Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl 49 Predictions

"I try not to live in the future and enjoy the moment I am now in.  But Sunday needs to please hurry up!!!!" -Veronica Soliz-

Good afternoon everyone.  Well, Sunday is almost here, and it will be a bittersweet day.  Tomorrow we have the Super Bowl, but afterward, there won't be any football for a long time...  This will give Joey and myself a break from picking football games, and just as we were starting to get hot.  We both went 4-0 for the conference championship weekend, and we're both looking to pick up a pair of wins tomorrow.  I'm going to lead off today, with my San Marcos Patriots fan Veronica ushering in my bets.  As you can tell from her quote above, she's very patiently waiting for tomorrow's kickoff...  ;)

Coach (Conference Championship Weekend 4-0/Overall Record 73-77-2)

Patriots 34  Seahawks 23  ---  Patriots (-1)  ---  Over (47 1/2)

One result of the 'deflategate' chatter in the media is that there wasn't very much talk about how the Seahawks were down 19-7 to the Packers very late in their game, and this was a Green Bay team led by a very immobile Aaron Rodgers.  The Seahawks did win last year's Super Bowl, but they aren't the dominant team that some people make them out to be.  Factor in the injuries to their secondary (Thomas' shoulder, Sherman's elbow, and yesterday's injury to Chancellor's knee), and I think that it's difficult to find any compelling reasons to bet Seattle in this game, especially when the betting line is almost even.  While the Patriots were dismantling the Colts, the Seahawks escaped their game with the Packers, and although the trio listed above may all play tomorrow, the odds that they'll all be 100% effective are pretty low.  Like I said a few days ago, I'll be rooting for my prop bets, and my wagers (admittedly with a lot of built-in hedges) favor a game with a lot of offense, especially on the New England side.  Below you can check out my prop bets on tomorrow's game, all for $1.00 each, with the amount that I can win shown in parentheses...


Now we'll send you off to Joey with our naughty/nice shots of Brittany, because you KNOW that I'm not going to exclude her after we went 4-0 two weeks ago...  :D

Let's hope that we come out nice for one more football weekend...  ;)  Now, live from the Palace Station Sportsbook in Las Vegas, Nevada, here's Joey...

Joey (Conference Championship Weekend 4-0/Overall Record 69-78-5)

Patriots 24  Seahawks 17  ---  Patriots (-1)  ---  Under (47 1/2)

Best time of the year is right here in Vegas this weekend.  It's Super Bowl Weekend!!!!!!  Oooppps, it's the big game party since Super Bowl is patented.  Of all the years I've been betting, this is one of the most difficult games to handicap.  It is truly 50/50.  But since I gotta take a side, I'm gonna take the team that knows how to cheat...  I also did a few props...

Heads (-110) - The coin flip is 24-24, and a majority of heads have been in indoor places.
NO on three consecutive scores by one team (+180) - Both of these teams can score, and so can the defenses.
YES there will be an overtime (+210) - NFL stats have 1 out of 17 games going to overtime.
Over 1.5 yards as the distance of shortest TD scored (Even) - There are many more ways to win than lose, and I get even money.
YES there will be a successful two-point conversion (+190) - Last four time it's a winner, and sometimes you gotta ride a horse, just like this one...
YES there will be a safety (+135)

I have more and will have more props by game time.  Come see me at Palace Station.  Thanks again to Chris and may all your "Big Game" tickets cash.  See you next football season, maybe March Madness...  lol

And thank you Joey.  If I was a betting man, I'd wager that you'll probably see something from Joey and myself around NCAA Tournament time.  As always, don't take our bets to the bank (which should be obvious from our records).  As I've told many people, there's no such thing as a sure thing (which is why I'll hedge when possible, hoping to hit the bet(s) with the bigger payoff).  I hope that all of you have an Outstanding Super Bowl Weekend and I'll see you again mid-week!


  1. I'm not betting anything, but just hoping for a great game (and half-time show, Katy Perry is HOT).

    1. I'm rooting for my props, and Katy Perry doesn't bother my eyes either... ;)