Monday, September 16, 2013

Could You? (35)

"I said, "I think I love you," you said, "What's not to love?," I thought about a kiss, but I wasn't quick enough, I guess while I was thinking you were reading my mind, cause you wrapped your arms around me and you pressed your lips to mine, you sent my head a spinning just like a tilt-a-whirl..., that's when I knew you were, my kind of girl..." -Collin Raye- (My Kind Of Girl)

"Making up a whole story in your head and hoping one day it will actually happen..." -@TheHumorBook- (via Twitter)

"Well I'm not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you, I wanna make you move, because you're standing still, if your body matches what your eyes can do, you'll probably move right through, me on my way to you..." -Finger Eleven- (Paralyzer)

"I don't have any mental problems, I am just really annoying..., according to everyone that has ever met me..." -@AZwastingTime- (via Twitter)

"And I miss you..., like the deserts miss the rain, and I miss you..., yeah, like the deserts miss the rain..." -Everything But The Girl- (Missing)

Could you tell us about your oversight Coach?  Good evening everyone.  I had a very busy weekend..., with work, and the UT game, and going to purchase a new phone yesterday (more about that later), and visiting my friends in San Marcos, America, etc...  Well, once I reached work this morning, I realized that I had neglected to make my fantasy baseball changes for the week.  No problem - if I remembered correctly, I could make them until 5:00 p.m. CST.  WELL..., this was still in my thoughts, even as I reached my apartment door.  HOWEVER, somewhere between changing my clothes, and eating, and letting Alyssa know that Lightning had left her a comment here on the blog, her first comment ever, well...  I took a nap before the Steelers game, promptly woke up at 7:30 p.m., and THEN REMEMBERED that I had not changed my lineup for this week...  The bad news is that I won't have multiple pitchers (if any) making more than one start this week.  The good news is that the pitchers who threw for me last week for The Bikini Hill Nine (my only real shot at cashing) are my aces:  Kershaw, Scherzer, Kimbrel, Jim Johnson, Strasburg, Medlen, Weaver, Arroyo, and Lincecum.  Here's what the top of the current standings look like in my three leagues:

League 3  (50 entry fee - 1st place/300, 2nd place/50)

1)  Fishing For Trout                             67.00
1)  Nappy Heads                                  67.00
3)  The Bikini Hill Nine                          60.00 (Not cashing would be AWESOME...)  :(

League 1 (25 entry fee - 1st place/125, 2nd place/25)

1)  DraftDodgers                                  78.50 (Start engraving the trophy...)
2)  Buschleaguers                               67.00
2)  Shazzam                                       67.00
6)  The View From Bikini Hill                50.00

League 2  (50 entry fee - 1st place/300, 2nd place/50)

1)  Breaking Bats                                82.00 (Start engraving the trophy...)
2)  4troublemakers                              72.50
3)  Muchos Bravos                              65.00
5)  The Bikini Hill Bobcats                   53.00

Could you tell us about that time that you didn't have an oversight Coach?  Now that I've been back in Austin for about a month and a half, I finally feel like I'm getting some traction..., that I've got some sort of solid footing...  I don't even know if I could find the words to adequately describe how INFINITELY BETTER I feel right now than I did at this time a year ago.  I also need to reiterate my sincere and undying appreciation for the kindness and friendship that prevented me from feeling INFINITELY WORSE throughout the fall last year.  You longtime blog readers will like this one - after purchasing my new Droid yesterday, I now have an EXTRA charger.  ;)  #stupidthieves

Could you tell us Coach, did you buy something yesterday?...  As a matter of fact...  Yeah, my Droid 2 Global (which I picked up about 28 months ago) had SEVERAL dead spots on its touchscreen.  I decided that since I am going to turn 101 years old next month (although I'm really not, and I'll still refer to myself as being 100 years old), that I would get the top of the Droid line (with a keyboard that is, and I HAVE TO have a keyboard on my phone - my fingers cannot successfully work touchscreen keypads).  Now that I have a fully functional phone, I can once again notify people of the wonderful and exciting things that I'm experiencing in my life via my facebook and Twitter accounts (HEY, I could experience something wonderful and exciting someday)...

Could you pass along the best quote that you've heard recently?...  A friend of mine who has smoked for quite some time recently got an electronic cigarette from another friend of mine (and if you're looking to pick up an electronic cigarette in the Austin area, check out All About Vapor).  Anyway, the use of tobacco products is prohibited on the UT campus, but electronic cigarettes, etc..., are not (to the best of my knowledge).  One day at lunch last week (and the DAY AFTER my friend stopped smoking actual cigarettes), someone asked my friend if he wanted to go and smoke a cigarette.  My friend replied, "what, go OUTSIDE and smoke, like ANIMALS?!..."  :)

Could you tell us what you think Coach?  I think that these officials are KILLING my Steelers tonight, and that I'm about to go 4-6 on my '10 Best Bets' of the week due in large part to their brilliance...

On that "happy" note, have a great day and I'll see you again on Wednesday...  ;)


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