Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 WSOP On ESPN/2 Today

Good afternoon everyone.  As you can see, I decided to do my poker/Las Vegas post a day early as opposed to waiting until tomorrow or early Thursday.  The main reason for this is that I decided to do a public service announcement for you.  I just checked the local t.v. guide online, and World Series of Poker coverage is going to shown on ESPN2 at 4:00 EST/3:00 CST.  This coverage is supposed to last for 3 hours, before it jumps to ESPN at 8:00 EST/7:00 CST for another 2 hours...  If you are a poker fan and you read this post in the next 1 1/2 hours, it may be my most worthwhile post ever...  ;)

As my goal when I move out to the desert this time is to focus more seriously on sports handicapping and treat the poker with secondary focus (which will still be QUITE A BIT of focus), I decided that today will be the day that I begin "mock-betting" baseball games.  I am going to pick one game a day where I will either take a team to win or forecast whether the teams will cover the over/under.  Today I am going with the Colorado Rockies and the St. Louis Cardinals scoring over 9 1/2 runs combined.  This won't be something that I will post everyday, but I may include my picks in my MWF posts if I have chosen my game before I post.  Oh, and if you are a baseball fan in general, my fantasy team has Zimmerman (WAS), Haren (LAA), Lester (BOS), and Capuano (LAD) throwing tonight...

Today is my 3rd day of "rest" (I did manage to get out of the house and walk for an hour each of the past two nights) before enjoying the 4th of July and then getting serious about my workout and weight-loss goals. The swimming pool at my apartment complex has now been repaired and is filled with water, much to the delight of my neighbors who plan on celebrating the day there tomorrow.  I will probably participate in some of that, as well as making a trip to Bikini Hill.  The Bikini Hill trip won't be an option much longer, so I better start taking advantage of it.  Two days ago I saw that the forecast high for San Marcos, America was supposed to be 93 degrees tomorrow, and now they're saying that it's going to be 97...  Seeing the nationwide weather last night, most of the U.S. is battling a severe heat-wave, so I'm not going to complain here (especially since I have the pool and Bikini Hill at my disposal)...

Pokerwise it's funny that I have all of these blogging friends who have played enough poker to regularly participate in no-limit games (of which I have seen many myself), because my lack of activity and bankroll will dictate that I sit in some limit games when I return to the desert.  I'm just laughing to myself right now because you don't find many posts about 2/4 limit hands online...  :)  From what I have found online, the comp situation seems to be okay out in the desert right now, with 1 dollar per hour played seeming to be the minimum that a player can expect to receive at the poker tables, with many places actually paying 2 or 3 dollars per hour.  My friends in the desert would know more about this.  Again, if you are in the desert right now or plan on going in the next couple of weeks, do yourself a favor and visit the Rio and the WSOP setup while in town - it's a unique experience that you should take advantage of checking out.

I am going to leave you now so that I can get some things accomplished before settling in to watch some WSOP coverage, 2012 style...  I hope that you have an outstanding Independence Day and I will see you again on Friday!


  1. The coverage today is the final table for the 1 Drop Event, nice final table with Hellmuth and Antonio along with six other's who also payed the 1 Million dollar buy in.

  2. Thought so, but wasn't sure enough to post it... By the way, on twitter you can see just how many people (a lot) are selling pieces of themselves for the Main Event...

  3. Thanks Mojo - You see how I took the OVER and put your team in what will very possibly be the LOWEST SCORING game in ALL OF Major League Baseball today? BA HA HA... #ilovelosingfakemoney

  4. I thought you would be glad to know, I put "trucky" OUT. After you left he typed in, "guess I showed him" I think after you pointed out they were playing *** , they started playing right. Thank you for the poker spots. Enjoy your new digs.

  5. Ha ha - yeah, I can usually tighten up a poker table by stating how badly people are playing, and if he 'showed me' by calling all-ins with 8 2, 9 3, and 10 5, then so be it... ;) Keep working on your game - poker is a game that you can get better at playing.