Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week 8 Football Picks/13-14

Good evening everyone.  Well, things were going great in fantasy football as I began typing this until the Seahawks just fumbled inside their own five-yard line (I have the Seattle 'D' - the turnover just gift-wrapped an easy TD for the Cardinals, lowering my point total).  Merp...  As a result of my lingering post-birthday laziness (my assessment anyway), I've only got five celebrity experts for you tonight.  I knew that Texas wasn't going to be playing this week, and I never found the time/got myself motivated to individually contact potential score predictors this week.  This resulted in me sending out a LATE "all call" on facebook and Twitter this afternoon, so as a result... (yes, you guessed it, five experts)...  The final scores on last week's games were Texas 36-20 over Oklahoma (experts went 6-14) and Louisiana-Monroe 21-14 over Texas State (experts went 2-8).  No one qualified for 'Coach's Hall of Fame' last week (or ever so far), but we had a lot of close scores if you flipped the winner of the games, and one exact score with the teams flipped...  Jessa Lee (@jessakayelee) had the Bobcats winning 21-14 (right score, wrong team, but still pretty impressive).  In that same game, Monica Rodriguez and Linda Contreras were the only pair of experts who correctly picked the Warhawks to win the game, thus saving the celebrities from going 0-10 on the contest.  In the Texas game, there were several people (namely bloggers), who had close "opposite scores."  I believe that Lightning36, Rob, and Pete P. Peters (who had 3 of these) will all SWEAR that I incorrectly entered their picks, and that they all had the Horns winning the game (37-21, 38-20, and 41-20 respectively).  Grrouchie (another blogger) actually did pick Texas to win the game 30-27.  OUCH!!!  The Seahawks just kicked a 51-yard field goal, and my opponent this week has their placekicker - MERP... #fivepointsforhim  Okay, back to the subject of close opposite scores, my co-pilots also had the "texture" of the games right, but with the wrong victors.  Joey had OU winning 34-17, and Alyssa had Texas State winning 21-10.  Oh, and Marissa Wagner (Morning Drive Anchor for 550 KTSA in San Antonio), your optimism paid off...  ;)  Marissa had the Horns winning the game 24-21.  Now for this week's game...

Celebrity Experts (Last weekend 8-22/Overall record of 70-61 on Bobcats and Longhorns games)

Saturday, October 19th - Texas State Bobcats (3-3) vs. Georgia State Panthers (0-6)

TXST  31-17     Tim Thrash - @TimThrash
TXST  42-31     Grrouchie Serge - @grrouchie
TXST  38-14     Paige Haddock - Texas State Alum
TXST  44-17     Pete Wyatt - Brother, Longhorns & Cowboys Fan, Original Blog Follower
TXST  31-14     Miletus Ogden Borne' - All-Around Cool Person/Original Blog Follower

Now it's time for our Las Vegas ticketwriter and New Mexico State Alum Joey.  He actually has a cool profile photo on facebook with the same Broncos jersey, but I like this shot with the Fred Flintstone-sized steak.  Coming to you live from the Palace Station Sportsbook in Las Vegas, Nevada, here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last weekend 0-2/Overall record of 5-6 on Aggies, Bobcats, & Longhorns games)

It's hard to believe that we are already at Week 8 of the college football season.  The Texas team that showed up last week against Oklahoma was the one I have been looking for all season.  Hopefully they can continue this type of play through the Big 12 Conference and TCU next week.  New Mexico State plays at home against Rice this week.  I think Rice scores a touchdown before they land in El Paso.  Injuries and no pass rush will make this an ugly game for my Aggies.  Rice flies away with an easy victory, 45-7.  Texas State also gets to stay home again this weekend with winless Georgia State, whose 'D' is giving up 30 points per game, so I'm taking the Bobcats to pull away late - 30-17 will be the final.  Til next week I hope all your tickets are winners.


Okay, Joey scared me the way that he said, "30-17 will be the final."  If he gets that score right, I'm saying that after all of my predictions from now on...  ;)  Oh, this dreaded photo again...  PLEASE, PLEASE win a game soon Texans!!!  I feel so bad for my friend...  And here she is, our favorite Texans' fan...

