Monday, October 7, 2013

What Did You Do This Weekend?

Good evening everyone.  No cliffhangers here tonight as far as the blog title goes...  The photo above shows my friend Vicki participating in the Providence Cyclocross Festival over the weekend.  I love this photo, and specifically the determination on Vicki's face as she navigates the course.  I teased Vicki about her focus in this picture, and she shot back that she was looking for a fence opening to "make her escape..."  :)  As Vicki took part in New England's "Holy Week of Cyclocross," I did almost nothing over the weekend.  If she had just posed for this photo and gone straight home, Vicki would have surely accomplished more than I did this weekend...  I watched SO MUCH FOOTBALL yesterday that I actually couldn't stomach the thought of putting my t.v. on 'Sportscenter' this morning as I got ready for work because I felt that I had already seen everything...  Predictably, I'm watching the end of the Jets/Falcons game as we speak...  Congratulations to Vicki on racing this weekend (she wrote a wonderful lead-in to the photos that she posted on facebook, describing how she came to watch this race a few years back, and how she vowed that this was the year that she would try all kinds of things that scared her).  It seems like there's a good lesson in there for all of us...

Now onto the part of tonight's programming that is purely frivolous...  ;)  Do you remember last week when I teased my favorite football team, and I made a little joke about how they might even lose to the bye week?  Well, someone is ripping me off...

My friend Grrouchie shared the above photo on facebook today.  Of course I have problems with it, mainly that I think that we could put up more than a field goal against the bye week...  ;)  And to my friend Pete Peters..., well..., your Jets are definitely not going to be an easy candidate to be my Steelers' first victims of the season...  And the Jets just beat the Falcons 30-28 on a 43-yard field-goal as time expired as I was typing that...

Could you tell us more about weekends Coach?  If I was going to write about a weekend, it should probably be this upcoming weekend.  Not only am I going to celebrate my 100th birthday this weekend, but this little blog is also going to be reaching a big milestone sometime this week as it eclipses 50,000 total views...  I don't know what it is about that specific number, but somehow it seems like something tangible to me.  The blog has surpassed various marks - 400 views, 2,000 views, 9,000 views, 16,000 views, etc..., but when someone asks how many hits your blog has, and you answer, "it's been viewed 50,000 times...," well, that just seems to mean something, and it's pretty humbling...

In other news, as I was leaving work on Friday, I was "jogging" down a stairwell, and one of my supervisors at work told me afterward that I sounded like Donald Duck (because of the way that my sneakers were squeaking)...  Yeah, I'll probably be hitting the Nike Outlet Mall in San Marcos, America for my birthday too... #timeforsomenewkicks  In a related story, if anyone has an extra ticket for Saturday's Bobcat home football game versus Louisiana-Monroe (did I mention that it's my 100th birthday weekend?), I would appreciate it...  It's never too early to beg, right?  ;)

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day, and I'll see you again on Wednesday!



  1. Coach (and Serge): congrats in advance on your Steeler's victory in the swamp next Sunday... Gino was just saving up his mistakes last night . . . Must feel nice to get in the win column . . .

    -P3 (yes, the "reverse jinx" is alive and well!)

  2. started my new job. like a dumbass i took the falcons on the lucki ducky football pick and on 1 of my entries in foxsports survivor pool. DOH.then to top it off , i took the chargers, on another 1. DOUBLE DOH.i am sticking with the team playing versus jags game plan. ez this week the jags play the BRONCOS. have a great week , coach.

  3. Jets looked good last night Pete...

    I've been going against the Jags successfully in Duck's contest and in my "Ten Best Bets,' but they'll have a bye week eventually Anger...!

    1. i was too,coach but i over thinking it. on espn and 1 of the foxsports survivor entries. it is whoever is playing the jags. true the bye and when the jags play the browns. now that browns QB is out. decisions, decisions

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  5. Yes- the Lucki Duck contest has suddenly become more interesting.