Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Diamond Fantasies

"Everybody knows, that the world is full of stupid people, so meet me at the mission at midnight, we'll divvy up there..., everybody knows, that the world is full of stupid people, well I got the pistol, so I get the pesos, yeah that seems fair..." -The Refreshments- (Banditos)

"Women are like police - they can have all the evidence in the world, but they still want a confession..." -via Yvonne Gonzales-

"And I just can't look, it's killing me, and taking control..." -The Killers- (Mr. Brightside)

"Don't get discouraged by people who aren't worthy of your time..." -Chris Wyatt-

"Love is hard, love is strong, you will never say that you were wrong..., I don't know when I got bitter, but love is surely better when it's gone..." -Tonic- (You Wanted More)

I remember the first time that the title of my blog entry signaled the end of the road...  Good evening everyone.  The alternate title of tonight's post was, "Coach's Dream Of Cashing In Fantasy Baseball This Year Comes Crashing Down Like A Screaming Meteor..."  I was very close to getting my money back in one of my leagues, but it wasn't meant to be.  Oh, and congratulations to Memphis MOJO on winning his fantasy league this year (yes, I saw your blog post, punk...).  ;)  Here are the final results from the three fantasy baseball leagues that I participated in this year:

League 1 (I lost $25.00)

1)  DraftDodgers                                 75.00  (Won $125.00 - Congratulations!)
2)  Neshanic                                      68.00  (In first much of the year - Got $25.00 back)
3)  Shazzam                                      67.00  (ONE point - Won as much as me...)
6)  The View From Bikini Hill               55.00  (Disappointing...)

League 2 (I lost $40.00)

1)  Breaking Bats                               82.00  (Won $300.00 - Congratulations!)
2)  4troublemakers                             74.00  (Won $50.00)
3)  Muchos Bravos                             69.50  (Won as much as me...)
5)  The Bikini Hill Bobcats                   53.00  (Their football namesake is already doing better...)

League 3  (I lost $40.00)

1)  Fishing For Trout                           69.50  (Won $300.00 - Congratulations!)
2)  Nappy Heads                                62.00  (Won $50.00)
3)  The Bikini Hill Nine                        60.00  (Yep, two points away from the $$$...)
3)  EL VILLANO 4                              60.00  (Caught me on the final day, also won zilch...)

If you've been following the blog for any length of time, you know that I'm pretty dug into this football season.  I've already won more during this football season ($50.00 in food and drinks from the Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill in San Marcos, Texas) than I won during the whole baseball season (see above).  The reason that I'm mentioning this is that I have honestly probably already watched as much football in five weeks as I watched baseball during the whole baseball season.  The reason that I mentioned that is that I am not going to be making round-by-round predictions during this baseball postseason, but will instead enjoy the Red Sox games that I do manage to catch.  I don't have the motivation to go back and look up my preseason baseball predictions for you right now, but I did a decent job of picking the playoff qualifiers - not great, but acceptable...  If you want to go back and look them up, they're there...  Due to the fact that the Texas/Iowa State game will be played on Thursday night this week, tonight is going to be my "football night" for the week, and I will be publishing my "Football Friday" post tomorrow night, so I already have a lot to do without retyping my diamond predictions.  Also a casualty of my football tunnel vision are preseason NHL and NBA season predictions (I did pretty well on my NBA preseason predictions last year).  I haven't had the time to pay attention to anything but football and getting settled here in Austin, so I'll stick to what I "know..."  Yeah, I see the quotation marks too...  ;)

Football you say...  Let me share a couple of my personal facebook statuses (statusii???) and tweets with you from last night.  I am a Steelers fan that is suffering from watching his team sprint out to an 0-4 start to begin the season.  In spite of this, we are only 2 games back in the AFC North because everyone else in our division has a 2-2 record.  However, I was feeling a little sarcastic last night...  Well first, I was feeling a little sarcastic at work yesterday when I told a friend, "the Steelers will probably lose to the bye week..."  Then in response to Ryan Tannehill of the Dolphins getting sacked last night, Mike Tirico said of the Dolphins, "they've given up 3 sacks in their last 5 snaps..."  That's when I looked up to see if the Steelers were suddenly playing...  I really did look up from my computer monitor to the television screen...

On a more positive note, my fantasy football team had a 23-point deficit heading into last night's Saints/Dolphins matchup, and the only player left to suit up in the contest was my quarterback, Drew Brees.  Well, Brees did have a great game, and my Bikini Hill Bobcats managed a comeback win against my good friend Chad's team, which was previously undefeated.  We may very well see each other again in the playoffs...  The weird thing about the Monday night ending to this matchup is that Chad's wife went to high school with Brees, and that must make for a weird evening in the household, when Chad has to root against Brees to win, while his wife is friends with Brees...  These are the top teams in our 12-team league after 4 weeks of play:

Good Dotto                   4-0  (I face this team in Weeks 7 and 13...)
Bikini Hill Bobcats         3-1
Dead Crickets               3-1
Con Juevos                   3-1  (I face this team this week...)

Well, like I said, I'm about to get to work on my football for this week.  Texas has the short week as they play at Iowa State on Thursday, and Texas State will be traveling east to face Louisiana-Lafayette.  I went 6-3-1 on my '10 Best Bets' last week (which is fine), but note that I'm 8-1 on my NFL predictions against the spread over the last 2 weeks.  That ought to wake them up in Vegas...  ;)  Just disregard the fact that I missed the 'over' on the USC/Arizona State game by FIFTY-TWO AND A HALF points...  :O  #ouch

On a personal (life) note, this weekend will become what I thought last weekend was going to be, and I'll spend a lot of time around the apartment getting things organized.  This will be good news for Miletus, and next week's non-Friday entries won't revolve so much around sports...  ;)  Also, this will be one of my last weekends at home as the weather is much more bearable now, meaning that those trips to the Square (the Bobcats host opponents three weeks in a row this month) and to downtown Austin (6th Street specifically) are definitely on the horizon...  :D

I hope that all of you have a great Wednesday and I'll see you in about twenty-four hours with some chatter about the upcoming football weekend!


  1. Did you use the get tons of pitching strategy this year?

    (yes, I saw your blog post, punk...)


    The Red Sox and Cardinals in the World Series -- I could go for that!

  2. I think that I won every pitching category except for saves, and if I would have won that, or not bottomed out in almost every offensive one except for steals, I would have at least finished second and got my money back...