Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rainy Day Ramble

Good afternoon everyone.  I know that usually says "good morning" over to the left, but you know how when it's raining and you just stay in bed???  Well, I wasn't even aware that it had been raining in San Marcos, America this morning until I ventured to the bank, and as I returned home via the 'Bikini Hill' route, I was painfully reminded that I got a slow start on my chores yesterday and had decided that I would visit 'Bikini Hill' today.  Yeah, not so much...

Last night I did get a significant amount accomplished as I visited the campus library for four hours.  Yes, you read that right, for FOUR HOURS, and that was all spent sitting in the same place at a table where my Droid charger could reach an outlet so that I could listen to iHeartRadio while taking my first official look at the college bowl games.  I did not even go near the couches or the magazine rack, which is the reason that I usually make the trek to the library anyway.  Another pitfall of the hole in time between the fall and spring semesters here in San Marcos, America is that the library's hours will be severely cut - THERE ARE NO CLASSES...  Ugghhh...  I will escape this dead quiet for one week when I venture out to the desert, and I'll at least have the bowl games to distract me until the 7th of January, but still...  By the way, today is the perfect backdrop for the upcoming month of quiet about to hit town - grey..., bleak..., yuck...  :)

So I hit WalMart at about 9:30 last night after leaving the library.  I usually do my shopping after work, sometime after 4:00 in the morning.  There are actually PEOPLE in WalMart at 9:30 at night, believe it or not...  :)  The most interesting (and odd) thing that I noticed last night as I did my shopping is that the idea people behind the scenes at WalMart have eventually run out of them...  You know those merchandise islands that I wrote about not too long ago, one of which 'backpedaling guy' crashed into...  Well, I thought that those point of those was to spotlight some special item that the store wants to draw attention to in hope of really boosting its sales.  You'll NEVER GUESS what item I spotted on a merchandise island last night.  Go ahead, try to guess...  :)  Freakin CRACKERS were displayed on the merchandise island (okay, they had both salted and unsalted, I'll give them that), but..., CRACKERS?!  I know, the things that amuse me...

So now I have collected $520.00 of the pledged $590.00 of the $1,000.00 that I am raising for my trip to Las Vegas in two weeks.  Can't you just FEEL the wiseguys at the sportsbooks CRINGING as my fingers hit the keys on my keyboard, and the poker players around town suddenly feeling uneasy???  ;)  I have once again started playing the free poker with the fish at MSN to prepare myself for life with the fish in Las Vegas...  A few days ago I flopped two-pair and a guy with Q 3 chased a gutshot straight draw and hit runner-runner queens to beat me in the hand.  That's the most memorable suckout of the past few days, but it is free, ABSOLUTELY NO CONSEQUENCES for playing badly, so it's hard to say much (you KNOW that I told him "good call" though, don't you?)...  :)

So here's a couple of obligatory work stories for you from this week.  This first one actually happens quite frequently, but since we had a busy weekend with the last home football game of the season, this occurred just that much more.  I can (and often do) have a line of twenty people or more waiting to go up to The Veranda (our rooftop bar).  I try to get these people to stand to the right side of the stairwell so that the people going downstairs have room to pass by them.  Inevitably, especially this past weekend, I'd have groups of 3 or 4 come up the stairs, bypassing the WHOLE LINE on the left side and walking right up to me.  This always leave me gesturing and nodding my head toward the group lined up against the wall on the stairwell as the words, "that's a LINE" come out of my mouth, to which I more often than not get an, "OHHH" in response...  REALLY???  :)

What also happened this weekend was that when a couple who is new to the bar passed by my station, going up the often complained about "million stairs" (YES, someone actually said that the walk to The Veranda was made up of ONE MILLION stairs this weekend...), the woman turns to the guy and says, "how is this place going to stay open?"  I turned my head toward the couple when I heard her inquiry, just in time for the guy to remark, "actually, they're pretty successful..."  I looked down at my counter and was sure that she would soon realize this as there were already 160 people enjoying themselves up on at The Veranda...  If you're not aware, the combination of the three bars that I work for, Harper's/Slackers/Veranda are the most successful bars in San Marcos, America, and it's not even close...  "How is this place going to stay open?"  Pfffttt...  :)

I hope that all of you have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow with some more specific and detailed football and poker chatter...  ;)


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