Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy People

Good morning everybody.  Just for you loyal followers of the blog am I doing this post at this moment.  I still feel bad about Tuesday's blog entry coming out so late, so I'm typing now after leaving work about as late as I can remember for this job, to be returning in the morning to do some special cleaning for tonight's festivities.  Between the holiday season hitting its stride and final exams nearing their end, there are a lot of happy people around San Marcos, America.

To recap last week, I went 3-2 on my college picks and 2-1 on my NFL selections.  For the year, I finished at 32-14 on my regular season college predictions, predicting the winners of the games straight up.  Remember that this coming Thursday, on the 15th of December, I will be releasing my comprehensive selections for all 35 of this season's bowl games.  It seems that word of this got out, because I read that Playboy magazine is now releasing their Lindsay Lohan issue on the very same day - the competition in this business is tough I tell ya...  :)  Back to reality, I am now 17-13 making my NFL picks against the spread this season.  It's funny looking at that record, with a total of 30 games over 10 weeks, knowing that I will be picking 10 PER WEEK over the next 4 weeks...  For last week's college games, I successfully picked Baylor, Oklahoma State, and LSU.  I was mistaken about Michigan State in another very close game with Wisconsin, and Virginia Tech just got throttled by Clemson after I decided to jump off the Tigers' bandwagon.  In the NFL, I won with the Ravens over the Browns (- 6 1/2  Final  24 10), and I also had the Titans over the Bills (+ 1 1/2  Final  23-17).  I got blown out of the stadium taking the under 53 on the Packers/Giants game (Packers 38-35 in a defensive struggle...).

Now for the 10 NFL picks that I promised you...  I am just going to list these in a format similar to what I plan on using for my bowl selections.  Although I'm sure that you love reading everything I type, it will be pretty lengthy to go into explanations for all 10 of my picks.  After making my bowl selections next Thursday, I will probably reference the upcoming games in subsequent blog entries, but I am just going to keep it simple for these games.  These will also be listed in the order that I like them, because as I'm doing this, I'm typing a pick when I like it, and then I'm going back through the lines...

Denver (-3) over Chicago
Buffalo/San Diego  OVER  47 1/2
Kansas City/NY Jets  UNDER  36 1/2
New England/Washington  UNDER  48 1/2
Atlanta (- 2 1/2) over Carolina
Indianapolis/Baltimore  UNDER  41
San Francisco (- 3 1/2) over Arizona
New Orleans/Tennessee  OVER  48 1/2
New England (-8) over Washington
Oakland/Green Bay  UNDER  52

Like I said in a previous post, this would have been going on my 2 dollar parlay ticket when I lived in Las Vegas, but now I'll just be watching these games out of the corner of my eye as I'm desperately rooting for my fantasy football team to win its opening round playoff game...  I hope that all of you enjoy a great football weekend and I'll see you again on Monday.



  1. Two picks on Wash/NE, scared to pick Cowboys-Giants? Come on MAN! LOL

  2. I can't figure out Dallas or the Giants - I thought about the over, but passed...