Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Bonus Post - Free Poker

Good evening everyone.  The main reason that I'm posting this now is that it's so stupid that I don't want to forget all of it.  In between cleaning my apartment to decide what I will and won't bring to Las Vegas, sleeping, and watching t.v., I've also been 'sharpening my game' (???) by playing free poker at MSN.  MSN has a setup where 8 players start with 100 in chips, with 1/2 blinds and 6 minute rounds, and you play a tournament each time.  Players are rated depending on where they finish each time, and you can see how many games another player has played in addition to their rating.  This hand occurs against the highest rated player at my table....  LOL

I raised preflop (like I do here with many hands, just trying to put pressure on people and to get more experience playing a wide variety of hands) with K 9. The high-rated villain calls. The flop comes A A 2. I bet and he calls (the amounts aren't really very important, and you'll see why as the hand plays out). The turn is a 2. The board is now A A 2 2 - he hasn't raised or re-raised me at any point, so I don't put him on the A or the 2. I have the K for my fifth card (the only reason that I'm explaining this to you, someone who knows enough about poker that they're reading my blog, through whatever channels, is about to come up). I bet the second deuce and he calls, now all-in. I find out that he has 10 3 when he flips, and the river is a 3, so he wins... Of course I can't resist laughing at home and typing in a comment as to the... shrewdness... of his call. His response to my comment was that I should "keep betting with nothing"... I laughed again and replied that I was way ahead, with the King. He types in, "yeah, 825 games (the number I've played at MSN under this account name)... you're WAY AHEAD..." Of course I'm thinking that the guy CAN'T BE THIS DENSE... He had 10 outs, 6 to win (10 or 3) and 4 to chop (A or 2). At this point I tell him that he only had 6 outs to win and that he should read a poker book. He responds by typing, "I've won more games than you've played (he's played like 7,000 games on MSN)..." I'm not sure what relevance that has to him playing his hand like he did, but I tell him that I won't match his number of MSN games because I'm returning to Las Vegas soon and that I hope to find players like him at the poker tables.....

In all honesty, I don't mind (and actually expect) to see all kinds of goofy plays at the free MSN tables, but when someone tries to justify their ridiculous play with an explanation other than 'this is free', that's when I have fun with it... :)

For those of you keeping track, I'm now 1-4 on my fake baseball bets, and should probably stick to real football betting when I get to the desert... At the very least, I should bet teams and not the overs/unders (something that I tend to gravitate toward in football also)... Okay, as I said, this was a bonus post, and I'll now return you to your regularly scheduled programming... I'll see you again on Monday (really). ;)

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