Sunday, February 8, 2015

Emmitt Smith Gazed Into My Eyes

"The Costco curse - came for butter and left with three pieces of luggage and a vacuum cleaner..." -Emmy Ellis-

"Mom, I love you....more than my Kindle." --- "That actually means a lot to me..." -Susan Eidson-

"Yes, I dance in my car.  Yes, I see you staring at me.  No, I don't care..." -via Alyssa Lesa-

"Don't take things personally.  What other people say about you is their reality, not yours..."
-Kourtney Chalmers-

"I tried killing a spider with glitter body spray.  Now it won't stop stripping and I have to call it Cinnamon..." -via Carren Chaffin Anderson-

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will..." -Karim Seddiki- (via Cindy & Mark Hudgens)

Good evening everyone.  I'm sorry that this is coming to you so late tonight (more about that later), and no, Emmitt Smith didn't gaze into MY eyes...  I was at work on Thursday, just minding my own business, when this appeared on the ole facebook...

"Kickin it with Emmitt Smith!!  #NoBigDeal #TCEA2015 #Legend #HeKnowsMyName
-Brittany Flores-

I'm sure that Emmitt posted a similar status to his facebook expressing his excitement about meeting Brittany...  :)  I'm sure that you recognize Brittany as the good luck charm who introduced my winning football picks (FINALLY) at the end of the football season, which led to my first comment on her status...

"You'll stop at nothing to be in the blog repeatedly...  #heknowsmyname lol"

Brittany came right back with, "hahaha he does!!  He said "hello Brittany how are you today" as he gazed into my eyes ha ha"  This was obviously an awesome response, seeing that it got five facebook 'likes...'  :)  Not one to be deterred, I replied with...

"..."Gazed into my eyes" - you're trying too hard now...  Brittany Flores... :)"  (And don't I don't an incredible job of recreating the experience of facebook in this story?)  Brittany elicited one more smile from me and won this facebook conversation when she trumped me with...

"Haha seriously we had a moment you should have seen it!!"

Brittany, Brittany, Brittany...  :D

Now whenever Brittany appears in the blog, I'll probably have to say "Brittany (endorsed by Emmitt Smith)," or "Brittany (Emmitt Smith approved)..."  :P  I thought that y'all would enjoy that little exchange, and it's nice to know that Emmitt Smith is cool enough to take a minute out of his day to pose for a photo with our friend.  If I recall correctly, Emmitt Smith rushed for a couple of yards in the NFL (a couple of yards more than anyone else who ever played the game)...  Tough son of a gun - I'll never forget this late season game against the Giants in the Meadowlands, when Emmitt was having a little problem with his shoulder...  Oh, and I totally have to give Brittany credit here, in that she posted a new profile photo later in the week, and she didn't capitalize on her photo op with Emmitt to show off (like I have here - ha ha)...  ;)  Good stuff Brittany and Emmitt...  :)

Ahhhh, I was also at work this past week when Sara decided to post this gem, "A typical, "I don't wanna go to work" selfie...

There's obviously a conspiracy among my facebook friends to post statuses that make my day... Thank you Sara...  :)  And it's funny, because my friend Monica put up a new profile photo later in the week (a "selfie" if you will) that reminded me of Sara's picture...,

EXCEPT that Monica's snapshot is an "I wanna go to work selfie, because I just got a new job!!!" Monica's new opportunity is so great that it even takes her out of San Marcos, America (which tells you that it MUST be a good job, to make her leave San Marcos).  Congratulations on the new opportunity Monica!

