Friday, May 31, 2013

I Remember The First Time (19)/NHL 3rd Rd.

"I'm the Michael Jordan of mumbling song lyrics until I get to the part I know..."
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"Nothing makes us feel as good about our relationship as spending time with far more dysfunctional couples..." -@ShipInTheKnight- (via twitter)

"Playing the lottery is one way to tell people you didn't pay attention in math class..."
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"Don't trust people too easily - not everyone approaches you with sincerity..."
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"This is the time of year when I start running up to random people asking, "Hey, do you have a pool?  Will you be my friend?" -@BrianHDot- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that I heard something brilliant on the Square in San Marcos, America...  A drunk patron said the following to my friend Tim, who works at the bars next door to Harper's:  "Man, you're cool as hell, but that bearded doorguy that used to work here is a jerk..."  'Jerk' is a substitute word - I'm trying to keep it 'PG' here, and Tim got rid of his beard about two weeks ago...  ;)

I remember the first time that the Scripps National Spelling Bee was on ESPN, but I didn't want of bunch of kids to make me feel stupid, so I didn't watch it...

I remember the first time that I worked as a chip runner at the 2005 World Series of Poker...  Yes boys and girls, it's already been eight years.  Again, this year's WSOP started on Wednesday, and you can keep up with everything at

I also remember the first time that I played in an event at the World Series of Poker...  I played in the $500.00 buy-in Casino Employees Event the following year at the 2006 WSOP, when my short-stacked pocket aces went up against pocket queens and pocket sixes, queen on the river...  Oh, such fond memories...  :(

I remember the first time that I bored you with blog statistics...  May 2013 is now officially the month that Bikini Hill & 6th received its most views.  The current count for the month now stands at 3,832 views (36,760 all-time), and any other clicks in the next 2 and 1/2 hours (til 7:00 p.m. CST) will add to that total.  The previous high total for a month had been 3,805 views in January 2013.  This is also the fifth consecutive month that the blog was viewed more than 3,000 times.  Thanks for stopping by...  :)

I remember the first time that I bored you just a little bit more chirping about the blog...  I recently asked for input about the new background, and the most common complaint that I have received is that the green is too bright.  With the template that I'm using now, the green that is in place is the darkest that I had to choose from, but the next time that I change the background, I promise to find a darker green or a darker color.  Thank you for your input...  :)

I remember the first time (or the first one hundred times) that one of my fantasy baseball teams imploded...  So yesterday the White Sox are playing the Cubs at Wrigley, and I've got Jake Peavy on the mound.  I'm in the kitchen (t.v. in my bedroom) when I hear, "and that ball is hit DEEP to left field......., AND IT'S GONE!!!..."  More or less, that was the call when the Cubs PITCHER, Travis Wood, hit a GRAND SLAM off of Peavy, who is obviously one of my fantasy pitchers...  I'm sure that the blog is getting its money's worth in entertainment value from the $105.00 that I spent on my 3 fantasy league entries, but HAVE A HEART...  Isn't the season over already???

I remember the first time that was the second time that Verissimo was a doorguy in training...  So Verissimo stops by 'Coach's Corner' last night (they should call it Coach's Corner, shouldn't they, and put up a plaque or something there when I'm done after next Saturday? - more about that in a minute...).  So Verissimo asks me why SHE DIDN'T get to use the clicker the last time that she was there, since Angelica did.  I said, "oh, you know Angelica?"  Verissimo says, "no..."  :)

I remember the first time that I told you when I'm leaving my job...  So next Saturday (June 8th) will be my last day at Harper's/Slackers/The Veranda.  My friends Amy and Mo stopped by Coach's Corner (see, it's catchy, right?) last night, and Mo asked me what I liked to eat - DANGEROUS QUESTION, and do you have a lot of time to spare???  :)  Mo said that she might bake something for me since I'm leaving, and I told her that I don't eat many sweets (cookies, cake, etc...), but that I would get a list to her of things that I do like.  It occurred to me that I should just go ahead and put the list here since I'm sure that all of you are just DYING to give me something...  :)  What do I like?:  lasagna (when I worked for Greyhound as a food services supervisor in San Antonio while working on my teaching certification, Mary, a friend of the family and my supervisor, made me WHOLE LASAGNAS that I would basically eat for EVERY MEAL until the lasagna was completely gone...); pizza (mushrooms are my favorite topping); Haribo gummy bears (an exception to the sweets rule); Blue Diamond almonds (the wasabi flavored ones); and Gardetto's cheese or mustard pretzels.  Now, let me BE CLEAR - I do not expect anyone to make or get me anything, but there's your list Mo...  :)  Oh, and I also like the Spurs, Red Sox, and the Steelers...  (I'm SO HORRIBLE...)  :P

I remember the first time that I told you what happened while I was talking to Amy and Mo last night...  So this line of about ten people starts walking by us going downstairs while we're chatting about the important subject above, when this guy goes, "HIGH-FIVE" and slaps Amy's hand.  The guy then TOTALLY IGNORES Mo as he walks by, at which point Mo shouts his name.  Yes, you read that correctly - the guy gives Amy, who he doesn't know, a high-five, and COMPLETELY BLOWS OFF Mo, the girl he does know...  :)

I remember the first time that I needed a Kings fan...  Okay, so now it's time to make my predictions for the third round of the NHL playoffs.  Here's how things went in the last round:

My Prediction/Actual Result

Penguins over the Senators in 5 games/Penguins in 5 games
Rangers over the Bruins in 6 games/Bruins in 5 games (shut up Pete)
Blackhawks over the Red Wings in 5 games/Blackhawks in 7 games
Kings over the Sharks in 7 games/Kings in 7 games

I'm now 9-3 through 2 rounds of the playoffs, and I nailed the exact number of games with the winner TWICE in the second round (okay, get me a going away present)...  ;)  Back to needing a Kings fan, I have three regular readers of the blog who still have a team in the hunt.  My brother Pete in a Bruins fan, my blogging friend Grrouchie is a Penguins fan, and my blogging friend Lightning is a Blackhawks fan.  Without any further stalling, here are my predictions for the conference finals...

Penguins over the Bruins in 5 games
Blackhawks over the Kings in 5 games

If my quick research is accurate, the Pens were 3-0 against the Bruins this season, and the Blackhawks went 2-1 against the Kings.  The Penguins have looked dominant so far in the postseason, and Quick makes me nervous in goal for the Kings, because he strays so far.  I'm happy to say that I have probably watched more hockey in these playoffs than I have since I was in high school...  :)

I hope that you have a great weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!



  1. Wow -- predicting two five-game series? I am thinking that both go at least six, likely seven.

    btw -- Rob of Rob's Vegas and Poker Blog is a Kings fan. He is from southern California, so I guess I can forgive him for that. I am not sure what he thinks, but I am guessing that if he posts about the Blackhawks/Kings series that we can at least guarantee that the post would be lengthy. : o )

  2. Yep, they're both going five games - have I ever been wrong? Don't answer that...

    And we DO have a kings fan - AWESOME! Now I know someone with a rooting interest for every team... :)

    Rob's post would take longer than the actual series, regardless of how many games they go... ;)

    1. This is truly the best comment anyone will read all day long

  3. "Rob's post would take longer than the actual series, regardless of how many games they go..."

    Comment of the year!

  4. Replies
    1. See what happens when you force brevity on me?

  5. Shortest thing Rob has ever written, for sure ... : o )

  6. Yeah, I thought 'Bikini Beach' was cute - that's getting you mentioned in the blog again... :)