Monday, July 2, 2012

July Will Fly By

Good morning everyone.  Have you ever counted down toward something that you looked forward to, thinking that it would never get there, and then it finally did?  Rhetorical question of course...  I now have less than one month to do a laundry list of things (including laundry) before heading west.  I apologize for missing my post on Friday - I was finishing out my shifts at my now most recent job and my sleep got a little out of whack...  I decided that it would be better to be alert at work and get some extra sleep than worry about the post (in a surprisingly prudent move)...  Anyway, I now have the luxury of sleeping anytime that I get tired, so I will make up for the flipped sleep schedule.  Let this ramble continue with the notification that my fantasy baseball team is still 10th in its 10-team league, but with a very real chance of rising by next Monday's ramble.  I gained ground this past week and my pitching staff has eleven starts this coming week.  In not-so-surprising news, I lost ANOTHER starting pitcher, this one for the season.  Daniel Hudson, my 13th overall pick in the draft, needs Tommy John surgery.  I really can't wait to handicap games on a day-to-day basis and not be stuck with making an unlucky fantasy pick that will haunt me for a whole season (haunt might be a little strong choice of wording - really strong since I'm not that concerned about it actually)...  :)  Things that I wanted to include in the Friday sports post that never appeared make up the next part of today's ramble.  I am sure that you have heard by now that the top level of college football will implement a 4-team playoff system that will begin in the 2014 season.  I have written here before that I favor a system with more teams (preferably eight), but even this small format is WORLDS BETTER than voting teams into the final game.  I also watched some soccer during the past week.  Although I am not a big fan (for one main reason that I am about to hit upon again), the Euro Cup was the most relevant thing happening in the sports world.  So I'm watching the Spain vs. Portugal semifinal game, and making a play for the ball, a player goes airborne and gets his foot into the shoulder of an opponent.  OF COURSE this opponent clutches his FACE and goes to the ground.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how a sport where acting like you are hurt is so prevalent has the popularity that it does worldwide...  I caught a little bit of the final yesterday, and on the sidelines right before halftime I saw an advertisement that said, "We Care About Football" - my thought was, "so do I, and I can't wait until September when it starts..."  ;)  I am happy to say that I did survive the week of poker bloggers being in Las Vegas that I did not move in time to attend.  I have not had as much trouble with jealousy reading their posts as I thought that I would because I really do believe that the month of July will fly by.  I have so much to do and so many people to see before I leave San Marcos, America that I can probably even start looking at the World Series of Poker website again without feeling envy.  On a related note, I can still say that I am enjoying my twitter account after one full week of tweeting...  I am following about 225 people (ballpark) at this point, and a lot of those people are poker players.  With the WSOP going on, of course they are busy 'tweeting' about events that they are involved in.  Added to the accounts of the celebrities and friends that I am able to follow, I have no doubt that I will enjoy this even more in the future.  I am just a little bit of a 'people person' if you haven't figured that out by now.  I will often report here on the inexplicable things that people are capable of doing, but having this internet access to countless people, I am bound to find a few hundred more that I really like, right?  :)  Again, I'm @desertcoach on twitter if you want to 'follow me'.  I like the color of the tagline at the top of my blog where I included this information because it's really similar to the color of sand (DESERTcoach), but it is kind of hard to read...  I will have a 'Wednesday' poker/Las Vegas post for you this week, even if it is entered late Tuesday night or early Thursday morning.  I am sifting through my options for the 4th of July and haven't made any definitive plans for that day yet, other than knowing that I will fully enjoy it because the 5th of July will signal the start of my own personal 3-week bootcamp.  We'll see how close I get to weighing 215 pounds before I depart for the desert...  Have a great day!


  1. Work on that weight or we'll be sending tweets to @dessertcoach!

    I hope to be back in Las Vegas on Labor Day. Now I just need to get airplane fares to cooperate.

  2. Clever... :) Football will really be in the air by Labor Day - hope that works out!