Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lazy Wild Card Saturday

Good afternoon everyone.  I thought that I'd give you a little post since I haven't bothered you since Monday.  I'm sitting here on the couch at my friend's place on what is supposed to be a pretty nice day in Austin (62 degrees), which totally doesn't justify me being inside.  However, the Texas/Texas Tech basketball game that just began, and the upcoming NFL playoff games vindicate my laziness...  Hopefully my friends Cynthia, Gabby , Katelynn, and Grrouchie are also enjoying this day and their pregame.  It's pretty amazing how few of my friends are actually Steelers fans also.  Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy a victory against the rival Ravens (or "Ratbirds" - a term that my friend Katelynn introduced me to) tonight, giving us a week to savor a Steelers visit to Denver next week.  Hopefully Gabby is still carrying good karma for us from Ohio State's (her alma mater) victory over Alabama on Thursday.  Joey has been knocking the SEC for being overrated, and he also said that it wouldn't snow in Las Vegas this week (which it didn't).  Does Joey know something???  :)  Speaking of Joey, our football picks for today's and tomorrow's Wild Card Round are in my previous post here.
Back to this basketball (and there is snow in Lubbock), I'm leaning toward going to the Drum (Frank Erwin Center) with my friend Chad on Monday night to watch the Horns host Oklahoma in some hoops action.  Texas is currently ranked #11, while the Sooners are ranked #18, and this trip to campus would come after a visit to Hooters, so yeah, I'm probably going...  This is probably my last realistic opportunity at getting out and doing something fun for a while as I'll be moving into my new apartment on Friday.  This next week is supposed to be pretty miserable weather-wise in Austin (it's supposed to be 27 when we wake up on Friday, and the highs are supposed to be in the low 40's on Wednesday and Thursday), and I'll be doing a lot of apartment unpacking and situating in the near future anyway.  In compliance with my normal moving procedures, I have my visit from Time Warner scheduled for Friday also, so I should be on my computer with new entries for you very soon.  And you know what I mean, new entries with old material (my Las Vegas and Reno stuff), and posts with fresh photos stolen from my friends (Jenn doing a headstand and Leanne preparing to dominate the world are among the shots that immediately come to mind)...

Okay, well that's that.  I'm typed out, and I'm going to relax (yes, even more) before I immerse myself in football for the remainder of the day.  Have a great football weekend and I'll see you next week!

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