Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'll Just Take The Money

Good morning everyone.  Ah, what luck...  As the clock hits 6:00 a.m. after another rainy day here in San Marcos, America, and as I settle in to type my blog entry, the movie 'Bedazzled' is on 'FX' for the second day in a row...  :)  For what is pretty much a "B movie" to me, Elizabeth Hurley is an A+ to me in this one (I can't name anything else that she's been in off the top of my head either)...  The movie also ends with a sappy, feel good sort of song (that I'm on board with) by Sister Hazel:  "If you want to be somebody else, if you're tired of fighting battles, with yourself, if you want to be somebody else, change your mind..."  -Change Your Mind- (Sister Hazel)  I also think that this is easily Brendan Fraser's best role in a movie, but make no mistake, I'm watching it for Elizabeth...  ;)

ANYWAY..., a little poker tournament is going on in Las Vegas at the moment. The 'Main Event' of the World Series of Poker started with 6,598 entrants this year, and 666 players are going to cash this time. Daniel Negreanu posted on his twitter account that he "would have made it 667 just to avoid the heebie jeebies..." @RealKidPoker As I've finally summoned up the strength to follow a WSOP event, knowing that I'll be in the desert soon enough, I am LOVING TWITTER for my ability to follow lots of players. What I have discovered is that I'm getting quicker, more accurate updates on chip counts from player tweets than from the WSOP website. Another thing that I love about this Main Event is that I am familiar with A LOT of players who are still playing. A couple of these are players that I have found through the blogs and/or twitter itself. Corey Souther, whose twitter handle is @ThePokerMonkey (Corey on the WSOP chip count, Will Souther by his twitter handle) is a blogger from the southeastern part of the country who has done VERY WELL in WSOP Circuit Events. Thanks to Rob, another blogger who is also on twitter (@Robvegaspoker), I became familiar with Alicia Spencer yesterday (@SunshineAli23). Alicia has played 2 days of the event and is now sitting on over 200,000 in chips, while Souther has just over 67,000 in his stack heading into his second day. Rob met Alicia as she was in the process of winning back-to-back tournies at Aria (for a one-hundred dollar buy-in I believe). The links to both Rob's and The Poker Monkey's blogs are in my reading list to the right. In addition to these two, there are SEVERAL other professionals and celebrities I support who are doing well in the tournament. If you go to my twitter account (@desertcoach), you will find Negreanu, Jason Alexander, Barry Greenstein, Chad Brown, Erick Lindgren, Antonio Esfandiari, Sam Trickett, and many other players who I am tracking easily on a daily basis. Brendan Fraser realizing that he can speak Spanish - too funny...

I am now 3-4 on my mock baseball betting, with last night's game being the 3rd time in 7 games that I have either won or lost an over/under by a 1/2 run. After being 5-0 in the top of the 1st inning, the All-Star Game stayed under 8 1/2 total runs - HA HA... (8-0 final, National League). I'll post my Friday 'bet' on Friday since there is no MLB action until then.

Speaking of betting, I have a semi poker-related story here from when I was a dealer and was treating sports betting as more of a hobby. My favorite cocktail waitress that I worked with on the graveyard shift at the Riviera was a new football fan (surely influenced by the talk about football betting among myself and my close dealer friends). As it happens, she was on a multi-week run of winning parlays and I wasn't doing as well as her when this story took place... I was just THE KING of filling out two-dollar parlay tickets, and I made a comment to her that instead of tossing her chips for her excellent table service in the poker room, I might just start giving her parlay tickets that I had purchased. She paused, raised her eyebrow, smiled, and responded, "I'll just take the money..." ;) Have a great day and I'll see you again on Friday.



  1. Correction: Alicia ended Day 2 with 166,800 in chips - she tweeted twice more after breaking the 200,000 mark... Also, I have no idea why the 'white stripes' are showing up in the blog entry (if they're appearing on your screen also).

  2. I do see the white stripes, but it doesn't really bother me.

    For Brendan Fraser's top role I'd have to go with "Blast From The Past," but I do love me some Elizabeth Hurley. And how could you forget her in Austin Powers as the love of his life Vanessa Kensington?

  3. I haven't seen 'Blast From The Past', and I can't watch five minutes of anything in the Austin Powers series - completely annoys me... Thanks for the confirmation on the stripes - they were absent on the last post, but appeared in spots on the two before that??? Great story about felting the straddler on Rob's post!

  4. Brendon Fraziers best role?
    My god man are you serious?
    George of the Jungle ring a bell?

  5. Coach, "edit" your post - highlight the section that has the white stripes playing and click on the "remove formatting" icon which is a Tx (it's the far right hand option with all the icons).

  6. Serge is a GENIUS - don't let anyone tell you different... Much better without the stripes! 'George of the Jungle' is of the same ilk - I don't go in for a lot of the 'silly'(?)movies... It's good that these two have a fanbase that's broader than me though. :)

  7. Hi Son...I am enjoying your Blog. I just added myself to it. By the way, what is "dasis basis"? Aren't you getting enough sleep? I may start my own blog. Have a good day. LOVE YA... Mom

    1. Hi Coaches Mom,
      Nice to see parental units checking in on their degenerate gambling sons :)

      I can picture some of your blog posts now
      "Oy Vey - Coach did it again. Bet $250 on the Jags to beat the Texans and is now whining about rent money. I thought I raised him better than that"


  8. Dasis basis is easily correctable... ;)

  9. She paused, raised her eyebrow, smiled, and responded, "I'll just take the money"

    This made me LOL.

  10. I won't even be able to afford 2-4 limit if I'm betting $250 on the Jags to beat anyone grrouchie... (good example) :(

    Laughing out loud was my response in real-time too Mojo - true story... :)

  11. Ditto what MOJO said. lol

    I didn't see any white stripes but thought I did hear a rendition of Seven Nation Army when I clicked on "comments." Very strange ...

  12. Yep Lightning, and they were just TWO DOLLAR TICKETS, with a chance to win 20, 30, etc... :) Grrouchie's tip was DEAD ON - no more white stripes. I must have inadvertantly enabled the sound for the comments section when I was going through the editing icons - oops...

  13. Thanks for the shout-out! Happy to have converted you to a fan of Alicia. She's an awesome player. Unfortunately, right before Day 3 was finishing last night, her pocket Kings ran up against Lee Childs' Aces and she was done.

    Those Aria tournaments she won back when I met her were $125 buy-ins, each had over 100 runners.

  14. I sincerely enjoy supporting cool people Rob. After I found out who Alicia was, I immediately 'followed her' on twitter. Within minutes of me congratulating her on a hand/on her chip count, Alicia responded within minutes, having no idea who I was before that, and she was 'following me' by the end of the day. Your dreaded pocket kings... Kings into aces is the worst, and she was playing so well. And no need to thank me for the shoutout - look forward to meeting you in the next couple of months. Have a great weekend!