Friday, June 28, 2013


"I'll march this road, I'll climb this hill, upon my knees, if I have to..., I'll take my place, upon this stage, I'll wait til the end of time, for you like everybody else..." -Tim Capello- (I Still Believe)

"Did you think I could hate you?..., or raise my hands to you?..., now come on, you know me too well..., how could I hurt you, when darling I love you, and you know..., I'd never hurt you..."
-Billy Vera and the Beaters- (At This Moment)

"Oh please, we all know I'm the friend you call when you have no other options.  If we were the Justice League, I'd be Aquaman..." -Raj- (The Big Bang Theory)

"Where did I go wrong?..., I lost a friend, somewhere along in the bitterness, and I would have stayed up, with you all night, had I known, how to save a life..." -The Fray- (How To Save A Life)

"No, I don't believe, you went to bed at 10:15..., Victoria..., you're tearing me up, you said you'd call I waited up..." -Eve6- (Victoria)

Good morning everyone.  First I've got something sad to report to you, and then we'll get to what I did yesterday afternoon, and to the sisters who are the stars of today's blog...  As I was surfing the net yesterday, I learned that the poker room at the Riviera closed earlier this week.  For those of you who may not know this, I dealt poker at the Riviera from July 2005 through April of 2007.  Working at the Riv was my second job after arriving in Las Vegas, which followed being employed as a chip runner at the 2005 World Series of Poker.  My plan for today was to write about some of my memories from working at the Riv, but I know that I've done this before (probably several times), so I thought that this would be a good opportunity to direct you to the "in blog search."  Over on the right, you can use the search window to look for any person or topic that I've written about in this blog.  I'm hoping that more people will see this, since this post will be the landing page for visitors over the whole weekend.  Who knows..., maybe I'll just start pointing it out in my entries every Friday...  ;)

Now for today's feature...  After walking around San Marcos for two hours in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday as a part of my ongoing effort to lose weight (the second day in a row that I did this), I decided that I would go in a different direction yesterday.  In related news, the high temperature here today is forecast to be 102 degrees, followed by 104 DEGREES tomorrow...  :O  While I've been doing laps around Bikini Hill in my efforts to lose weight, I've been getting pretty jealous of the people that I've seen who have actually been IN THE RIVER, so yesterday I decided to join them...

So yesterday I get into the river, and this is for the very first time all year.  Now the water is low right now, but you can still get in the river and let the current take you for about a 3 to 5 minute ride, which brings you to ladders about 100 yards from where you started.  Okay, so I'm floating on my back, just beginning this short trip, having JUST GOTTEN INTO THE WATER, when from above me to my left, I see this girl FLY INTO THE AIR, landing in the water about ten yards in front of me.  Now my first thought was that this girl could have KILLED ME - we're not talking about a girl who is 5 foot nothing and 80 pounds here, but about a relatively tall and athletic girl (and I'm just kidding Victoria - I am very elusive for a man who is a hundred years old, and I was never in fear of being killed)...  ;)

>>>>>  Now before we continue, we have to take a short break here so that I can give you some background - after everything that I am about to describe to you occurred, I introduced myself to these young ladies (Victoria and Trinity), and asked them if I could use this story in the blog today.  They gave me their permission, and even gave me their last name (which I wouldn't use here since I had just met them, but which came in handy..., well, sort of, when I was trying to figure out which one is which)...  :)  You see, after I spoke to the girls and returned to Bikini Hill and my memo pad, I remembered their names, but just not which girl was which...  OOPS...  :(  However, it was very easy to find them on facebook, due to knowing their last name and the fact that we have a couple of friends in common.  So I find them on facebook, and I STILL CAN'T definitively tell the two apart.  At this point I messaged one of our mutual friends, Taylor, who was just recently in the blog with a quote that she passed along.  Taylor helped me A LOT in telling the girls apart when she responded, "they're twins!"  OKAY..., thanks Taylor...  :P  Actually, Taylor did confirm that they are athletes, when she told me, "I love them.  Playing soccer with them was a blast!"  My point is this:  For the purpose of this story, we are going to assume that Victoria was the first soccer star that jumped into the river, and that Trinity was the second.  If I had to bet on it, this is the way that I'd bet, although I could be completely wrong...  If you don't trust me, or if it makes you happier, then you can imagine that Trinity was the name of the first jumper, and that Victoria followed her...  :) <<<<<

Okay, so I was almost killed (just kidding Victoria), and I started thinking about how the river is low, which makes it even harder to see if someone is floating beneath you before you jump in.  However, these sisters strike me as being pretty sharp, and knowing that our mutual friends are Taylor and Konnor, I'm thinking that they probably did look down into the river before they jumped.  So I'm lost in thought, thinking that I have to be aware of people possibly landing on top of me, when you guessed it..., Trinity comes FLYING OVER THE EDGE, landing in the same vicinity as her sister Victoria, about ten yards ahead of me.  So now a few seconds go by, and I'm floating along, paying attention to the cement walkway on the upper left, and to what is happening ahead of me in the river, when Trinity emerges from the water, and I hear Victoria ask..., "REALLY?!...,  I don't want to jump in..., so I'm going to jump in..., RIGHT ON TOP OF YOU?!!!"  :)  I could not stop myself from letting out an audible "PFFFFTTTT!!," but they either didn't hear me or didn't acknowledge it...  I actually assumed that the girls were sisters not long after this, because that comment was the END OF IT - they didn't argue or fight afterward, they floated the river, they hung out together, etc...  The thing that I didn't realize at the time, maybe because they had different swimsuits..., or maybe because their hair looked different (I don't know Taylor???), was how much they LOOK ALIKE...  :)  TWINS..., GOTCHA...  :P

I hope that you have a great weekend, and thank you for stopping by to read the entry that is going to put this blog over 40,000 total pageviews!  I'll see ya on Monday...  :)



  1. 9 am today - 100 degrees in Vegas
    Supposed to hit 109 today.
    116 Saturday
    115 Sunday
    11X Monday and Tuesday
    Life is good in the Desert :)

  2. The desert needs a San Marcos River and a Bikini Hill... ;)