Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today's Special: Rocks

Good morning everyone.  I have to apologize for not having this post here yesterday.  No matter how fast and skillfully I type right now, it became Wednesday on the West Coast about 20 minutes ago, so I've missed my Tuesday deadline.  My sleep pattern gets disrupted whenever my schedule at work has a day shift thrown into it, so I ended up working a little bit on Monday night, going back in Tuesday morning to run an errand for my friend/boss, and I did this before returning a few hours later for another short early afternoon shift.  Don't mistake this for complaining - I'm just letting you know why my post wasn't here.  I woke up a little over an hour ago after sleeping from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

I had a job waiting tables in a town about 15 minutes from San Marcos, America when I was a college student. My workplace started out a 'Sizzler' restaurant (yes, the same 'Sizzler' chain mentioned in the movie 'White Men Can't Jump' when on the basketball court the over-confident player starts chanting, "We going to the Sizzler, we going to the Sizzler")...  Anyway, my manager at Sizzler, a good friend of the family, once made the comment about our specials board in front of the restaurant.  He said that if we put the word 'Rocks' on that board, then we would have customers coming in and ordering them...  The reason that I am mentioning this is that I am going to be doing a little house-cleaning with this post, and will actually being doing some literal house-cleaning here in the next week, but I knew that if I had tagged this post with that title, there might be a total of 2 people who would read what I'm typing right now.  Sorry that I had to deceive you...  ;)  By the way, I laughed at my manager's statement about the rocks, because I think that he was completely right.  I am on the other end of the spectrum - advertising has almost no effect on me.  I cannot remember the last time that I opened one of the advertising packets that my friend Mr. Mailman has put into my box.  I specifically remember my dad getting upset with me on one New Year's Day when we had friends over to watch the bowl games because I would change the channel from one bowl game to another during EVERY SINGLE COMMERCIAL...  :)  If you have been a regular reader of this blog for the past month, you have probably figured out that I watch commercials just to make fun of them in my Monday rambles as much as I'd watch them for any other reason other than that I forgot to change the channel.

I have quite a bit of house-cleaning to do personally and we approach 2012.  For those of you who don't realize it, we are TEN days away from New Year's Eve.  Today we are also exactly one year away from the date that the Mayans predicted that we'll see the end of the world (allegedly) - like everything else, the meaning of the Mayan inscriptions is being disputed.  Either way, since I am personally prone to making a prediction or two, I will probably be keeping an eye on this one...  2011 was a year that took a definitive downward turn for me about midway through when I decided to get back into teaching and coaching, coming up as dry as the drought that plagued the state of Texas during this past summer (see my post 'Cruel, Cruel Summer' if you want a more detailed accounting of this).  The job that I currently have is not going to make me rich, but I do enjoy the people that I work with and the job has given me the opportunity to recuperate from what was a MISERABLE summer.  I am glad that I decided to start this blog, and at the present time I do not plan on changing anything.  I will continue posting four times a week, and the blog will continue to be a mixture of things that I find amusing, sports-related topics, my predictions about sporting events, and whatever I feel like typing about at any given time...  ;)  I told a friend after I had just started the blog that I wouldn't want to make a bunch of predictions and then go 0-5 on my selections every week.  I also wouldn't want to write a blog that no one was reading.  Well, the blog has now had over 1,700 visitors since its inception on September 28th, and I feel that its quality will only improve as I continue working on it.  I laughed recently as I skimmed through a few online articles that dealt with the topic of attracting more visitors to blogs.  One piece of advice was that the title of the blog should be strongly connected to its content,  and that the content should have a specific focus...  :)  Don't get me wrong, I'm not mocking this as bad advice, but I'm just saying that 'Bikini Hill' is going to shoot for being the exception to the 'rule'...  ;)  Remember, you're reading the blog of a person who thought that the Chiefs could make a game of it with the Packers a few days ago...  As I have said in the past regarding this blog, if you ever have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them.  As we enter 2012, my resolution for the coming year will simply be to trust my reads.  From the poker and life experience that I have gained at the poker tables, this is one of my favorite phrases - "trust your reads" (the phrase simply means that after you analyze a situation, you should have faith in the fact that you have made the right analysis of the situation and that you should ACT on your analysis).  A few days ago one of my facebook friends posted that her New Year's Resolution was going to be to lay around on the couch and be lazy since she never follows through with her resolutions...  :)  As you leave here today, keep in mind that there are only FOUR days until Christmas now.  I hope that everything is going well in your holiday preparations and I will see you again on Thursday.  Have a good one!

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