Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Patriots/Seahawks Prop Bets

"Eating alone on dinner break of World Poker Tour (WPT) Borgata Poker Room (44k) at the buffet...  Sneeze midbite.  Food and snot everywhere.  No napkin in site.  Hold snot and food against my face as I grab napkin on adjacent table.  Trip on carpet on way back to booth. Smooth, real smooth..." -Kristy Arnett-

"We just named our Chrome Cast, Chromecrastination.  We'll finish setting it up later..."
 -Chelsea Mansfield-

Good evening everyone.  It's hard to believe, but it's now been almost six months since I last departed Texas for Las Vegas.  I spent about 2 1/2 months in Vegas, a week in Reno, and just over the last 3 months back in Austin.  I'd love to get sentimental and reminisce, but it's getting late and we have too much to cover...  ;)  Tonight I'm going to start with what I've stolen from my friends lives, and then we'll get to my prop bets for Sunday's Super Bowl.  This photo comes my friend Kelley, and if Norman Rockwall had a cell phone camera, this is probably what his pictures would have looked like.

"Cause a girl has to carry her cat while she pulls a dog in the wagon..." -Kelley Senn Leeds-

Beautiful shot, much like this one from my friend Josie...

"Giant rays give giant hugs..." -Josie Falletta-

My friends have awesome lives...  :)  And now for the weather...  I saw this photo from my friend Alyssa about a week ago, and this is fairly nasty for Texas, especially after looking at Kelley's shot above...

THEN I saw this picture from my friend Eileen today, who lives in my home state of New Hampshire.  Alyssa's picture doesn't look so bad in comparison...

There's a rumor that there's a swimming pool somewhere under all of that snow...  YUCK...  This is neither here nor there, but I just learned that Melanie (a mutual friend of Alyssa of myself) moved to HAWAII...  PUNK...  :)  Last but not least in pilfering from my friends, Leanne posted a new photo from the gym today, and if this is what's happening in the fight world these days, then I should be considered an instant contender for the title...

Would you be completely shocked if I told you that I took a nap before I started this blog entry???  :)

Okay, Super Bowl prop bets.  As I sit here, I don't know if I have a single Seahawks fan among my facebook friends.  Being from New Hampshire, I have several friends who are Patriots fans, and my friend Veronica from San Marcos may be as much of a fanatic as any of them (told you I'd get you in here again)...  ;)  Joey and I will still give you our Super Bowl predictions this weekend, but here's a preview of my prop bets for Sunday's Patriots/Seahawks matchup...

After seeing Nick's prop bets in his blog, I was certain that there was NO WAY that I was typing all of that out, and I always write out my little online wagers anyway, so here you are...  Every bet is for $1.00 (50 total), and the amount in parentheses is what I can win from each wager.  I didn't go into last night (when I spent three hours on this madness) with photographing these in mind, so if you can't read something or you have any other questions, just ask.  My thought at this point is that the Patriots will beat the Seahawks, in part because Thomas and Sherman are likely to still be feeling the effects of getting banged up against the Packers.  I believe that Brady is going to be attacking the Seattle secondary, and my hope is that Wilson and the Seahawks will have to respond by passing.  I bet on the low score ranges as a hedge to all of this offense not panning out.  As you'll notice, all of my wagers are longshots in that they'll pay more than the dollar that I bet on each prop.  This will give me something to root for on Sunday...  :)  As always (and this disclaimer should not be necessary if you've ever read my blog), these bets are by NO MEANS guarantees, and you should not try this at home...

Enjoy the rest of your work week, and Joey and I will be seeing you on Saturday with our Super Bowl picks!


  1. All those prop bets make my eyes hurt. Maybe I'll just enjoy the game and pig out.

    1. Yeah, I should have written them more legibly MOJO (but definitely not made fewer bets)... ;)