Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Donut Delivery

"I wish there was a donut delivery service...I guess it's egg whites for breakfast instead... #Boring"
-Alyssa @Uhh_lee_suhh- (via Twitter)

"I watch the snow fall down, feels great to be honest, forget about the trouble, forget about the drama, cause I, ain't Casanova baby, I can dance for days, this time with you is just amazing, in so many ways..." -Blue October- (Sway)

"Is it bad that I have a small crush on this trainer?  He's not cute, he's just a genius!  Like how can one person be so smart?  lol..." -Ms. B @b_jai2012- (via Twitter)

Good evening everyone.  Late start tonight due to an extended after work nap and some fantasy football research before I came to blogger, so forgive me for the inconvenience...  In case you're wondering, the fantasy football problem that I had to solve was at quarterback - Brees has a bye this week and Vick is injured, so I added Tannehill (vs. Buffalo) through waivers...  Here are the top teams in the standings in my fantasy football league this week:


Con Juevos (5-1)
Bikini Hill Bobcats (4-2)


Good Dotto (6-0)
Show Me Your TD's (4-2)

Yes my friends, Bikini Hill is being represented much better than it was during the fantasy baseball season to this point.  My Bobcats are matched up against Good Dotto this weekend, so it should be an interesting game.  This is my lineup for the weekend if you're keeping score at home... Fitzgerald (AZ), Seattle 'D', Tannehill (MIA), McCoy (PHI), Woodhead (SD), Allen (SD), Witten (DAL), Henery (PHI), and Welker (DEN).

Okay, where to start tonight...  Oh, let's go back up to Alyssa's tweet (and the title of the blog entry tonight).  That is our beloved 'Alyssa's Corner' Alyssa who gave us that gem (personally, I see a few holes in the idea, but...)  ;)  I have to reiterate my appreciation to Alyssa for agreeing to give us her contribution to the blog for the whole football season.  When I came up with the idea of having 'celebrity experts' weigh-in on the outcomes of the Texas State and Texas games, and then having Alyssa (a diehard, and I mean DIEHARD Texans fan) share her football picks and humorous personal stories, etc..., I expected that all three teams would have outstanding seasons from start to finish.  The Longhorns look like they might be turning the corner now after some disappointing showings early, and the Bobcats, after chalking up some substantial upsets to being the season, still possess a lot of promise in the Sun Belt Conference.  However, I would have never, NEVER BELIEVED that the Texans would have come out of the gate at 2-4, especially coupled with the fact that they had to dig in and come from behind in that pair of victories (San Diego and Tennesssee). The Texans proved that they can play with the elite teams in the league when they lost to the Seahawks in overtime (a game that they gave away late), but that loss seems to have deflated them as they've had poor showings against the 49ers and the Rams in the last couple of outings.  Anyway, I completely expected this co-piloting to be all fun for the girl who orders cheese as a drink at drive-thru windows and who came up with the idea of donut delivery.  Thanks again for your weekly contribution Alyssa, and take heart in the fact that your team (still, FOR NOW) has TWICE AS MANY WINS as my team has...  ;)  My friend Joey (Joey's Parlay Card) has it a little easier right now because his alma mater New Mexico State is rarely expected to win (PLUS he happens to be a Broncos fan - PUNK...), but I also wanted to acknowledge my appreciation for his input and that of all of the celebrity experts who have offered predictions on games this season.  If we could somehow implement a system with year-round NCAA and NFL football with donut delivery, that would be PERFECT...  ;)

I remember the first time that I had a great idea for a job interview...  While I was stuck near a waste disposal truck for a few minutes a couple of days ago, the truck INCESSANTLY kept going "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!," even though it wasn't backing up the whole time.  That's when I envisioned the job interviewer asking, "and how do you feel about hearing this sound for eight hours a day, forty hours a week?  BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!" You have to respect those guys - that sound was getting on my last nerve in minutes...

As my friend and I were heading to the Texas Union for lunch a few days ago, I saw a group of three female students huddled around looking at the ground.  As we got closer, I saw that they were trying to "steer" a lost turtle back to the little turtle pond (I'm not sure if this habitat has an official name) here on the UT campus.  By 'steer,' I mean that they were standing in the turtle's path, unless it was walking in the direction of the pond.  You see, no one is supposed to touch the turtles (I believe that this is posted at the pond).  We had to swing back by as a result of a lack of parking, and by this time, TWENTY STUDENTS were watching this spectacle, at which point one of the students FINALLY lifted the turtle by its shell (which is what we were saying as we drove by on the first pass)...  :)  It really was nice to see all of the concern though, and the last time that I posted, you saw a photo of a cat on a couch with a beer, so we were due for an uplifting animal story...  Alyssa doesn't really let Belle drink (I don't think)...  :)

Okay, I've really got to get to my personal 'Football Wednesday' chores now, but have a good one and I'll probably see you again tomorrow night (by Friday at the latest)...





  1. I'm a sucker for doughnuts. GL in your fantasy matches.

  2. Yeah, Alyssa probably has something here... :) Thanks Mojo!