Alyssa's Corner (Last weekend 0-3/Overall record of 7-11 on Texans, Bobcats, & Longhorns games)

Well blog readers...I'm in a bit of a slump.  I think my cat is sick and the Houston Texans just aren't playing like I thought they would this season!  It breaks my heart Everytime they show my precious J.J. Watt look defeated!  Nonetheless I will still be watching every game!  I am excited to see how Case will play this weekend starting as quarterback.  Now I just want to point one thing out...the Texans have not won a game since the game I was physically at.  Coincidence?  I think not!  I should obviously go to every game!  Now to my cat...I honestly don't know what's going on with her.  She has been so incredibly needy lately!  She'll cry and cry at night until I pet her, she'll knock over bottles in my bathroom, and she's been following me around.  Maybe my cat has anxiety - maybe she found out about my new fish!  Ek!  It's hard raising a middle-aged cat.

In other news, today is a good day!  Today is one of my best friend's, Chelsea, birthday!  We are pledge sisters and I hate being so far away from her!  I wish I could spend her birthday with her because her 21st birthday was a blast!

Now to my predictions...

Now I know my Texans are on a losing streak but I WILL NOT predict against them.  With that being said...

Texans vs. Chiefs:  17-14 Texans
Bobcats vs. Panthers:  24-14 Bobcats


Now the way that Alyssa messaged that to me, I had confusion about a word/how she was trying to say that Belle (her cat) how found out about her new fish.  When I asked Alyssa, she told me that she has kept the new fish HIDDEN...  :)  That's the Alyssa that we all know and love, and knowing that this is Alyssa's cat, I'm POSITIVE that Belle can sense the presence of the new fish.  #positive
Since I'm not putting up a photo of myself unless I go 10-0 (maybe 9-1) on my '10 Best Bets,' here's a photo that will hopefully get me over that 5-5 hump (where I've been for the past couple of weeks).  Here's my friend Belle (who I've never met)...

And yes (since you asked), THAT WAS my fantasy defense that intercepted the ball and TRIPPED inside the 5-yard line (down at the ONE), thus depriving me of 6 more fantasy points...  And yes, I missed on both the Bobcats and Longhorns games last week...  #veryrare

Coach (Last weekend 0-2/Overall record of 6-6 on Bobcats & Longhorns games)

One game here for me this week.  I'll either be over and under .500 after this one.  Las Vegas has Texas State favored by 17, and they're playing against a winless team, in San Marcos...  C'mon Bobcats...  Texas State  30  Georgia State  10

Coach's Ten Best Bets of the Week (Last weekend 5-5/Overall record of 35-34-1)

Washington State (+40) @ Oregon - Giving Coach Leach FORTY!  C'mon Cougars...
Missouri (+3) vs. Florida - Undefeated Tigers plus the points at home?  Okay...
Utah (+4) @ Arizona - Suddenly I like underdogs...  This group beat Stanford last week...
Iowa/Ohio State (Under 55 1/2) - Seems too high for this matchup...
Cowboys (+3) @ Philadelphia - ANOTHER dog...  Am I slipping, or is Vegas???
Broncos/Colts (Under 56 1/2) - Anticipating a weird game with all of the anticipation/electricity...
Browns/Packers (Under 46) - Pack lost pair of receivers last week & BROWNS are their foe...
Giants (-3) vs. Vikings - Jacobs looked good, Freeman is making 1st start for Vikes, in NYC...
Bears/Redskins (Under 50 1/2) - Seems like a lot of points for this matchup too...
Chargers (-7 1/2) @ Jaguars - Back on the anti-Jacksonville bandwagon...

And there you have it my friends.  If I go 10-0 this week, you might see a lot more of Bikini Hill's honorary mascot...  ;)  Have a great football weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!


  1. i like cinncy at +2.5 but will wait hopefully get another point or point and a half.that charger lines keeps going up dont like that some have it at 9.idk. my moneyline dog is the rams at +230ish. also like the buffalo ML but i will take the points. i am a wuss. lol. hag1.p.s. cowboy ML looks nice at 120

    1. IAM A WUSS.buffalo ml was the sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. dumb rams lol

  2. Hope the cat gets better. The Texans are where they belong. HAHA Go Cowboys!

  3. Speaking as a Steelers fan, Cincy needs to LOSE... On the Chargers/Jacksonville game, well, all the games, I publish the lines that I based my picks on when I selected them on Wednesday night (because that's when I could have bet them, theoretically of course)... :)

    As for the ANONYMOUS comment left for Alyssa, I'll let her respond if she chooses... :)

    1. true, i was just making a comment that the line for the jags game keeps expanding. i liked it at 7 1/2 preferr 7. LMAO