt, or a girl wearing a skirt came walking through the doors, the ensuing comment was ALWAYS, "it's cold outside!"  It's hard not to truly love the college students in San Marcos, America...  :)

Another "fun thing" about working the doors is that you see hundreds of people over the course of an evening.  The first joy in this comes from the customers entering the bar asking questions like:  "Did a blonde girl wearing a black coat come in here?"; "Did three guys leave here?" and on, and on, and on...  I'm really more focused on carding people and making sure that everyone in the bar stays calm, and it is SO DISAPPOINTING to the people posing the questions that I haven't memorized everyone that has come and gone.  They can't keep track of their friends, but I am supposed to - hmmm....  :)  Another result of all of the people who enter and leave the bar, and then return, is that I will card the same people multiple times.  This offends some people because I am evidently supposed to remember every total stranger that I've seen on a given night.  This always baffles me because it is so difficult to show someone your driver's license...  "I have to do this AGAIN..., the HORROR!!!..."  :)

Back to my 'autopilot' schedule for the next few weeks...  On Sunday I will be scouting NFL games for next Sunday in Las Vegas, and then I will be welcoming the arrival of the holidays with my coworkers.  On Monday I will be FORCED to do any packing that I have not done already (which is all of it) for my Tuesday departure to Las Vegas.  For any of you planning on robbing my San Marcos, America apartment while I'm out of town, I'm bringing my Droid charger and my sweatpants with me to the desert, so I've already foiled your plans...  ;)

So now that I've got the football and poker sponsorship pool all filled up to the top at $1,000.00, one of 'Bikini Hill's' loyal readers (this would make 1 of the 3 of you) showed up at work last night and promptly gave me a couple of 20-dollar bills and a poker chip lighter.  Of course I wasn't going to say no to her, so Miletus, you successfully bought 4% of my action...  And speaking of this angel, she also pointed out the fact that I've definitely lost weight.  Without getting into any serious exercise regimen yet, other than walking around campus recently, and eating quite a bit healthier, I am now down to 223 pounds from 231 pounds.  Thank you Miletus...  :)  Back to the money, this currently brings my share of the pool to 36%, unless any other "shenanigans" occur...  Like I said before, I bought up the last 10% of the pool out of greed, so I had some wiggle room there...  :)

Although I joked just a few seconds ago about the three loyal readers of this blog, it appears that the total viewcount on 'Bikini Hill' is going to surpass the 18,000 mark before I do my football predictions for this weekend.  Thank you very much for supporting the blog - I really do appreciate it...  I hope that you have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow with my weekend football predictions!

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