It looks like I have one more photo from my friends to share (and have you noticed that this whole entry has been stolen from the lives of my friends so far?), and this one comes to you from Colleen and Brenden.  If any of you eligible bachelorettes out there think that this would be the ideal cake for our wedding (or if anyone is throwing a wedding reception where you plan on cutting into one of these), please get in touch with me...  :)

Alright, back to my life.  I would've probably posted this entry earlier today, but I went to bed really late last night, and it wasn't for a good reason either (like getting home late after enjoying the sights and sounds of 6th Street, etc...).  Get ready for this Courtney and Lindsey (my friends and former apartment managers who would never put me through this)...  At about 5:15 yesterday afternoon, I noticed a really soggy spot in the carpet in my bathroom, and I discovered that the base of my toilet was leaking. Now this leak wasn't constant, but I also noticed that there was dirt (?) in my bathtub.  Really long story short, the first call that I made was at 5:20, and maintenance first arrived on the scene at 8:00 p.m.  He did what he assumed fixed the small amounts of wastewater coming up the pipe and visiting my bathtub, and he didn't think that the toilet would leak anymore either.  Well, I was calling him again at 9:30, and he didn't return until about 11:00 p.m.  OH, did I tell you that I called him because my bathtub was now FULL of wastewater, and that my toilet was FULL and overflowing?  Yeah, good times...  After he saw this, and learned that he also was experiencing this problem in two other units, he tells me that he told the plumber to "come quick."  NOW he understood my sense of urgency, finally...  Anyway, it was sometime around 1:00 a.m. when everyone finally left (the plumber and maintenance man said that they didn't do anything, by the way).  I know that they were both on the property when the toilet finally drained itself, with my bathtub soon following suit.  The plumber said that the clog/stoppage must have resolved itself, which in all honesty makes me feel uneasy, because now I'm just waiting for this to happen again. So yeah, between playing phone tag with people to get this issue resolved yesterday, while drying my bathroom floor intermittently so that the water wouldn't seep onto my bedroom carpet... Yesterday was not a lot of fun...

Anyway, I got to bed late last night, so I woke up late this morning.  I woke up in time to make my suspect sports bets for the day however, as I've continued my online sports micro-betting.  I would love to see some goals in this Montreal/Boston game, so of course the Canadiens are hitting every goalpost in sight.  Ironically, about the only success that I had yesterday was in the Stars/Sabres game, as college basketball was not very nice to me.  In conjunction with my plumbing nightmare, I was watching Gonzaga not cover against San Francisco.  If Gonzaga had score three more points, I would have finished yesterday as a winner rather than a loser.  I had a pair of parlays that bit the dust because the game officials called an offensive foul every time that a Zag with possession of the basketball came into contact with a San Francisco defender.  The calls were so ridiculous that it actually looked like the officials were fixing the game.  However, when I went to whine on twitter, I noticed that one of the people who 'favorited' my comment about the officiating had tweeted on their own page that it was obvious that the officials wanted Gonzaga to win the game...  :)  It's all a matter of perspective I guess...  I've discovered that when I bet the 'over' on basketball games, I'll win some and I'll lose some, but if I bet the 'under,' both teams will score out of their minds...

I'm watching all of these microbets as I attempt to get my apartment put together like I want (I had the BEST intentions of working on this last night when my bathroom became such an issue). Boston actually just scored a goal in this game that's gonna help me on my "in-game" bet if I can get another one (2-1 right now - 3:00 left).  GOAL!!!!  HA HA HA...  Y'all are good luck...  :D  I'm trying to get my USC (+14.5, under 149) parlay home also, if you can help me out on that...  ;) The under, I know, I know, but I'm good right now (3:30 left in the game, 65-59 Stanford).  I obviously still have to get all of my job stuff together to add another job or get a replacement that improves my current situation (enables me to save up more money), and I definitely still have plenty of catching up to do here in the blog about my Las Vegas and Reno adventures.  By the way, it's interesting how much I get into these microbets, considering the paltry amounts of money that are involved...  :)  I just like being right, and we all know that it doesn't happen very often...  :P Speaking of that, Joey and I should be back to put up picks of some sort when the NCAA Tourney begins.  Anyway, so back to my mid-fall adventures, I saw an Enterprise commercial today, and I still haven't told you how horribly that company treated me at the airport in Las Vegas when I tried to pick up my reserved vehicle for my trip to Reno.  I also haven't praised Avis like I need to.  I have so much to write about, and I hate having the backlog.  However, I'm going to keep it down to a pair of posts each week in an attempt to get my other chores done.  Stanford 70  USC 62 - Woo Hoo!!!  :P

I'm going to stop for now, but I'll bug you again midweek.  Have a good one and I'll see you soon!



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