Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Could You? (18)/NBA 3rd Rd.

"How can I complain today?  My struggles are nothing compared to the loss suffered by parents in Moore.  God bless them with peace.  #Oklahoma" -@DennyJeanB- (via twitter)

"How do 100,000 people a month still use 'Ask Jeeves?'  What are they even asking?  How to get to Google?" -@fakemikemulloy- (via twitter)

"Nothing to lose but everything to gain!" -@Ms. B- (via twitter)

"That moment when you spell a word so wrong, even autocorrect is like, "I got nothing man..." -@HockeyMatt412- (via twitter)

"GO SPURS GO!!!"  It's a great day when Zach Randolph only outscored ME by 2 points in Game 1!!!" -Daniel Guerrero- (The mayor of San Marcos, America - via facebook)

Could you figure out what "tonight" means Coach?  I'm sorry that I didn't post last night everyone, but I decided to go for a walk after I did yesterday's entry for my friend and former softball player Amanda (please read it if you haven't already - she's a great person, and I've been told that I got tears from at least two people, and I mean the GOOD KIND of tears)...  ;)  Anyway, it was 91 degrees here in San Marcos, America when I started my walk yesterday, and by the time that I got home almost 2 hours later, I ate dinner and then fell asleep for EIGHT HOURS...

Could you speak about the Spurs for a moment before you recap your second round predictions and give us your pick for the Heat/Pacers series?  I love that last quote above by Mr. Guerrero.  I watched parts of the Spurs victory on Sunday before I went to Amanda's graduation party, and I was not aware that Randolph only scored 2 points in Game 1 until I saw Daniel's post (sorry Mojo).  After the second round of the playoffs, I am now 8-4 picking the winners in each round.  Below is a recap of those results and my predictions for this round:

Second Round - My Prediction/Actual Result

Heat over the Bulls in 5 games/Heat in 5 games
Knicks over the Pacers in 7 games/Pacers in 6 games

Spurs over the Warriors in 7 games/Spurs in 6 games
Thunder over the Grizzlies in 7 games/Grizzlies in 5 games

My Third Round Predictions

Heat over the Pacers in 7 games
Spurs over the Grizzlies in 7 games

Could you give us an update on how horrible your fantasy baseball teams are doing?  Oh, this has been another fun week too in the fantasy baseball world...  My team 'The View From Bikini Hill' had three players leave the injured reserve list, but then somebody else got hurt (David Price - another high draft choice, ANOTHER pitcher)...  :)  Sometimes the only thing you can do is smile...  I'm just thinking that maybe the REAL REASON that I changed the name of the blog is so it isn't EXACTLY THE SAME as the name of this team...  ;)

League 1 - (25 entry fee - 1st place 125, 2nd place 25)

1)  Neshanic                                                   69.50 (every week...)
2)  DraftDodgers                                          66.50 (getting closer...)
3)  Rocky Roto                                              62.50 (also in the hunt...)
10)  The View From Bikini Hill              41.00 (can't see the leaders with a TELESCOPE...)

League 2 - (50 entry fee/40 w/discount - 1st place 300, 2nd place 50)

1)  Breaking Bats                                          82.00 (impressive number - 82)
2)  Loons XXIV                                             75.00 (beats League 1 high)
3)  4troublemakers                                     66.50 (hanging around)
5)  The Bikini Hill Bobcats                       57.00 (there's hope...)

League 3 - (50 entry fee/40 w/discount - 1st place 300, 2nd place 50)

1)  Nappy Heads                                           80.50 (leading a LOGJAM of teams)
2)  Mad Men                                                   63.50 (my favorite t.v. show...  :)  )
3)  Fishing For Trout                                  61.50 (I like trout)
4)  The Bikini Hill Nine                              57.00 (4th - must be a misprint...)

Could you make us smile with another story about the Chi-O's?  Okay, so after last weekend's graduation ceremonies here at Texas State, Alyssa, Chelsea, and Castelluccio decide to walk out of Strahan and past Bikini Hill so that they can jump into the river in their graduation gowns.  This is something that I'm now wishing I would have done a hundred years ago after seeing all of the facebook photos last week...  Anyway, my friend and coworker J.J. is trying to pull Alyssa out of the river (I've seen video of this), and she's just basically being scraped up the cement wall...  At this point, the graduates decide to swim across to the other side of the river to the LADDERS (there's a reason they graduated)...  ;)  Well, evidently Castelluccio didn't grab onto the ladder firmly enough as another graduate was climbing out of the water, and she just begins to..., FLOAT AWAY...  Apparently there were cries of, "THE CURRENT, THE CURRENT!!!" by Castelluccio before Chelsea jumped back into the water and saved her friend before she floated all the way to the Gulf of Mexico...  I think that you're beginning to understand why I have to leave San Marcos to move back to Austin - there is NO WAY that I'll be able to top this group...  :)  "The Chi-O's:  The Official Sorority of Bikini Hill..."  ;)

Could you tell us more about the future direction of this blog?  My fellow blogger Lightning came to the comments section today and brought up the subject of Austin.  Congratulations to him on his blog hitting 100,000 views recently (we don't keep track of that sort of stuff here)...  ;)  Anyway, he commented on Las Vegas and Austin in the same sentence, which brings me to one of several topics that I will be covering in the near future.  Once I get situated in Austin and get some bankroll under me ('money saved up' for the "lay people" - sorry, that's from some movie...), I will at least make some poker trips to Oklahoma so that I can write some more on that topic (and try to make some money, naturally)...  Having lived in Austin for a year RIGHT BEFORE I started this blog, I have things to write about even before I begin my new adventures...  Which reminds me, a week from today, on the 28th, this blog turns 20 months old...  Awwwww...., right?  :)

Have a great day and I'll see you again on Thursday!

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