Monday, June 10, 2013

The Next Chapter...

"Woman are all best friends at 2:00 a.m. in the bathroom at the bar..."
-@cuckoo_cachu- (via twitter)

"Ever noticed that life lets you win every now and again..., just to keep you interested..." -@P8NT4R- (via twitter)

"My new diet started off really well this morning until I got hungry..."
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"Looking over your shoulder only detracts from accomplishing the task ahead..."
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Good evening everyone.  I apologize for the very late Monday night post, but I have some good news for you (or likely VERY BAD NEWS if you enjoy reading quality writing)...  :)  I plan on posting more frequently in the near future, and if I don't post daily, it will be almost daily...  Today I realized that I have a backlog of things to say and more time to say them...  The next chapter in my life has begun as my last day working at Harper's/Slackers/The Veranda was on Saturday, and as you can tell, I haven't straightened out my sleep schedule yet - this post would have already been published if I was sleeping in the realm of normal people, and not on vampire time...  I added John Lackey (Red Sox/pitcher) to one of my fantasy teams today, and I woke up from an early evening nap (double segue - sleep schedule and fantasy baseball) in time to see the Sox bullpen blow a win for him (this surprises NO ONE by now, I know)...  As a matter of fact, let's get the fantasy baseball out of the way right now...

League 1 (25 entry fee - 1st place/125, 2nd place/25)

1)  DraftDodgers                                   73.50 (new leader in this league)
2)  Neshanic                                        73.00 (my belief system is crushed now) :P
3)  Shazzam                                        59.50 (just ahead of a logjam of teams)
9)  The View From Bikini Hill                  39.00 (amazed I even have 39 points)

League 2 (40 entry fee - 1st place/300, 2nd place/50)

1)  Breaking Bats                                 83.00 (impressive lead)
2)  4troublemakers                               69.00 (leading the next group)
3)  Loons XXIV                                     67.50 (reaching for second)
6)  The Bikini Hill Bobcats                    49.50 (had a pretty rough week)

League 3 (40 entry fee - 1st place/300, 2nd place/50)

1)  jonnylove7                                      66.50 (tenuous lead in my most competitive league)
2)  Nappy Heads                                  65.50 (again, my belief system is crushed) :P
3)  Mad Men                                        62.50 (my favorite show, hanging tough)
5)  The Bikini Hill Nine                          55.50 (my best chance to get my money back)
5)  Pittsburg Crawfords                         55.50 (1 of 6 teams within 11 points of 1st place)

Okay, so The View From Bikini Hill has NINE PLAYERS on the disabled list now, and as I'm fact-checking right now, I see that Jedd Gyorko (who is still in starting lineup) was placed on the DL today.  IF I WAS TRYING to pick the players that I thought would get injured, I couldn't hit a number this high!!!  As long as you're laughing, it's okay though - I'm here for your entertainment...  ;)  #courtjester  The Bikini Hill Bobcats, by comparison, only have five players on the DL.  The Bikini Hill Nine only lists four players on the DL, which probably explains the success of that team.  OH, and The View From Bikini Hill is the team that I added Lackey to, the team who suffered through the Red Sox squandering the SIX RUNS that they scored in the FIRST INNING (on a related note, Alex Cobb is NOT a starter for ANY of my teams, so that's a tough break for someone out there)...  ;)

As I said, I have a myriad of subjects to write about, and I will get to them in due time.  There are some of them that I can't put off until later however.  First of all, I want to give a shoutout to all of my friends at Harper's/Slackers/The Veranda.  As I wrote in my three weeks notice (yes, an extra week - I'm a visionary, I know...), it was a great group of people to work with.  I was also told that I'm welcome back anytime, and I THINK that was meant as just more than as a paying customer...  ;)  Seriously, great group of people to work with, and a lot of great customers...  Thank you...

Next, Amy, Mo, and Raymond get special shoutouts for getting me some of the FOOD that I listed in my "going away food wish list" post (the entry wasn't actually titled that, so don't look for it under that name)...  Mo brought me 2 bags of Haribo Gummy Bears (is it completely horrible that 1 of the bags has disappeared already?), and her friend Amy brought me a bag of Snyder's of Hanover 'Hot Buffalo Wing' pretzel pieces... I know that I requested Gardetto's, but Amy said that she couldn't find them.  HOWEVER, this little bag of pretzels (only half-eaten) has a code on it which enables me to get 14 issues of Sports Illustrated for $1.00.  It's a damn shame that I don't like sports, huh?...  ;)  And as we waited for our establishment to get busy on Saturday night, Raymond ordered some PIZZA from Papa John's!!!  I woke up really early (4:00 p.m.) for my 8:00 p.m. shift on Saturday night, so the pizza was a LIFE SAVER...

And then there's ELLEN...  :)  This girl is the proof that I'm one hundred years old...  Back in my second year of teaching and coaching, and my first at a new school (a hundred years ago, of course), I coached with Ellen's dad and taught with Ellen's mom.  Chris and Paula were nice enough to let me stay at their house on Friday nights so that I didn't have to make the half-hour drive back to Dallas, followed by the quick turnaround on Saturday mornings to be back in town by 8:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings when I was coaching football.  Well, Ellen was born during that fall (during the best month of the year by the way, and that has nothing to do with the fact that my birthday is in October also), and for some unexplained reason, this little girl likes me...  I actually had a few photographs of Ellen as a youngster included among the myriad of pictures that I would display on or near my desk in my classrooms as I moved on to other schools, and was asked several times if she was my daughter.  Of course my response was always along the lines of, "a girl that pretty..., MY CHILD???  C'mon..."  ;)  Well, Ellen graduated from high school on Saturday (a year early I might add - overachiever...), and did so as the VALEDICTORIAN OF HER CLASS, and I'm very proud to give her a paragraph in my blog as she moves on to the next chapter in her life also.  Congratulations Ellen - I'm SO PROUD of you!!!  :)

I hope that all of you have a great day and I'll see you again on Tuesday (which is probably today)...  :)



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