Saturday, January 17, 2015

Conference Championship Weekend 2015

Good afternoon everyone.  There's a long blog post coming to you in the near future, but this isn't it...  :)  I'm going to dedicate this one to the pair of football games tomorrow, but I should have something for you by Tuesday.  Joey and I had a rough go of it here last week, and this is actually my worst run of calling playoff games here since I started the blog.  I did pick a final score of Packers 24-20 in Green Bay's 26-21 victory last week, and I should put that one up in lights...  :P  It's not in our nature for Joey or myself to give up, and there are some conference championship games tomorrow to take a stab at, so here we go...  Live from the Palace Station Sportsbook in Las Vegas, HERE'S JOEY...


This football season has flown by.  It has once again been fun sharing my picks on this blog.  Thanks to Chris for allowing me to do so.  Hopefully this week is better than the last couple...

Joey's Final Four (Last Week 3-7, Overall 65-78-5)

Packers 38  Seahawks 35  ---  (Packers +7 1/2)  ---  (Over 46 1/2)
Seattle is the defending champ, and like I said in my college picks, why not back last year's champ til they lose?  The answer to that would be Aaron Rodgers.  He is the MVP, even at 60%.  I think Green Bay is the best team, and Rodgers has historic final drive.

Patriots 31  Colts 10  ---  (Patriots -6 1/2)  ---  (Under 54)
The AFC game could have been historic with the top seeds moving on, but Peyton and the Broncos didn't get out of bed on Sunday.  This week will be a different story...  The Colts can't stop the run, and the Patriots will go on to the Super Bowl.

That leaves one game left for the best picks.  See you in two weeks and may all your tickets cash!

I'm not sure who this Chris guy is, but I'd also like to thank Joey for sharing his picks with us each week.  :)  Like I mentioned here in the blog this summer, Joey gave me some very appreciated rides to the grocery store while I was in Las Vegas.  I also believe that I've mentioned that you don't have to feel too horrible for Joey (or even myself) in regard to our picks.  We're always looking at changing lines and halftime bets, etc, etc.. (especially Joey) before the games have finished.  These are always our picks at press time, but you have to keep on top of things.  I even got one myself last weekend as the Colts had moved from +7 to like +9 against the Pats.  That made the Colts like +350 on the moneyline, and I managed to win a little on that ML bet.  Anyway, as you're about to see, the bad news (for Joey and myself) about our picks this week is that all four of our bets ended up being the same...  The good news is that Brittany is back once again to brighten up the blog and bring in my picks...

Coach's Final Four (Last Week 4-6, Overall 69-77-2)

Packers 27  Seahawks 23  ---  (Packers +7 1/2)  ---  (Over 46 1/2)
The Packers outshine the Seahawks at the wide receiver position, and I think that this whole game will come down to whether or not Seattle can get pressure on the quarterback, whether that's Rodgers or Flynn (if Rodgers aggravates his injury).  I don't care how good Seattle's secondary is if their defense gives the Green Bay quarterback time to throw.  I'm betting that the Pack provides enough to pass protection to win the game (and "surely" win with the points)...

Patriots 26  Colts 17  ---  (Patriots -6 1/2)  ---  (Under 54)
I'm expecting a closer game than Joey here, but still in the same point range.  I'm factoring in some bad weather to knock down the score, and to give a boost to the team that is playing with the crowd and is used to the elements.  I think that the Colts battle here, but I just think that the Patriots are too much for them.

Well, that's two votes saying that it's going to be a Packers/Patriots Super Bowl.  We shall see...  Like I said, I'll be seeing you again sometime soon.  My next post will probably come late tomorrow night or sometime on Monday.  Have a great football weekend everyone!


  1. Ok - so based on you guys I'm going to put my money on the Packers Money Line and the Pats to cover.

    I'm so going to be rich

    1. OR it's always trouble when we agree, so you might put your money on Seahawks money line and Colts against the spread - naughty/nice, we're a mystery wrapped in a riddle...

  2. Wow, really surprised both you guys are picking the Packers to win in Seattle. My own thought is that it would be tough enough for the Packers to win in Seattle even if Aaron Rodgers was 100%. Since he's well less than that, what chance does GB have?

    Besides, one of my dealer buddies is the biggest Packers fan on the planet, he told me before the season ended and before Rodgers was hurt that while he thought GB would have a decent chance to beat the Seahawks at home, he didn't give them more than a 1% chance of winning in Seattle.

    Of course, I hope I'm wrong and you guys are right, I would love for USC North to lose.

    Can't see the Colts even making a game of it. Send Mr. Brady back to the Super Bowl without working up much of a sweat.

    1. Like I said, I think it all comes down to getting pressure on Rodgers. Green Bay's receivers are too good if he has time to throw. I still have the game being close (we both do) at that, but the Seahawks haven't been dominating people this year either. And it's always good to root against USC North... ;)