Monday, June 3, 2013

I Panicked

"I think my new dream job would be a host for a show on the Travel Channel - the show would be all about eating at buffets and working out..." -Zane McCoy- (via facebook)

"I wonder if Vegans are ever concerned that animals are going hungry because they are eating up all their food..." -@LeroyTee- (via twitter)

"Love is what is left in a relationship after all the selfishness is taken out..."
-@jjblonde84- (via twitter)

"My friend told me I'm delusional, so I set him on fire and took off on my dragon..."
-@_InsanelyNormal- (via twitter)

"You haven't truly made it on Twitter until someone recognizes you in the unemployment line and asks for your autograph..." -@carlyken- (via twitter)

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome back to something completely different...  I did a short post on Saturday, where I explained my reasoning for the new name and background for the blog, but I assume that most of you are seeing it for the first time today.  Like I asked of you when I made the changes before this, please let me know what you think of the new look - I really do appreciate the last round of comments, and they in no small part led to this new look.  You told me that the green under the new format was too bright (especially on cell phones), so hopefully this will be readable now (you know, the words..., not that my content will start making any sense)...  ;)  I tagged a big group of you to this post on facebook because I know that you'll be honest with me.  However, don't feel slighted if you're not in that group - please let me know what you think of the new name and look, whether that be via the comment section here, through facebook, twitter, or in person.

As I give you my completely horrid weekly fantasy baseball update, let me also give a shoutout to those of you in my leagues who have been reading Bikini Hill.  The way that the view tracking is set up here by blogger, I only get a 'sampling' of where pageviews come from (websites, etc...), but I have seen showing up on a regular basis, so I hope that you're enjoying reading about my misery...  :)  Now onto this week's wonderful news...

League 1 (25 entry fee - 1st place - 125, 2nd place - 25)

1)  Neshanic                                     76.50
2)  DraftDodgers                                69.00
3)  Pappys Boyz                               60.00
10)  The View From Bikini Hill            38.00 (Yes, I renamed the blog out of shame)...  :P

League 2 (50 entry/40 w/discount - 1st place - 300, 2nd place 50)

1)  Breaking Bats                              90.00 (NINETY freaking points...)  Punk...  :)
2)  4troublemakers                            68.00
3)  Loons XXIV                                  67.00
5)  The Bikini Hill Bobcats                  54.00

League 3 (50 entry/40 w/discount - 1st place - 300, 2nd place 50)

1)  Nappy Heads                               71.50
2)  jonnylove7                                    59.50
3)  Mad Men                                     59.00
5)  The Bikini Hill Nine                        55.50 (Fishing For Trout, Loons XXI tied for 5th)

As for my "favorite" fantasy horror stories this week...  Well, The View From Bikini Hill is now back to SEVEN players on the DL after Huston Street and A.J. Ellis decided to join the crowd (oh, and A.J. Ellis was my catcher for ALL THREE TEAMS) - "and the hits just keep on coming..."  So I'm at work on Friday (I believe), and Clayton Kershaw has a 5-3 lead in the 9th inning, with a reliever in the game against the Rockies.  There's a runner on base when the batter just CRUSHES THE BALL!  Anyway, the game is now tied 5-5, and no win for Coach...  #shocking  THEN I see that Strasburg was pulled in the 2nd inning of his start with an injury - BEAUTIFUL...  Just for the sake of you being kind enough to stop by and read my blog, I hope that y'all are a bunch of sadists...  :)

Speaking of sports, things have broken right for my San Antonio Spurs to this point.  The Heat and Pacers will be playing a Game 7 tonight, and the winner will have only 2 days of rest before tipping off the Finals with the Spurs on Thursday.  I'm hoping to watch a triple overtime game tonight...  ;)

Let me give you a little story from work last night...  :)  I'm working at the front door, and in the right lane of the street in front Harper's, a car starts cruising slowly behind the row of cars that is parked in front of the businesses on our side of the Square.  The guy on the passenger side then leans out of the window as the car comes to a stop behind one of the parked cars, waving his right arm as he starts yelling, "LET'S GO!!!"  Of course the car that he is motioning to and shouting at is COMPLETELY EMPTY...  :)

As I write my blog today, let me retell the story about how I wouldn't even have a blog if it wasn't for --S, who writes 'Life as a Las Vegas Poker Dealer' (link on the right).  When I was dealing poker in Las Vegas, --S was dealing poker at the Flamingo (sorry, the Pink Chicken), and he would often come to our "bustling poker room" to play.  In his most recent blog entry, --S stated that a move to Hawaii with his wife is pretty much in the works.  One of the reasons that he gave for this was that he finds the thought of spending any more time in Vegas depressing...  This is something that I have said about the desert before, as I continue to wonder why we can't just have an intersection of Bikini Hill, 6th Street, and the Strip right here in Central Texas.  :)  I want to wish my friend and his wife the best of luck as they make plans to move to paradise, and I won't even address the INSANE CLAIM that if he had his life to live over again, that he'd do nothing in his past any differently...  :)

Speaking of friends who are trying to annoy me, I mentioned fellow blogger Lucki Duck (Small Potatoes Poker and Sports Betting - link on the right) here recently, and that he was going to be playing in Event 7 of this year's World Series of Poker.  Well, the $1,000.00 No-Limit Hold 'Em event began yesterday, and out of 1,837 entries, our friend Pete finished in 154th place, for a $2,033.00 cash...  :)  I can't be in Vegas, and he's CASHING in WSOP events...  Congratulations Pete!

And speaking of annoying people that my little blog can't seem to get rid of, our friend Alyssa (yeah, that one) made a trip to South Texas this weekend.  I'll let her tell you the story about what happened:  "Drove through Dairy Queen to get a snack to eat while driving, and when the lady asked what I wanted to drink, I panicked and responded, "cheese"..."  You can take the girl out of San Marcos, but you can't get her out of the blog...  :)

I'm not going to improve on that, so have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!



  1. I like the new look -- very handsome.

  2. Overall I like the new look (i'm a big fan of a black background).
    I also like the purple..
    The blue/green/teal/whatever? I'd probably play with that a little although it does look pretty good.

  3. Thanks guys. I tried using purple as the main text color, but it wasn't as easy to read as the blue/green/teal/whatever... Speaking of the black background, I still remember my reaction the first time that I saw the aquarium on your page Grrouchie - "WOW..." ;)