Monday, February 10, 2014

Pacing Myself

"Vegas Baby!" -Mario Jimenez (with Bryn Major)-

"When people think the world revolves around them...  Grow up.  I'm not in high school and have much more important things to worry about than your petty drama..." -Megan Stremmel-

"Just landed in Vegas!  Yes, I was here last month..." -Jason Moreno-

"Some people just like pushing other people's buttons..., to the point of no return..."
-Belyne Gonzalez-

"Thank you confusing Texas weather and American Airlines for canceling our 0600 flight back to Austin!  Now we won't be back to Austin till after 1930 tomorrow..." -Michaela Hahn-

Good evening everyone.  Yeah, all of those Las Vegas quotes above are from friends of mine who are visiting the Mojave Desert right now...  #punks  Tonight's obligatory photo (can I really keep this up for six more months?) comes to you from my friend Bryn, who found someone that you just might recognize...

That's right!  Bryn is posing with none other than a Jack Nicholson impersonator...  ;)  So yeah, my friends are continuing to torture me, and as you saw in Michaela's stolen facebook status above, the weather is supposed to be nasty again here in Austin tomorrow (which has been a recurring weekly theme)...  Thankfully for us, it's supposed to start looking like Texas again down here after Wednesday.  That brings us to our next photo, which my friend Leslie posted recently.  It occurs to me that in all of the time that I've been writing this blog, I've rarely (if ever) put up a picture of the famous Bikini Hill here...

Yes, you can officially be jealous of my alma mater now...  ;)  I think that Leslie took this photo over the weekend, when the weather was actually nice.  The good news for us after Wednesday is that we're supposed to see highs in the 70's with lows in the 50's throughout the remainder of the current 10-day forecast...

Okay..., about this pacing myself stuff...  We're at that point of the year after the football season has ended, and before the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament has commenced.  I'm going to scale back to two posts per week, at least for the time being.  When the NCAA Tourney does begin, I will be posting as often as necessary to give you predictions on every tournament game from Joey and myself.  I did this last year, and Joey is joining me this year.  In the meantime, I PLAN to make my entries on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings.  On Saturdays, Joey is going to continue to give you his five weekly college hoops picks, and I am going to start giving you my five best bets for the weekend, which will include a combination of NCAA & NBA games, as well as NHL picks (when they return to action).  Additionally, I plan to start tweeting the daily bets that I'm making (on Bovada) on my Twitter account, with the hashtag "#babybets."  Keep in mind that these are only $1.00 wagers, and that they haven't been researched EVEN CLOSE to the extent that I plan on diving into this stuff once I return to Las Vegas (which will also guarantee absolutely nothing, of course)...  Continuing to completely ignore the advice of my book on sports betting, I'm only betting games that I can watch on t.v.  I'm down $5.18 since I started tracking these baby bets last Wednesday, but I'm going to get $1.95 of that back if Kansas State holds on to beat Kansas (they are currently in overtime, the Wildcats up 2 with 23.4 seconds remaining).  You'll be interested to know that I've bet against the Spurs three times in a row (and won).  I've taken the points twice, and I bet the Pistons on the moneyline tonight.  San Antonio is on their "rodeo road trip" right now, and the team is just so beat up...  My other bet tonight (a loss) was the Seminoles at home on the moneyline hosting the Hurricanes.  I was embarrassed that I bet Florida State after seeing how passive their home crowd was for the game - completely baffling...  And Miletus, I PROMISE that I'll try to limit the sports content here on Tuesdays, and/or add more non-sports content on Saturdays...  :D

WOW, look at them celebrating the fact that I actually won a bet there in Manhattan, Kansas!!!  ;)  Have a great week and I'll see y'all on Saturday!


  1. Good call on Kansas State. I saw part of the game. Very entertaining.

  2. Thank you Lightning. I got one right - be sure to note the date and time... ;)