Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who's Laughing Now???

Good evening everyone.  I'm sorry for the late post tonight, but I got A LOT accomplished yesterday and into this morning, so I honestly don't feel very guilty.  Going back a few months, I stole a line from a commercial for one of these posts.  I created a scenario at the poker tables where I thought that it would be great to use that line when raking in a very meaningless pot.  >>>  I scoop the blinds, rake them in dramatically, and then very loudly gloat, "WHO'S LAUGHING NOW???  GAZELLE!!!  AH HA HA HA" from the Mio Energy Drink commercial...  <<<  Anyway, fast forward to last night when I'm watching 'Avatar', and now I have the perfect insult for the poker table, and I'm sure that using this would result in 1) a fight starting, 2) completely stifling the conversation, or 3) receiving a request for clarification (probably from the less sharp player, or from the one who can't believe what you just said to them)...  I know that right now you're thinking, "Avatar - REALLY???"  Here's the scenario...  >>>  You're at the poker table, and this usually happens after you've been playing a while, although one hand can trigger this situation.  This can happen at a limit or no-limit table...  You're playing against that player who is just CONSTANTLY CHIRPING - 'tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet...'  They just WON'T SHUT THEIR MOUTH!  And then it happens, where you outplay them, AGAIN, or you make the call and catch the card that you need against them...  Or let's be honest, basically ANYTHING HAPPENS where they lose the pot, and they chirp and cry about why they didn't win it and blah, blah, blah, blah...  I was thinking that it would be a fun little experiment to be at a poker table soon in this scenario, where someone is just chirping NONSTOP, and bust out, "you are like a BABY... making noise... don't know what to do..."  <<<  You know that you've reached the pinnacle of the poker world when you get your smack talk from the movie 'Avatar' (or from my blog), right???  I am honestly very interested in seeing what reaction that would get from a chirper though, and am pretty much convinced that it would result in confrontation or totally shutting them up...  AND at the 2-4 limit table, in a "HUH"???  :)  I pick on 2-4 limit a lot, but it's a very hard game to beat because of the rake and the fact that no one ever folds...  Anyway, if you're relatively new to the blog, that's where my mind is at a lot - watching commercials and movies and my brain goes to, 'that would be an interesting thing to say at the poker table...'

For those of you who have been following this saga for any length of time now, I am very close to having most of my stuff packed, or spoken for, or thrown away in preparation for my upcoming journey on I-10 West.  It's taken me much longer than I had anticipated, but when trying to whittle everything down to one load of stuff, it tends to take some time.  I hope that you have a great day and I'll see you again on Friday!