Friday, April 18, 2014

Money Talks

"We took baby boy to the doctor today, and of course everything is good.  They always say, "well, we know he's eating good."  LOL my little chubs..." -Valerie Saenz-

"The value of preparation cannot be overstated..."
-Pete P. Peters-

"Omg Channing Tatum is at my work right now...  Luckily I just ran here from my house only to look sweaty and disgusting...  Lovely..." -Casey Castleberry-

"It's about looking for good spots and being smart..." -Brent Hanks-

"Thirty minutes on treadmill just to burn one bag of Cadbury Eggs?  Wth?  At 43 - will I ever learn?  :( lol" -Patti Thompson-

Good evening everyone.  How's this for a surprise?  Your late Saturday post is coming to you on Friday night...  ;)  On that note, let me cry a little bit about today first.  While some people were updating their facebook profiles with news of their engagement (Congratulations Valerie), and other people were letting their birthday brunches, lunches, and dinners begin (Happy Birthday Cristal), and others were playing at Knott's Berry Farm (I hope that you enjoyed it Lauren), and someone was preparing to get married (Congratulations Cecily), SOMEBODY was at work (insert tears for me)...  However, the main reason that I'm doing this entry early is because I'm attending the Texas Longhorns' Orange/White Scrimmage (the spring football game) tomorrow (okay, cancel those tears for me)...  ;)

Let's start with bridges and a big sign that states "NO TRUCKS."  This photo comes to you from my friend Linda, and this took place in San Marcos, America yesterday...

My mind immediatly went to these (edited) lyrics...  "Uh oh..., (you're) in trouble, something's come along and it's burst (your) bubble..." -Shampoo- (Trouble)  Drive safely during this holiday weekend my friends...  The following photo comes to you all the way from France.  My friend Heather posted this with the caption, "Sometimes it's good to be a picky eater - French version of steak and fries.  Beautiful presentation and delicious..."

This obviously looks outstanding, but you should be well-acquainted with my ever alert and sarcastic mind by now...  :P  I commented to Heather how I loved that these were supposed to be "French fries," and yet...  ;)  Okay, we'll leave Heather to enjoy her vacation while we give some attention to cats.  You're probably familiar with 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.'  Well, this is 'Cat on a Ten Foot High Cabinet' from my friend Jess...

Of course the best part of this story came in the comments section to this status.  Jess was asked how in the world she got up there, to which she replied, "She climbed like Spiderman."  As far as getting down, Jess explained, "Well I climbed the cabinet to help her, but she wouldn't have it, sooo she almost fell on her face climbing down head first - hahaha..."  Evidently this is the second time that "Spiderman" has been up on this cabinet...  :P

My friend Renetta posted a status about her daughter playing softball yesterday, and you remember how I'm ever alert, right?  Yeah, yeah...  Well anyway, I'm sure that you're familiar with the line, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."  Having coached softball before, I've often seen this motto printed on t-shirts and the like.  What I found amusing in Renetta's facebook status was learning that her girl plays for 'Davis Jewelers' - goodness gracious...  :D

Once again, just for my friend Lightning, we have a little poker content tonight.  First, we have the quotes above from Brent Hanks and the well-renowned poker guru himself, Pete P. Peters. Second, we have this cartoon that my friend Brigette shared...

They still use cards in poker, right?  ;)  Finally, we have the early January photo from my friend Joey that I point to as the deciding factor in making my decision to return to Las Vegas this summer.


I mean, if JOEY can take all of these chips off of players at the Flamingo, I surely can, right???  :P Again, nice win Joey...  :D

So here we are, watching hockey and giving you a post EARLY for a change.  Well, as luck would have it, I was watching hockey two nights ago, and after an exciting overtime win by my Canadiens (yes, they're DEFINITELY "my Canadiens" when they're up 2-0 in the series), I didn't change the channel right away.  This resulted in the start of the broadcast for the show that followed the game on CNBC.  That show was 'Money Talks.'  As it turns out, this show is about (wait for it..., wait for it...), SPORTS BETTING!  Not only had I never seen this show before..., I had never even heard of it.  Let's be honest..., we all know that I'm not smart enough to watch CNBC, right?  :)  Well, if you like Las Vegas, you have to check out this show (because you'll see different parts of Las Vegas).  :P  As far as the content of the show goes, well...  As soon as I saw what the show was about, I messaged my brother Pete to ask him if he had ever seen it before.  He hadn't, but like myself, he had watched the hockey game, not changed the channel, and he was now recording the show.  So I watched the show...  This program consists of MAYBE ten seconds of analysis concerning why a certain side of sports bet was chosen, while the remaining hour focuses on how this consultant sells his service, and tries to convince his clients to bet as much money as possible on each pick (he gets 50% of what they win if the pick is right, although they take all of the risk).  In the first episode that I watched, his "sure thing" was Louisville (-28) against Connecticut in football.  The Cardinals ended up winning the game by 21, and the client lost $30,000...  #ouch  Anyway, that's something that you can be on the lookout for if you want to see different shots of Las Vegas and a bunch of sportsbooks...

Well, I'm giving up for tonight (since I did post early and all), but have a very safe and happy holiday weekend, and I'll see you again on Tuesday!      

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