Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lovable Rather Than Popular

"I don't care much for football when I'm home.  I'd rather watch it like at Hooters or Pluckers...or live not a true fan.  Whoops.  Mainly cause I love wings..." -Belyne Gonzalez-

"I hate when it's dark and my brain is like, "Hey, you know what we haven't thought about in a while..., Monsters"..."     ..."or clowns that get put in your sight by your 'friends'..."
-via Francesca Welsh-

"Whenever there's a problem, you change it.  You can't go on studying these things forever..."
-Bill Walton-

"My seeester just said, "You look drunk, or did you just get done working out?"  Uuuh, neither activity occurred today....  FAIL..." -via Brittany Flores- (Observation by Raquel Maldonado)  ;)

"She has faith in God's greater plan..."  -via Gabby Contreras-

Good evening everyone.  Okay, I lied...  You don't have to check your calendars - it isn't Saturday yet (unless of course you're reading this on Saturday)...  I planned on doing this entry Saturday morning, but I got a better offer for this weekend, so you're getting this post right now (late, LATE Thursday night)...

Before we get to basketball, I have some great news to share with you...

This girl...  :)  Gabby has found her way into my little blog a lot in the past year.  I met Gabby through our mutual friend Alyssa (yes, our favorite Texans fan Alyssa).  Gabby (like Alyssa before her, and several other young ladies that I have the pleasure of knowing) has done an outstanding job of representing the Chi Omega Chapter at Texas State University.  Gabby has also contributed to this blog several times, in the form of quotes..., and photos..., and Bitstrips..., and the list goes on...  I've done more than my fair share of teasing Gabby, but as I've said many times before, I only pick on people I like.  This girl..., whose Twitter account displays the quote shown above, "She has faith in God's greater plan," this girl..., who was a 2013 nominee for Homecoming Queen at Texas State..., well, this girl received the following letter a few days ago...

Yeah...  :)  Congratulations Gabby!  EXTREMELY PROUD of you...  ;)  By the way, the title of tonight's post was borrowed (stolen) from one of Gabby's facebook albums, which I was POURING THROUGH IN VAIN earlier, trying to find a photo of her where she's by herself.  I finally had to borrow (steal) Gabby's profile photo from facebook.  She's NEVER ALONE in a photo, and she's got 1,100 facebook friends!  How about 'Lovable and Popular' Gabby?  ;)  Congratulations again Gabby - you deserve it!  :D

And now for the person who deserves the blame for reigniting my fire to return to Las Vegas (okay, he helped) by posting a facebook photo of his poker winnings one night near the start of the new year, live from the Palace Station Sportsbook in Las Vegas, here's Joey (and am I the king of the segue or what?)...  ;)

Joey's College Hoops Parlay Card (Last weekend 3-6/Overall record of 36-31-1 on the 13-14 season)

Since football season ended, most of my time is spent in Vegas card rooms working on the bad beat jackpots.  With that said, there is not much analysis of each game, but I do have scores...

North Carolina 70  Pittsburgh 62
Oklahoma 65  Oklahoma State 60
Syracuse 65  North Carolina State 55
Utah State 67  UNLV 59
Florida 73  Kentucky 56

Back to the poker grind.  Remember, when you come by Palace Station, say hi, and may all your parlay cards cash!

North Carolina (-4 1/2) vs. Pittsburgh - (Under 136 1/2)
Oklahoma (+2) @ Oklahoma State - (Under 155 1/2)
North Carolina State (+14) @ Syracuse -
Utah State (-4) vs. UNLV - (Under 133)
Florida (+2 1/2) @ Kentucky - (Under 130 1/2)

And gang, in all fairness to Joey, he thought that he was going to be giving me his submission for Saturday morning, but LATE last night I asked him if he could give me his scores today due to my impending weekend plans.  If you've become accustomed to reading his thoughts on each of his selections, that's the reason that he just gave you scores today.  As for myself, I'm going to start with my 'Five Best Bets' next weekend.  However, I will let you know that I'm currently 8-3 since Monday on my "baby bets" that I've been making on Bovada.  Again, these are $1.00 bets, and I'm now tweeting most of them on my Twitter account nightly.  I still have a pair of live ones for the Thunder/Lakers game:  Lakers (+12) - L.A. is currently up 8 with 10:35 left to go; and Durant (Over 34 1/2) - Durant currently has 29 points.  Let me be honest with you - this success isn't discouraging me from wanting to move to Las Vegas.  Sometimes I wonder where I'd be right now if I had put all of the time that I put into poker into learning how to bet sports, and then I cry FOR HOURS...  ;)  Remember that you can go to my Twitter account (top of the page) for my daily "baby bets."  Have a great weekend and I'll see you again on Tuesday!

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