Monday, February 16, 2015

Rambles & Rants

Good afternoon everyone.  I must apologize for neglecting my blog over the weekend.  I was very productive after work on Friday in that I managed to get my hair cut and I went grocery shopping, but after that, the rest of my weekend, I was just kinda..., meh...  All of my great plans for productively continuing to unpack and set up my apartment gave way to watching sports and how my micro bets played out.  I also took three hour naps on both Saturday and Sunday.  I did get my wash done yesterday morning though, so you have to give me credit for that.  Yeah, three hour naps..., BOTH days...  lol

It's lunchtime as I sit typing for you here in the Texas Union.  Speaking of lunch, not only does Wendy's have that free Jr. Frosty deal w/any purchase after you buy that $1.00 keytag, but it's pretty hard to beat their Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap for $1.29.  I used to habitually take naps at lunch, but I've substituted a 99 cent cup of coffee for those (in case you're keeping score at home).

Today after work I have to finish submitting that job application that I was telling you about before.  It turns out that the job hadn't been officially posted yet, so I stayed up Wednesday night cleaning up my resume' and my list of references.  I will have a new and/or extra job sometime in the near future, so stay tuned.

I watched parts of last night's NBA All-Star Game, and I still continue to be amazed at all of the attention that LeBron James receives.  Just like when I tuned into last year's NBA Finals, he still gives up on plays, and I never hear any comments regarding his being lazy in the mainstream media.  Specifically, from last night, he attempts a three-pointer from the corner near the end of the game, stands out there and watches for like 5 seconds while members of both teams battle for the rebound, and then finally comes to the paint after his team gets a putback bucket.  I can't tell you how many times I've seen him miss a shot and not go back to play defense.  For the press that James receives compared to the Spurs, you would think that he's 5-1 in the Finals and that the Spurs are 2-3 (it's actually the other way around, by the way)...  ;)

An overdue sports rant that I owe you is centered on Joe Flacco and his playoff record against Tom Brady.  Entering their divisional matchup this year, the media would not stop talking about how Flacco was 2-1 against Brady in the playoffs.  They neglected to mention that Flacco was accompanied during that time by Ray Lewis & Ed Reed led (among others) defenses, and that Anquan Boldin was bailing out Flacco left and right during their Super Bowl run a few years ago.  Am I the only one who see this stuff???

Our weather has sadly dipped down into highs in the 40's today, which still doesn't give me the right to mention the temperatures compared to my friends up in New England.  You have to hand it to the people on the east coast.  I was watching the Flyers/Sabres game last night, and they had over 18,000 people show up for a hockey game in Buffalo, New York.  Some troopers up there, for sure...

I continue to remain jealous of all of the poker exploits of my brother and my fellow blog writers, although I haven't taken the iniative to fire up the Bovada poker as of yet.  My hockey and basketball micro bets have provided me with plenty of entertainment so far...  :)  My brother has been successful out at Red Rock since his return to the desert, and coupled with the poker stories from that group listed to the right with the poker links, I'll probably end up downloading the Bovada poker again very shortly...

For those of you who are off today, you suck, by the way...  :)  I hope that y'all have a great start to your week, and I'll catch up with you again in the next few days (probably)...

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