Monday, September 30, 2013

The Bobcats Will Be Bowling

"It's always the same, and you know who's to blame, you know what I'm saying, still we keep on playing, HEAD GAMES, that's all I get from you, HEAD GAMES, and I can't take it anymore..., HEAD GAMES, don't wanna play the, HEAD GAMES..." -Foreigner- (Head Games)

"I just needed someone to talk to, you were just too busy with yourself, you were never there for me, to express how I felt, I just stuffed it down, now I'm older and I feel like, I could let some of this anger fade, but it seems the surface I am scratching is the bed that I have made..."
-Staind- (Fade)

"All the feelings that I get, but I still don't miss you yet, only when I stop to think about it..., I hate everything about you, why do I love you?, I hate everything about you, why do I love you?...
-Three Days Grace- (I Hate Everything About You)

Good morning everyone.  Today you're going to get a "brief" recap of my weekend.  I will include my final fantasy baseball results in Wednesday's post.  My original plan was to stay at home all weekend and get a lot of things accomplished.  I figured that the weather would still be too warm for me to bother going to San Marcos for the Wyoming/Texas State football game.  Here's what happened this weekend...

Could you make us smile really quick before you tell us about your weekend Coach?  Sure...  I found this on my friend Trisha's facebook page, and had to share it with you.  Trisha was looking for a shirt for her husband when the following interaction took place with a store employee:

Employee:  "These run small, is he like my size?"
Trisha:  "No, he's like, tall and athletic..."

And to be fair, Trisha wasn't TRYING to be mean.  She also said, "as it was coming out (of my mouth), I was like, 'daaaaamnit!'..."  :)

Okay, now for my weekend.  Due to my lack of planning and laziness, I missed out on two great concert opportunities on Friday.  First, my favorite band, Blue October, was playing at Stubb's here in Austin, which I found out when some of my friends who were at the show posted photos on facebook.  Second, I found out on facebook that my friend Lauren (yes, the same Lauren of 'The 5th Annual Lone Star Music Awards' fame here in my blog, which is BY FAR the most viewed post that I have EVER published, and I mean BY FAR - you can search it in the window to the right) was going to be playing guitar (which I have never seen) for a few songs with The Shady Rest (my friend Craig's band, which, again, I have never seen perform) down in San Marcos.  So I stayed home Friday and rested up, during which time I got a phone call from Dad, who told me that he was in town (down from Missouri), and that we were going to celebrate my twin niece's and nephew's birthdays in San Antonio at Outback on Saturday night.  So as it happens, it was good fortune that I hadn't made plans/got a ticket to attend the Texas State/Wyoming football game on Saturday night.

Fast forward to Saturday, and pretty much the only constructive thing that I got done was my wash before I headed down to San Antonio.  I did take a nap prior to leaving, and woke up to some HEAVY RAIN (the downpour comes into play later - be patient)...  So I meet my family in San Antonio for an 8:00 dinner at Outback.  Oh, by the way, Happy 13th Birthday Dillon and Nikole! :)  Six of us ate, and all of us except for Dad had the steak and unlimited shrimp (because I know that you were wondering)...  During dinner, the topic of football somehow came up (shocking, I know), and Dad told me that he had heard that when the Wyoming team landed in San Antonio on Saturday, they must have been late, because it was rumored that they got a police escort from the airport in San Antonio up to San Marcos.  Well, I went to have a beer with Dad at the bar that he used to manage, and when I checked my phone at 11:00 to find out what the final score of the Bobcat game was, it turns out that they have 3:47 left to play in the second quarter...  STRANGE, since the game started at 6:00 p.m., FIVE HOURS EARLIER...  It appears that there had been a lightning delay, and when my friend Art posted on facebook that the game had resumed on the Longhorn Network, that's when I learned that Dad's old bar doesn't have the Longhorn Network.  Well, if you know me AT ALL, you KNOW that I stopped in San Marcos on my way back to Austin.

