Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 5 Football Picks/13-14

Good evening everyone.  As I pass along your football wisdom for this weekend, tonight's background t.v. is the Breaking Bad marathon (which you're REQUIRED to start watching as soon as you read this if your name is Vicki or Miletus - well, anyone).  That would be on AMC.  During commercials I am flipping to the 49ers/Rams game (3-0 Rams at this point, and I have zero players representing my fantasy squad in this one, which makes it easier to overload on Breaking Bad).  Speaking of "breaking bad," London is going to be treated to watching either the Vikings or my Steelers plummet to an 0-4 record to start the season.  BA DUMP..., ching...  As I chatted with my friend Alyssa a little while ago about the Steelers woeful start, I got this in return:  "On behalf of the Texans fans we welcome you with open arms to the good side..."  Yeah..., stay tuned for more Alyssa...  My new contributor Joey had his scores for this week to me on TUESDAY MORNING - WHOA!!!...  My friend..., Alyssa and I were in total agreement that you're being an overachiever.  I don't even START studying for the weekend until Wednesday night...  ;)  Well, no one qualified for Coach's Hall of Fame last week by giving me an exact score prediction, but the University of Texas decided not to play this weekend because so many of my Longhorns experts were ALL OVER last Saturday's final of 31-21 Texas over Kansas State.  My Horns experts were 8-1 on Saturday, and among their scores were 32-24 (Jack Ellis), 30-24 (Lee), 34-24 (Christian Corona), and 24-21 (Solana Dever).  My Bobcat experts went 6-7 on Saturday's 33-7 Texas Tech victory over Texas State.  SOMEHOW the girl from Alyssa's Corner called this one 31-10 in favor of the Red Raiders (TOTALLY wouldn't surprise me if she's the first one to sneak into Coach's Hall of Fame with a correct prediction)...  The Bobcats do play this Saturday, hosting the Cowboys of Wyoming, so let's go to our celebrity experts for their Week 5 picks...

Celebrity Experts (Last Weekend 14-8/Overall record of 50-30 on Bobcats & Longhorns games)

Saturday, September 28th - Texas State Bobcats (2-1) vs. Wyoming Cowboys (3-1)

Wyom  36-24     Brenden Shadburne - TXST Alum/NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Wyom  24-21     Dillon Croley - TXST Student/@DillonCroley63
Wyom  38-21     Max Cannady - TXST Alum
Wyom  35-25     Angelica Fierro - TXST Student w/BEAUTIFUL Long Hair  #saynotobuns
Wyom  42-28     Christie Marmolejo - Damsel In Distress Of Blog Fame/Paige's Friend
TXST  35-27     Paige Haddock - TXST Alum/Christie's Friend
TXST  42-34     Jacy Steelman - TXST Junior, Rec. Admin./Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill
TXST  21-14     Big Neechi - @BigNeechi
TXST  31-24     Summer Rodriguez - TXST Student
TXST  31-24     Tim Thrash - @TimThrash (and yes, they picked the same score)
TXST  27-13     Trisha Whitworth - Administrative Assistant For Green Home Improvements,
San Marcos Native, Former Bobcat, & Trophy Wife.

Yeah, I might know a couple of the people that I picked on above, and they might have been in the blog before...  Okay, not only did my friend Joey have his picks to me on Tuesday, but he tried adding a substitute pick since the Longhorns are off this weekend.  No substitutes my friend, but Alyssa will be happy to know that Houston (+3 1/2) vs. Seattle was his substitution.  And without further ado, here's my friend Joey.  Okay, a little more further ado.  Joey dealt poker with me a hundred years ago at the Riviera (because I know that you were wondering how we know each other).  Joey is currently a Las Vegas ticket writer at the Palace Station Sportsbook.  And here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last weekend 2-1/Overall record of 2-2 on Aggies, Bobcats, & Longhorns games)

2-1 last week on the parlay card.  I have to start with New Mexico State.  They have the worst defense in the country giving up 50 points per game.  It continues this week against San Diego State - Aztecs 49-14.  Unfortunately Wyoming is flinging the ball around the field and has covered 10 of their last 13 games.  I pick Wyoming over Texas State 42-17.

