Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Not So Super Bowl

"The Broncos would have saved America a lot of time if they would have just told us they weren't coming to play today!" -Brittany Flores-

Good evening everyone.  I hope that you have recovered from that thrilling game yesterday. YAWN...  I also hope that you had an outstanding birthday Maureen!  :D  About twenty minutes ago, the Austin Police Department knocked HARD on my door, and when I answered, the officers told me that they were answering a call for a reported disturbance in my apartment.  Evidently a man and a woman were arguing loudly in my apartment.  I told the gentlemen that I had just woken up from a nap less than an hour earlier.  They asked if they could check my apartment.  This took about two seconds since I'm living in a studio apartment.  When I lived in Las Vegas, I also had a pair of officers show up at my door once.  On that visit, one of the patrolmen already has his GUN DRAWN.  That visit from LVPD was more exciting than yesterday's game.  My visit a short while ago from APD was more exciting than yesterday's game.  My NAP was more exciting than yesterday's game!  Okay, let's backtrack a little...  Here's my obligatory Las Vegas photo for the day...

That would be me when I dealt poker at the Riviera, a hundred years ago...  Speaking of Las Vegas (what are the odds?), I'm guessing that the sportsbooks in the desert made a little bit of money on yesterday's game, considering that the public bet the Broncos from a 2-point underdog to a 3-point favorite...  Seattle Seahawks 43  Denver Broncos 8...  Somewhere on my facebook yesterday, I read a comment about the Super Bowl being a blowout (okay, okay, you got me - I MIGHT have read that more than once).  Due to the fact that I have so many former students and athletes who are on my facebook account, in addition to a significant number of friends who are college students or recent college graduates, I have noticed a couple of things:  One, the people in both of these groups are roughly the same age (within the same decade - i.e., not 100 years old); Two, these are the people who post most frequently among my facebook friends (by and large).  What occurred to me is that this "generation" hasn't experienced blowouts in the Super Bowl with the same frequency that I did when I was "growing up," and that in fact, most of the title games that they have seen have been really close.  For those of us who are older (most of the bloggers - sorry bloggers), we went through a stretch when the NFC was just KILLING the AFC in the Super Bowl! Rewind to yesterday, when the Broncos were behind after the first play from scrimmage, when that snap flew by Peyton Manning's head.  Denver looked flat (as a TEAM) all day yesterday.  I think that Joey will correct me if I'm wrong here, but I doubt that Bronco supporters will argue this point with me:  "No Coach, that was our best effort, and the Seahawks just beat us 43-8..." What's interesting to me is that there was talk that Coach Fox was due to receive a one-million dollar bonus if the Broncos won yesterday.  There was also talk that he was about to enter negotiations for a contract extension following the Super Bowl.  After that showing?  Hmmm... Good luck...

I also need to take a moment to thank the Fox Network (no relation) for sucking up to the NFL yesterday.  They kept showing the current weather in Denver and Seattle, in comparison to that in East Rutherford, to demonstrate how the Super Bowl was being played in paradise.  First of all, the game wouldn't have been held in Denver or Seattle (you would think - ha ha) if New Jersey wasn't chosen as the host.  Normally these games are held in locales like California and Florida and New Orleans (Superdome).  Why wasn't Fox showing the temperatures in these places yesterday? Also, that shot of Roger Goodell sitting in the stands:  PLEASE don't try to tell me that he sat in that seat for the WHOLE GAME.  What, the COMMISSIONER of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE couldn't get a better seat than that, for the SUPER BOWL?!  The NFL was extremely fortunate that the weather on the east coast wasn't worse yesterday...

As for myself, I decided to stay home for the game yesterday (which was a wise choice in hindsight, considering the excitement level of that clash)...  My car still isn't running, and since I only NEED it to buy groceries (and I can use the city metro system to do that), I haven't looked into getting it fixed yet, and thus didn't make a trip down to San Marcos, America.  Enjoying the leisurely afternoon at home (while researching Super Bowl prop bets on Bovada), these are some of the things that crossed my computer monitor yesterday...

This is from my friend Katelynn, who happens to be a Steelers fan (shameless plug).  Seeing this again also reminds me of a number of friends who posted statuses about grocery stores being busy in the hours preceding the Super Bowl - REALLY, ya think?...  ;)

This Bitstrip is from my friend Gabby (Texas State Homecoming Queen Nominee Gabby, Beer Purse Gabby, etc... - you know her).  And seeing this cartoon had me asking the question, "Who are you Gabby?!"  :D

This shot is from my friend Belyne (who I have quoted and will quote here in the blog often). Belyne has the BEST Twitter account, especially for never saying ANYTHING on facebook...  ;) This is a photo of her son (and one of his friends I presume), and although I won't say who is who, I hope that your son is doing okay today Belyne...  ;)  And I'm sure that y'all remember this picture from a couple of weeks back...

These are the football sisters, Valerie and Veronica, back when most of America (including myself) assumed that the Broncos were going to win the Super Bowl yesterday.  Well..., I came across the photo below after yesterday's game, and it was titled 'Karma.'

Yeah..., that pretty much sums it up America...  And then we have...

WHAT?!  KATELYNN???!!!  :)  This is a FAMILY blog...  :P  I have to admit that this Bitstrip caught me by surprise yesterday, for a couple of reasons...  First, this is the same sweet and innocent girl who created the "snack fort" Bitstrip that I kicked off this section with.  Second, I don't get all of the excitement over Bruno Mars...  Ha ha (but seriously)...  After yesterday's halftime show, I saw several facebook statuses referencing Mr. Mars, and my initial thought was, "All eight of Bruno Mars' fans are my facebook friends..."  I apologize to those of you who love Bruno, but he's just like Justin Bieber to me - I just don't get it...  :)  As for this Bitstrip, I decided to include it tonight after reading the comments to Katelynn's status...  After a friend of Katelynn's family remarked, "I want to do that too!!!," Katelynn replied, "Hahahaha I laughed so hard when I saw this!!" (That's when I concluded that there is still hope for Katelynn)...  ;)  THEN, this same family friend responded, "Your mom laughed so hard she is choking. .  Still is!!"  :)

Thanks again to Katelynn and to all of my friends who allow me to REPEATEDLY steal moments from their lives for my blog.  I really do appreciate it!  I hope that you have a great day, and I'll see you again on Wednesday!


  1. Believe it or not, I missed most of the first half of the Super Bowl because I went to church. I was surprised to see that my choice was really the more exciting of the two.

  2. Aside from people who were rooting for the Seahawks (and I would bet even the majority of them), I think that everyone was just STUNNED Lightning...

  3. Yeah, that game was a nightmare. But at least I will get a good blog post out of it. Don't worry, Coach, I'm sure you're worried that, since the game was decided in the first 12 seconds, my blog post will be too short. I know most of my readers always fear that! But no, I can get a good long post out of it, just wait and see. You see, for the first time ever, I actually bet on the Super Bowl And of course, I will never collect on the ticket I got, because it has the wrong team winning. I took your advice. Where do I go for refunds?

  4. "I wouldn't be betting a lot on it if I was in Las Vegas..." That's a direct quote from my blog post Rob - you should be fine if you took my advice... ;) But yeah, 'nightmare' is a good word that I neglected to use in this post... And I NEVER FEAR that any of your posts will be too short Rob... :D

    1. I did take your advice. I only bet my entire life savings. Fortunately, that's not a lot of money. :)