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NFL Kickoff 13-14/Wk. 2 Picks

Good evening everyone.  As I sit here beginning to type this entry, the Ravens/Broncos game is scoreless at 11:09 of the first quarter - the NFL is BACK!!!  :D  I have to say that I'm very proud of the performance of last week's celebrity experts as I start this post.  The experts went 11-0 on the Longhorns game and 10-1 on the Bobcats opener with some very close picks.  Alyssa and I also went 2-0 on these games (with Alyssa's prediction being closer for each contest).  This Saturday finds the Longhorns (1-0 and 56-7 winners over New Mexico State last week) traveling to face BYU (0-1 after falling 19-16 at Virginia last Saturday).  The Bobcats (1-0 and 22-15 victors at Southern Mississippi last Saturday) will host Prairie View A&M (1-0 after beating Texas Southern 37-13 last weekend at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston).  And here are the celebrity experts' selections for Week 2:

Celebrity Experts (21-1 overall on Bobcats & Longhorns games)

Saturday, September 7th - Texas Longhorns (1-0) @ BYU Cougars (0-1)

Texas  38-21     Daniel Plante - Vice President of San Antonio Advocare
Texas  20-14     Spencer D-0 - UT Student - @su_spence_
Texas  34-20     Aaron Smith - Texas Cougar/BYU Alum
Texas  31-20     Julie Andel - UT Fan/TAMU-CC Alum/Concordia Grad Student/Coach
Texas  38-10     Andrew Garza - UT Student - @andrew_garza10
Texas  28-17     Joe Garcia - UT Student - @PatchesGarcia
Texas  35-16     Joey Reed - Ticket Writer, Palace Station Sportsbook, Las Vegas
Texas  35-14     Art Garza - UT Football Fan & Season Ticket Holder
Texas  35-14     Monica Rodriguez - Mother of Two
Texas  35-14     Tyler M. - UT Student - @tylerhscott
Texas  28-17     Belyne Gonzalez - UT Fan

There are two things that I want to note here.  First of all, last week after I had published my football entry, I tagged some of my facebook friends (including Belyne) to the status that I entered to notify them of the post that I had published.  My intent was to let them know that they would be invited to be celebrity experts on a Friday in the near future. Well, after I had done so (and before the Texas/New Mexico State game was played), Belyne gave me a prediction of 52-7 Longhorns (the final turned out to be 56-7).  Her prediction is very close to mine this week, so I think that she predicted well once again...  ;)  Also, you might have noticed the THREE predictions of 35-14 Longhorns (along with a pick of 35-16 Horns).  I just found that interesting out of ten total predictions...

Saturday, September 7th - Texas State Bobcats (1-0) vs. Prairie View A&M Panthers (1-0)

Bobcats  36-24     Miletus Ogden Borne' - Original Blog Follower
Bobcats  35-13     Melanie Clancy - Texas State Alum/Diehard Packers Fan
Bobcats  27-17     James Needham - TXST Senior/Louie's Oyster House & Beer Garden
Bobcats  34-17     Rebecca Adkins - TXST Senior/Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill
Bobcats  24-17     Zane McCoy - Texas State Student/The Marc
Bobcats  56-21     Rachael Jorgensen Pringle - Texas State Alum & Graduate Student
Bobcats  45-44     Nate Castro - Texas State Alum
Bobcats  27-24     Courtney Cooley - Manager, Treehouse Apartments/TXST Fan
Panthers 42-14     Chris Martinez - Diehard USC Fan (w/"Spoilers & Possible Upsets")
Bobcats  34-27     Jamie Shy - Mother of 2, Texas State Alum '98, Harper's Hall, Louie's Oyster                                House & Beer Garden, and Crossfit Fanatic
Bobcats  27-14     Jessica Johnson - Former Student-Athlete of 'Coach' and Lifetime Lover of All                                Things Football (Except the Aggies)

And now what you've all been waiting for..., updates on my fantasy football team!  Wes Welker just caught a touchdown pass!!!  :)  Okay, although that's true, it's Alyssa's turn now.  Predictably, the blog views spiked over the weekend (almost surely due to her debut), and now the Texans will be playing football too...  #lookout  And here's my co-pilot...

Alyssa (2-0 overall on Texans, Bobcats, & Longhorns games)

Hello again!  I want to start off Alyssa's Corner by bragging that my Texans beat the Cowboys last Thursday!  Yes, I understand it was preseason (as the Cowboys fans keep repeating), but a win is a win.  :)  Also last Thursday was my office's potluck lunch!  I was super excited to eat some very delicious home cooked food...mostly because I still eat like a college student and eat pizza on the reg.  I decided to go with something I made spaghetti.  Everyone likes spaghetti, right?...WRONG!  Not a single person ate my dish...not even me.  But I have been going through Pinterest and I will dominate the next potluck...I just couldn't compete with the older ladies' dishes.  Now for my predictions...

This coming weekend we have the Texas State Bobcats playing their first home game against Prairie View A&M.  I predict that the outcome will be 31-14 Bobcats.  The Texas Longhorns play at BYU and I predict an outcome of 27-14 Longhorns.  Playing on Monday night we have the AMAZING HOUSTON TEXANS playing the San Diego Chargers.  I predict an outcome of 100-0...just kidding.  I predict 35-24 Texans.  Until next time!


I honestly don't know if my favorite part of that was that Alyssa didn't eat her own spaghetti or that she's going to "dominate" the next potluck...  :)  Oh, and Wes Welker just caught ANOTHER touchdown pass everyone!  #fantasyfootball

And now for me...  Well..., last week I went out on that limb (having no previous games to base my picks on), and that limb BUSTED!  I went 3-7 in picking my ten favorite plays of the week.  I was correct in taking the Bobcats and Longhorns to win, but if I don't slide those selections into my "ten best bets," well, you get the idea...  :)  Here's what I have for you this weekend:

Coach (2-0 overall on Bobcats & Longhorns games/3-7 overall on '10 best bets')

The Bobcats host their season opener this weekend against the Panthers from Prairie View A&M.  Due to the fact that the Panthers play in a lower division, Vegas doesn't put odds on the game.  I think that the Cats are going to open Bobcat Stadium with a 41-10 victory over Prairie View on Saturday.  The Longhorns are going to be visiting the Cougars of BYU in Utah on Saturday, and the Horns are a seven-point favorite (NOTE:  All of the lines and overs/unders in this post are Vegas lines as of last night, when I made my predictions...).  I predict that Texas is going to beat BYU 33-17 in Provo on Saturday.

Coach's Ten Best Bets of the Week:

Texas/BYU (Under 56) - I feel confident enough to include it this week...  :)
Washington State/USC (Over 53) - 2 wrongs make a right (both teams bit me last week)
Florida/Miami (Under 49) - Hopefully the D shows up in this rivalry...
Tampa Bay (-3 1/2) @ N.Y. Jets - How do the Jets score? (Sorry Pete P. Peters)
Tampa Bay/N.Y. Jets (Under 41) - How do the Jets score? (Sorry Pete P. Peters)
Seattle (-3 1/2) @ Carolina - Don't the Seahawks seem better than this?
Arizona (+5 1/2) @ St. Louis - Give Palmer and Mendenhall some love...
Kansas City (-4) @ Jacksonville - Don't the Chiefs seem better than this?
Philadelphia/Washington (Over 51) - Going to be a lot of plays run in the game...
Houston (-4) @ San Diego - The Texans are better than this (and Alyssa didn't make me say this)

And there you have it my friends.  Week 2 of the college football season and the first week of NFL action are upon us...  I hope that you have a great football weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!

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