Friday, July 6, 2012

Imaginary Baseball Betting

Good morning everyone.  A sports post on a Friday - imagine that...  :)  I am now 1-2 on my daily trial baseball bets, with my first win coming a few hours ago on Thursday night.  I have been betting (nothing on) the overs/unders on all of these games (just the overs actually), and the Angels beat the Orioles 9-7 last night.  The over/under number was set at 8 1/2, and I had won this bet by the fourth inning.  Go back 2 days when I first did this, and I took the Rockies/Cardinals game to go over 9 1/2 runs.  The score in this game was 3-2 in the third inning, and the final score was..., 3-2... ha ha.  The second game I lost was on Wednesday, when I picked the Orioles and Mariners to go over 6 1/2 runs, and the final was 4-2 Baltimore.  For tomorrow I will take the Orioles and Angels over again, this time over 8 runs (the Angles have been in a lot of high-scoring games lately)...

If you are a baseball fan and haven't been paying close attention to the standings, took a look and note how many teams have records that are a few games above or below the .500 mark.  There is a lot of parity in Major League Baseball this season up to this juncture.  If you are reader of this blog who goes by 'Lightning', notice how many games Youkilis has won for the White Sox already...  #unrealtrade

So the working out has started on a small scale, although I was disappointed a few days ago to find out that I had barely lost any weight at all since going "breadless"...  Since Tuesday I have done 290 sit-ups, walked for 3 hours, and floated (on the 4th) the San Marcos river twice from Bikini Hill down to the River Pub and Grill.  Just being in the sun for one of the few times that I have done so made me take a nap upon returning home...  :)  I expect that I will have probably done over 3,000 sit-ups this month by the time that I move to the desert (and will somehow have managed to gain 5 pounds)...  :)

As each day goes by, I am so glad that I decided to give myself this whole month to get ready to move, because each day is clicking off the calendar at a brisk pace while I still have a lot left to do. Tuesday night did not do a lot to help this as I watched almost all of the coverage of the 'One Drop' WSOP tournament final table. I was watching it with a purpose, paying close attention and trying to call hands, and I was very pleased with myself for nailing two specific ones. I had Rast on the ace-high flush from his call on the flop when Trickett bet out with his set of 3's (I really had a hard time figuring out where Trickett was in the hand). Olivier Busquet, a poker player who was commentating and who I lost any respect for because he didn't give Phil Hellmuth any credit for his accomplishments (Hellmuth may chirp a lot, but he can play no-limit hold 'em), well, Busquet was all over the place on Rast's holding during the hand. The second hand that I was proud to call came not much later when Esfandiari called a preflop raise with A K, and then kept calling bets with it on a K-high flop... I was more sure of Rast's ace-high flush trap, but I was pretty sure about Antonio's A K. I like the coverage of poker MUCH BETTER like this, when I don't know the hole cards as a viewer, because it helps me to improve my game a lot more... Fortunately for me, in less than a month I will start seeing many, many hands where I don't know the hole cards of any player but one... ;)

I am going to sign off for now, but I will see you again on Monday with another ramble. Have a great weekend!           


  1. quick note
    I have lost 12 lbs since 5-4-12 using my fitness pal, very helpful and rewarding.

    is it the year of the pitcher? perfect game, no hitters, one hitters.
    and I wonder what has happened to The Freak in San Fran?


  2. I thought you were leading into "the year of people trying to lose weight" for a minute... :) Twelve pounds in a month is nice - good job! Yeah, there are some weak lineups out there that are giving pitchers good opportunities, coupled with some great pitching obviously... Strangely enough, Lincecum isn't one of the aces that I jinxed for my fantasy team (see Halladay, Lee, Haren, Hudson, Bailey)... Have a great weekend!