Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Remember The First Time (22)

"Don't ever worry about labeling yourself - people will always come up with plenty of labels for you..." -@Scdavis24- (via twitter)

"According to these ghost hunting shows, every house in Ireland is a castle..."
-@BaldyLockzz- (via twitter)

"I wish men were nicer to women that have their children..." -@heatherjs- (via twitter)

"My life coach is pizza..." -@TheNastiestB- (via twitter)

"Your face will always tell me the truth, even if your mouth lies..."
-@Cass_Sniperess- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that the situps, the walking, and the dieting started to pay off...  Over the coming weekend, I am likely to pass the 10-pound mark for weight lost since May 18th.  Now my blogging friend Grrouchie (link over to the right) can seemingly lose this much weight in his sleep (VERY IMPRESSED with your progress Grrouch), but for me it's been quite an accomplishment...  ;)

I remember the first time that Coach made situps and math fun...  Okay, I crunched a few numbers for you.  I told you recently that when I started doing situps while watching t.v., they would be in sets of 25 every 15 minutes.  This lasted for about four days, until the reps became too annoying because I was bothered by doing them so often.  I felt fine doing 25 situps, so I bumped the number up to 50 per set.  I am now doing the sets of 50 situps every 30 minutes, and although it feels like I'm actually accomplishing something, I still feel okay.  I have done 300 situps each of the past 2 nights, and here's my little math lesson for you:  Even if a person only does 300 situps 5 nights a week for 50 weeks (taking off 2 days per week, and 2 weeks per year), that still comes out to 75,000 situps in a year...  Accordingly, doing 200 situps for 5 nights a week for 50 weeks will give you a total of 50,000 situps for the year.  This is definitely something that I am going to try to develop into becoming a habit...  ;)

I remember the first time that I sent a tweet to a t.v. station...  I did the majority of my situps last night during the Stanley Cup Final, during a Game 4 that the Blackhawks won 6-5 in overtime.  I didn't see the game-winning goal however, because KXAN, the NBC station out of Austin, WENT TO A NEWS PROMO DURING LIVE ACTION, and when they returned to the game telecast about a minute later, the Blackhawks were already celebrating...  I LOVE spending hours of my time invested in something without getting to see it to its conclusion...  The tweet that I sent to KXAN you ask:  "BRILLIANT job on the hockey coverage - are you SERIOUS?!  Show your news promos at some other time than during LIVE ACTION..."  Surprisingly, they haven't responded, and yeah, I wasn't happy...  :O

I remember the first time that I had the worst time in getting my sleep straightened out...  Honestly people, there were workweeks where I had three days off and had better luck sleeping at night than I have over the past dozen or so evenings.  I did manage to sleep for more than 10 hours during the past 24, and I finally got the number of those during darkness up to over 5 - WOO HOO!!!  :)  As I write this, I'm wondering if you even get eight hours of sleep per day.  I have run into so many people in my life who tell me that they get by on 5, 6, etc... hours of sleep, and I don't know how they do it.  While I was coaching, I almost never got eight hours of sleep in a single night, but I almost always made up for that by CRASHING on Sunday...

I remember the first time that someone saw me "working out..."  Since the weather became nice again in San Marcos, America, I have been getting out and walking as much as possible.  Invariably, almost any night that I worked over my last two weeks, someone would tell me that they saw me out "running" or "working out..." This makes me smile because in my younger years (and remember, I'm 100 years old now, though not really) I completed 3 marathons, a half-marathon, and would routinely go out jogging 3-5 times a week.  I honestly find walking to be easy and relaxing (it's where I get a lot of my thinking done, that "walker's high" ya know...).  :)

I remember the first time that tubers made the blog...  So it's about 10:50 p.m. last Friday, and I'm walking by Bikini Hill on my way to the Square (and don't worry about me, I actually took part in enjoying the Square last Saturday).  After having blogged several times about how there's a river that runs through our beautiful little college campus here, it did my heart good to see 2 female tubers walking their tubes up Bikini Hill and to their car..., at TEN-FIFTY at night...  :)  Actually, the university routinely organizes "midnight floats" here.  How do people go to school anywhere else???  :)

I remember the first time that it was ten minutes later...  So now it's 11:00 p.m. last Friday night, and I'm walking down University Drive, which runs right in front of campus (what an aptly-named street)...  ANYWAY, about ten bicycles come FLYING DOWN THE STREET in my direction, where I'm on the sidewalk to their right.  Then one of these cyclists reaches out, offering me a "high-five."  I decline, and then another one of these cyclists does the same, with me again declining.  Now if you've read the blog for any length of time, you know that I'm not averse to high-fives, handshakes, fistbumps, hugs, etc..., BUT at the moment, I've got my Droid (music) in one hand, and my poker chips (shocking) in the other.  Also, I'm not too keen about having my ARM RIPPED OFF by these guys, or about the prospect of possibly pulling one of them OFF OF THEIR BIKES...  I mean, have you ever been on the receiving end of that "too hard" high-five (or handshake, or fistbump)?  Have a nice bike ride guys, but no thanks...

I remember the first time that Game 7 was tonight...  I may be forgetting a series somewhere, but off the top of my head, this is the most competitive NBA Finals that I can remember since 2005.  I was working as a chip runner at the World Series of Poker during these finals, and this was the ONE NIGHT that I went into work late (my shifts had normally been running from 6:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m..., ummmm..., whenever...), when I stayed home for a few extra hours, watching the Spurs beat the Pistons in a very competitive seventh game.  The Heat are favored by six points tonight (at the moment).  I have no read on how this game is going to go.  The Spurs gave so much effort last game, and had so many chances, but our outside shooting was nowhere near what it had been.  The Heat should be stoked tonight at home, but Chalmers had an uncharacteristically high-scoring Finals game on Tuesday, and Wade has that iffy knee (to go with Parker's iffy leg, to go with, to go with...).  This is why I have NEVER..., EVER... bet on sports...  ;)

Have a great day, enjoy Game 7 tonight, and celebrate safely, no matter which side you're on...  ;)  See ya tomorrow!

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