Friday, December 23, 2011


Good morning everyone.  Welcome back to what have recently become the dreaded Friday football predictions here on 'Bikini Hill'...  Let me give my first update on how I'm doing on my bowl game selections before we talk about the NFL.  I am involved in a bowl pool with some of my friends (just picking the winners of the games straight up), and I have to admit that after the first three bowls I was drowning in the pool (I cannot express how much I hated seeing 2 of my 3 picks -Utah State & San Diego State- lose their games in the final seconds)...  On the picks that I made here for the blog, I am now 7-11 overall in the bowls.  I am 3-3 straight up after winning the last 3 games, I am 2-4 against the spread, and I am also 2-4 on the over/under selections.  In the next week we will have more bowl games descending upon us than we will know what to do with.  The dates and matchups of all 35 bowl games are still in the blog in my 'Comprehensive Bowl Predictions (2011-12)' entry if you want to check them out.

Now onto the NFL...  Taking the Chiefs plus the 14 points last week was about my only saving grace in recent memory, getting me that victory and making my prediction that the Packers wouldn't go undefeated come through...  I can't imagine how many of you laughed at the Chiefs pick...  My blogging friend in Las Vegas and one of my friends and former co-workers in Austin both let me know that the thought that crossed their minds was "CHIEFS???"...  :)  The bad news is that I still only managed to 3-7 for the week on my selections, and I am now sitting at a dismal 22-27-1 on the NFL season with just 2 weeks remaining...  The Saints (-6 1/2) over the Vikings (42-20) and the Seahawks (+ 3 1/2) at the Bears (38-14) are the only other picks that I hit last week.  Needless to say, I am swinging for the fences this week, needing to have at least 8 victories in my 10 picks to get my record back above the .500 mark.  This recent drought makes me so glad that I've decided to pick all of the NFL playoff games with scores for the blog...  Ah, I forgot to mention this up above, but I did predict that TCU would beat Louisiana Tech 35-24, and TCU actually beat them 31-24, so there is that...  :)  Okay, now for this week's picks:

Raiders @ Chiefs  UNDER  42
Bengals (- 4 1/2) vs. Cardinals
Giants @ Jets  UNDER  46
Bears @ Packers  UNDER 44
Broncos @ Bills  UNDER  41 1/2
Dolphins @ Patriots  UNDER 49
Patriots (- 9 1/2) vs. Dolphins
Vikings @ Redskins  UNDER  44
49ers @ Seahawks  OVER  37 1/2
Eagles @ Cowboys  OVER  50 1/2

Just a couple of over/unders there for you...  ;)  I'll be back Monday with my ramble.  I hope that you and yours have a Merry Christmas!


  1. Given that my legendary cooler powers still work quite well - I predicted an AFC Championship between Denver & Houston, which promptly caused both teams to fail miserably - I'm now going to predict a Jets-Ravens Championship.

    See? I'm just helping out your team by predicting the rest of the AFC to defeat them ;)

  2. I almost choked on my iced tea when I read your extended first sentence... :)