Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011-12 NBA Regular Season Predictions

Good morning everyone.  If you a regular follower of my blog and came here for my comprehensive college football bowl predictions, I decided to do them early and you can find them in Tuesday's post.  This is turning into prediction week on 'Bikini Hill' as I have decided to post my predictions for the upcoming NBA regular season today.  As I posted here previously, I believe that this will be one of the more interesting NBA regular seasons in recent memory due to the fact that everyone's schedule will be condensed into such a short amount of time.  I  believe that player fatigue will create the potential for injuries to occur, and I think that we are more likely to see tempers flare from tired players who will be competing in 66 games during a 4-month span.  I think that teams will need to play deep into their benches and avoid serious injuries to be successful this season.  With that being said, I am throwing my predictions out there anyway because that's the kind of team player that I am...  ;)  For those of you who are new to the blog, some of my better predictions in recent memory were calling that none of the #1 seeds would reach the Final Four in last year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, picking the Houston Texans to win their division this season, thus earning their franchise's first-ever trip to the playoffs, and predicting that the defending AFC West champion Kansas City Chiefs would not reach the playoffs this year.  And of course my list of missed predictions is too long to list here...  ;)  Here are my regular season predictions for the upcoming NBA basketball season:

                                Eastern Conference                                                        Western Conference  
Atlantic Division             W           L                        Southwest Division                 W           L
 x  Boston                            44          22                      x  Dallas                                      45          21
 x  New York                      39          27                      x  San Antonio                          42          24
 x  Philadelphia                 34          32                      x  Memphis                                37          29
      New Jersey                   24          42                          Houston                                 32          34
      Toronto                         20          46                          New Orleans                         29          37

Central Division               W           L                        Northwest Division                 W           L
 x  Chicago                           46          20                      x  Oklahoma City                   43          23
 x  Indiana                            38          28                       x  Denver                                  41          25
      Milwaukee                     31          35                       x  Utah                                       34          32
      Cleveland                       28          38                            Portland                               31          35
      Detroit                             25         41                             Minnesota                           17          49

Southeast Division           W           L                        Pacific Division                       W           L
  x  Miami                              48         18                        x  LA Lakers                             39          27
  x  Atlanta                            40         26                       x  LA Clippers                          35          31
  x  Orlando                           37         29                            Phoenix                                 33          33
      Washington                   22         44                            Golden State                        23          43
      Charlotte                        19         47                             Sacremento                         14          52

                                Eastern Conference                                                        Western Conference
Team                            Games Behind                      Team                                   Games Behind
   Miami                                    -                                         Dallas                                           -
   Chicago                                 2                                        Oklahoma City                         2
   Boston                                   4                                        San Antonio                              3
   Atlanta                                   8                                        Denver                                        4
   New York                             9                                        LA Lakers                                   6
   Indiana                                 10                                      Memphis                                     8
   Orlando                                11                                       LA Clippers                              10
   Philadelphia                       14                                      Utah                                             11

I am curious to see how many of the eight playoff teams I can get right in each conference.  I will be back here tomorrow with my usual Friday football predictions.  If you remember last week's NFL picks, then you know to take these basketball predictions with a grain of salt...  :)  Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow.



  1. Wow, your predictions were pretty amazing. I don't know if you based this off an in depth schedule analysis, with maybe game to game predictions (which would have been really cool to see) but nonetheless, your predictions were almost spot on and incredibly impressive. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you. I actually took a piece of notebook paper and gave everyone a 33-33 record, and then for every win, 10 wins, etc... I gave someone, I added that many losses to someone, etc... Comparing it to other predictions I saw after finishing, Denver and Utah were the teams I liked more than others, who chose Portland or Phoenix. Denver had a pretty good draft - I looked at draft results as I went through this process. I thought the East was easier to figure out. Enjoy the playoffs!