Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Turn Out The Lights?

Good afternoon everyone.  Yeah, I'm back again, probably feeling guilty about not giving you a "real post" in over a week.  Today has been very interesting on the 'Forty Acres' (The University of Texas at Austin).  The whole campus lost power at approximately 8:12 a.m. today, and it took a couple of hours to fully restore it.  I'm using the phrase "fully restore" loosely as the wireless access on campus (and my Verizon wireless) seem to be hit or miss right now.  As all of this darkness was happening, KXAN (a local station) reported that Austin police were investigating a pair of bomb threats near the university this morning.  At least one of the threats involved a place on West Campus (a.k.a. my neighborhood).  As I've sat here at lunch perusing my facebook page, there are rumors that the Riviera may have its lights turned out also.  There is a story about this in the Las Vegas Review Journal's facebook site.  Quite the Tuesday morning here in the ATX.  I'm also reading that today is 'Fat Tuesday.'  That pretty much guarantees that this day isn't going to become dull anytime soon...

You'll be happy to know (thrilled, I'm sure) that I submitted my job application for the position here on campus (stay tuned).  While we're speaking of job hunting, I noticed that fellow blogger Cokeboy only has one official follower on his blog page (yes, that would be me), so get over there and follow his blog. Hopefully my mentioning this and you following his blog will provide double good karma (it's a thing) and we'll both find ourselves with new job titles.  And after that, maybe the Cubs will have a winning season and I'll actually win a sports bet...  ;)  Cokeboy is the Cubs fan, in case you're confused.  I'm still a proud supporter of the Red Sox, who will be thankful to even see the grass at Fenway if this snow in the Northeast ever ends...

Okay, I'll bug you more later.  Have a great day and "more power to ya..." Uggghhh...


  1. Thanks for the plug as well as the well wishes for both my job search and the Cubs season!! If I can find employment quickly enough I'm going to try to squeeze in a trip to Las Vegas before going back to work, in part to get in some mlb win total wagers.

    Good luck with your application!

    1. Thank you Coke. And you're welcome - who would've thought that the Red Sox would ever win three titles (at least) in my lifetime? You might get a job in Vegas AND see the Cubs win a World Series - who knows??? ;)

  2. What kind of a job are you applying for?