Wednesday, February 11, 2015

You're Getting Cheated

Good afternoon everyone.  I believe that this is the first time that I've done a post from my phone in..., well..., a while.  Don't worry, my plumbing problems didn't knock out my internet.  I'm at lunch right now, and I have to get a job application done tonight (w/resume, letter of interest), so I thought that I'd say hello to you now.  This job application is actually for a promotion here at UT, so wish me luck.

The hockey and hoops were very good to me in my micro sports betting last night, as I saw my micro bankroll increase almost 30%.  I hit a 15/2 stab for a buck when I bet the Stars to beat the Bruins by exactly 2 goals.  Boston was starting Rask's backup in net, so I took the plunge (not hedging with any other totals).  I also had LSU +9 1/2 vs. Kentucky (and almost won $3.75 For $1.00 Taking the Tigers money line.  I'm seeing that some words are going to be erroneously capitalized due to my use of decimal points, so forgive me.  Anyway, the NBC Sports Network is cooperating by airing a hockey doubleheader tonight, and in addition to the multitude of college basketball games on t.v., I'll have plenty to keep me distracted while I apply.

Anyway, I'm sorry that you're getting cheated on this blog entry, as I'm not stealing even a single thing from my friends, but I'll see you again this weekend.  Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Good luck with your application for a promotion!!

    1. Thank you very much Cokeboy. Las Vegas, Super Bowl prop bets, we're waiting... ;)