Monday, December 5, 2011

BCS Implosion

Good morning everyone.  Today's Monday post will be a combination of the ramble that you're used to finding here and the joke of a system that is the BCS.  Yesterday's announcement of this year's bowl games prompted me to include the BCS in today's post because some of what happened is just ridiculous.  It wasn't difficult to see this coming if LSU had lost once, leaving the BCS with the next to impossible task of choosing from among several one-loss teams to find a national championship matchup and round out its top-tier bowls.  What has the water starting to boil right now is that Alabama was chosen by the system over Oklahoma State to face LSU in the national championship game.  The Alabama choice is not the only one that has people hot though...  Alabama, who did not qualify for their conference championship game, beat three opponents this year with records of .500 or better.  Oklahoma State, who CRUSHED Oklahoma in their conference championship game, beat SEVEN teams with records of .500 or above this season.  Five of the seven BCS computers chose Oklahoma State over Alabama as the second-best team in the country.  Let a great month of debate over a STUPID system for determining who plays in the national championship game begin!!!  For those of you who are new to my blog, I wrote an article here a little while back expressing my belief that we should have a playoff system to determine who plays for the national championship.  Please feel free to read that entry and see what you think.  Another ridiculous outcome of the current system of selecting teams for bowl matchups can be seen when looking at this year's Sugar Bowl pairing.  Michigan State beat Michigan this year and went to the inaugural Big 10 Championship Game to face Wisconsin.  I have stated before that qualifying for a conference championship game just gives teams an extra opportunity to lose under the current system.  Michigan State lost to the Badgers by a field-goal for the Big 10 title.  Michigan, who stayed at home this weekend, was rewarded with a SUGAR BOWL BERTH, while the Spartans are going to the Outback Bowl...  What makes this even more laughable is that Virginia Tech, who was CRUSHED 38-10 by Clemson in the ACC Championship Game, received the OTHER BID to the Sugar Bowl...  GREAT SYSTEM guys...  Due to the arrangements that the bowls have with the conferences outside of the BCS bowl games, Boise State is relegated to going to Las Vegas to play Arizona State (6-6) this year.  As much as I bash the Broncos for playing a soft schedule, they were 7th in the BCS rankings and would have qualified for the eight-team playoff on my wish-list (where's the love Boise fans?).  ;)  In spite of all of this nonsense, I will still be coming out with my comprehensive bowl predictions in my blog entry on December 15th.  The 15th is one week from Thursday for those of you who don't have a calendar handy.        

Now onto my usual Monday ramble and a little bit more silliness...  Note to self:  don't run for political office after having a 13-year affair, or... don't have the 13-year affair...  Tim Tebow is now 6-1 since taking over as the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, who were 1-4 before he became the starter, and now those Broncos are tied for first place in the AFC West...  I'm thinking of starting a band called 'We Want More' - I just like the name for what the crowd will be chanting when the show is finished...  I cannot believe that the Cowboys did not use either of their remaining two timeouts yesterday to stop the clock during their final drive, but that they DID use one as their kicker made what would have been the game-winning field-goal (in a game that they went on to lose to Arizona)...  Does anyone else think that the 'AFLAC Duck is tired, like years ago???  For those of you who watched the 'Bowl Selection Special' on ESPN last night, doesn't it seem like the commentators on that show have been told NOT to discuss the fact that we should have a playoff system instead of the current nonsense that we're stuck with?  They ALL so readily agreed that Alabama was the 'clear-cut' number 2 team in the nation, although the system had them beating out the Cowboys by .0086 of a point...  I saw this week where scientists have discovered that 18 more "Jupiter-sized" planets - did any of you grow up when we thought that we had just 9 planets total?  I have no idea what the current count is at now...  If I was Todd, I would give my sandwich to Samantha, not Sally (Subway commercial people, keep up)...  ;)  I made a post on facebook recently where I expressed my surprise that the local 'Sights and Sounds' celebration here in San Marcos, America was receiving so much attention on facebook - after making that post, 'Sights and Sounds' has been rained out every night since...  Don't mess with 'Coach'...  ;)  The Cincinnati Bengals?  Yeah, not so much...  Twenty days until Christmas boys and girls...  Once again, I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for stopping by - 'The View From Bikini Hill' has now been viewed more than 1,000 times since September 28th.  Have a great day and I'll see ya tomorrow!


  1. Let's not forget that wonderful quote:

    "Anyone that doesn't win their conference has no business playing in the national championship game." -- Nick Saban, 2003

    Guess he has since changed his mind

  2. I keep seeing that quote online, but they keep questioning whether it is authentic or not. I felt like I had plenty of ammo either way... ;)