Monday, December 12, 2011


I am sitting here on a Monday afternoon watching a little 'Castaway' on FX as I do today's ramble.  I am about to have the shortest turn-around time between any two blog entries that I have done, because after tonight's Monday night football game I will be entering my 'Comprehensive Bowl Selections' for this year's college football season.  I had originally intended to do this on Thursday, but now that I am working the next two night's before Thursday (and then the next three), it makes more sense to type everything in while I am wide-awake instead of doing it after a shift at work.  After I finish this ramble, I will be studying the bowl games and making my picks through the end of the Monday night game, which has become very interesting to me in the last 24 hours.  I really do wish that they could make a flex schedule for the Monday night games also, but I know that is only a dream before it would involve making teams play on different days than originally scheduled and that it would mess up the plans of people who expected to go watch the game in person on a Monday and not a Sunday.  The flip side of that is that we are stuck with St. Louis at Seattle.  That game has become interesting to me due to fantasy football of course.  With my last transaction of the season, I decided to pick up the Seahawks defense for my first-round playoff game.  I watched in horror yesterday as the Philadelphia Eagles defense decided to show up and score 21 points as they were sitting on my bench.  Yes, this is the same Eagles defense who seemingly couldn't stop a snail crawling uphill in molasses against the wind in a driving rainstorm...  Okay, I just got a phone call, and now I'll be working the next six days straight - can you see why I like the ramble format?  I can just type anything I feel like, at any time, and it's like that's what I was supposed to do...  :)  Anyway, after the Eagles put up all of those points yesterday on defense, my opponent Carly came back on my team and put up a total of 128.04 points.  The bright side is that if I would have played the Philly defense yesterday, I would have already lost.  The dark, cloudy, ominous thunderstorm side of things has me needing 32 points tonight from the Seattle defense.  I think that my pickup will go down as the greatest transaction in the history of fantasy football if I can come back and win my playoff game tonight...  :P  Well, Tom Hanks managed to start a fire, so let's see what else there is to ramble about...  All I need to do to get material for this ramble is to drive around San Marcos, America for a few hours every week.  I left the comfy confines of my home to pay some bills this morning, and first I'm driving in the left lane by someone who leaves like 3 yards between the right side of their car and the curb, but is like 1 inch from the dotted line separating our cars...  MORON...  After I finished paying my bills, I'm heading home when this car with a Michigan State window sticker is crawling along, and then at the last moment flips on their turn signal and makes a right turn - I may pick Georgia in the bowl game against the Spartans just for that...  The bright side of that trip was that I got a free calendar when I paid my electric bill this morning...  SCORE!!!  I saw the highlights of the Vikings loss to the Lions yesterday, and the game basically ended when the Lions defense forced the scrambling quarterback to turn the ball over by yanking on his face mask - NO FLAG...  WHAT are the officials watching if they are not watching the ball in that moment?!  I'm finally starting to see some commercials that I like on t.v. - there's an AT&T commercial where the guy is holding a meeting, and he address one of his employees with, ... "keep ignoring me and updating your fantasy football team" - the guy responds with "HUH?"...  :)  I also like the VW Passat commercial where they play Elton John's "Rocket Man" - if you haven't seen it, the premise is that everyone gets the same lyric of the song wrong, but that the sound system in the car will allow you to clearly make out the words.  There isn't anything much funnier in life than when someone is getting the words wrong, is there? :)  If you don't think that one person can make a difference, take the Colts without Manning, the Bears without Cutler, or the Broncos without Tebow, who is now 7-1 after taking over as the starting quarterback for a team who was 1-4 before he became the starter.  I was reminded why I don't watch t.v. 'morning shows' today - whatever channel this was on, they were doing a story about how a lot of the moon rocks which have been loaned out are lost (like 19% of the people that they were loaned to have no idea where they are...).  As the story ends, the lady says, "there could be some of those in your Christmas stocking instead of coal" - Al Roker responds with this fake laugh...  that wasn't funny AT ALL!!  The freaking things that annoy me, I know...  :)  I will be back here in about 8 hours with my comprehensive bowl picks, complete with score predictions, but now it is time to make those selections, so have a nice day, what's left of it...  ;)


  1. Your AFC Championship game:

    Denver Broncos vs Houston Texans

    How can it be any other way? Somebody, somewhere, is obviously watching out for both those teams :)

  2. Hey, the clock struck midnight on Cinderella... Go Steelers! ;)

  3. Dont matter who is at QB for Denver, the Defense is winning those games!

  4. Okay, but the same defense was 1-4 before Tebow took over as the starter, and is 7-1 since...