So I park in San Marcos, and I'm walking on the Square wearing my UT cap.  WELL, this group of Bobcat fans walking towards me is all hyped-up, YELLING, "WE WON, THE BOBCATS ARE 3-1!!!"  Then one of them spots my UT cap and says, "and UT doesn't matter..."  Don't they know who I am?!  I actually thought that it was really funny, and the Bobcats did beat Wyoming 42-21.  I have never been so happy to miss on a prediction, and I now firmly believe that the Bobcats will be playing in a bowl game this year (barring injuries or something drastically bad happening).  I thought that Wyoming was the toughest team left on our schedule, but it seems that we have a true freshman quarterback that came in and lit the Cowboys up.  Yeah, the 11-point underdog Bobcats won the game by 21 points...  :D

Okay, now a quick recap of my night in San Marcos, and the mention of some of the friends that I saw, because I can only tag twenty people to this nonsense on facebook anyway...  ;)  The first bar that I entered was 'The Porch' - this bar opened on Friday, so it had the buzz of being brand new combined with the buzz of our 21-point upset of Wyoming...  Former Bobcat football star Tim Hawkins (mentioned here a few times before) was among the first people to give me the rundown on the lightning delay story (he was in a box at the game, so the weather didn't phase him at all).  Across the bar I spotted my friend Alison, who was making a rare stop in San Marcos and was more than happy to claim that her presence in town was the reason the Cats' upset victory.  My friend James set me up with a beer and a shot and welcomed me to the newest bar in San Marcos (it's SO EASY to get your place of business mentioned here in the blog - very nice place by the way), and I saw my friends George and B-Stone of Bobcat Nation.  I made sure to thank George for recruiting more participants to their free pick 'em contest so that I wouldn't feel guilty about winning every week (by the way, I won't win this week)...  :)  When I stopped by next door to visit Harper's (yeah, you're familiar with Harper's), I had a good chat with my friend Nick (who also set me up with a drink - or two, by that's not the good part).  Nick wanted to do something nice for his mom (she's a Seahawks fan, he's a Texans fan), and he found tickets to Sunday's game on Craigslist that came with pregame field credentials.  I saw some photos on facebook and I'm quite sure that she enjoyed the Seattle's 23-20 overtime victory in Houston.  Seriously Nick, way to step up - looked like y'all had a great time...  I found the Veranda after bothering Nick, and was happy to find that they had my friend Z under some cover while he provided the music, because this rain was pretty much an ongoing story throughout the evening...  After telling my friend Colleen that it was nice to see her taking a break from posing for facebook pictures to work, I chatted with Travis on my way back downstairs.  Travis has taken over my previous post in the hallway, and he says that I have indeed been asked about once or twice (hello to all of my fans out there)...  ;)  As I went outside and prepared to cross the street, I heard "COACH!" yelled from behind me, looked around, saw no one paying attention to me, and then upon hearing another shout, I discovered that it was my friend Cody who was beckoning me as I prepared to cross the street en route to The Marc.  The Marc was formerly the Texas Music Theater, where I formerly worked (try to keep up)...  Upon arrival, my friend Zane showed me around and gave me the scoop on the "new place..."  As I ventured back across the Square at about 1:45 a.m., the RAIN started again...  I reached Harper's JUST IN TIME, and got myself a slice of pizza from my friend Kenny.  Oh, you didn't know that Harper's is selling pizza now (yeah, that just started on Thursday, and YES, I know that I ate "unlimited shrimp" earlier in the evening, and I might have had more than one slice even - SHUT UP)...  My friend Adam stopped by during the pizza-eating before my friend Brian gave me a ride back to my car...  Lots of bars and people to visit in San Marcos during the month of October as the Bobcats will be hosting three games in a row after going on the road this Saturday.  The weather is finally nice, so now I'll start venturing away from West Campus...  ;)  The Square, 6th Street, football games...  Lots of fun times ahead my friends...  :)

Have a great day and I'll see y'all again on Wednesday!


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