And now for the photo that Alyssa hopes to see as little as possible this season (and by the way, that's the only way that my face gets into the blog, unless I go 10-0 on my best bets - or maybe a couple of 9-1's...  Anyway, Alyssa's Texans fell to the Ravens last week, and Alyssa also had her first losing week as a prognosticator as she missed on the UT/K-State game (ALTHOUGH, again, she was extremely close on the Texas State/Texas Tech final).  And here's Alyssa...

Alyssa's Corner (Last weekend 1-2/Overall record of 6-4 on Texans, Bobcats, & Longhorns games)

Hello!  As most of you know, my Texans were defeated last week by the Ravens...  I'm still sad thinking about it, especially since I wore my J.J. Watt jersey last Friday for Jersey Day!  I got heckled by a few people for repping my Texans jersey.  I even got into a bit of an altercation with someone who's football allegiance is Dallas.  Blah.  This week has been incredibly stressful for me for the following reasons:

1)  My Texans lost last week and my heart aches at the thought of going 2-2 after this weekend.
2)  My cat (Belle) has been incredibly needy lately.
3)  I'm debating getting a new fish.
4)  The PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is going into effect October 1st and my job will change because of it.

I know I haven't mentioned this yet, but I have an eleven year-old cat named Belle.  She is perfect in every way, but it is hard being a single cat owner.  She wakes me up crying in the middle of the night for attention and food, not to mention I have no personal space.  She sleeps on my head, under my arm, between my legs..., EVERYWHERE!  Enough about my cat...  Here are my predictions!

Bobcats vs. Wyoming     28-21 Wyoming
Texans vs. Seattle          24-21 Texans


TRUST ME when I say that the biggest upset of the football season so far is that Alyssa didn't mention Belle in the blog until the NFL was in Week 4...  ;)  Another anomaly was that I had a winning record on both my best bets (6-4) and my Cats & Horns picks last week (2-0).  Here's what I've got for you this week...

Coach (Last weekend 2-0/Overall record of 5-2 on Bobcats & Longhorns games)

My alma mater has their two toughest games of the season (on paper) in back-to-back weeks.  After playing very respectably out in Lubbock last week (this score has been in the 50-10 range in recent memory), the Bobcats will be hosting an upstart Wyoming team on Saturday.  The Cowboys opened the season with a close 37-34 loss at Nebraska, and last week they disposed of the Air Force Academy 56-23.  I'm actually surprised that Las Vegas only made us 11-point underdogs for this game.  I have to pick against the Bobcats this week, but it may be the last time that I do so this season (barring unforeseen circumstance - injuries, etc...).  I'm calling this one 34-20 in favor of the Cowboys.

Coach's Ten Best Bets of the Week (Last weekend 6-4, Overall record of 19-21)

Oklahoma State (-19) @ West Virginia - Honestly surprised this margin isn't bigger...
California (+37 1/2) @ Oregon - Cal has been scoring, forcing the Ducks to REALLY SCORE...
Stanford/Washington State (Over 48) - A Leach's Cougar's over I can sink my teeth into...
Ohio State (-7) vs. Wisconsin - Good test for the Buckeyes in Columbus...
USC/Arizona State (Under 50 1/2) - Betting that Trojans D/lack of O will set the tempo...
Utah State (-9) @ San Jose State - Still the best team you've never heard of/covered @ USC
New York Jets/Tennessee (Over 38 1/2) - I know, but the number is SO LOW...
Indianapolis (-8 1/2) at Jacksonville - Colts beat 49ers, Jaguars will have to prove it to me...
Kansas City (-4) vs. New York Giants - Chiefs (3-0) at Arrowhead vs. Giants (0-3) - sign me up...
Philadelphia/Denver (Over 58) - I think that somebody scored already...

Yeah, I went 2-3 on my college picks and 4-1 on my NFL bets last weekend, so naturally I'm forecasting 6 college and only 4 NFL games this week...  ;)  Have a great football weekend, be safe celebrating the 2nd birthday of this blog (Saturday the 28th), and I'll see ya again on Monday...




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  2. No, but it's very close to being Friday. Thanks MOJO... ;)

  3. That spread really does perplex me Lightning, but it's one to put on the list... I just read your entry - have a great time at the Illini game tomorrow!