Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's Gonna Be May

"Nothing haunts us like the things we don't say..." -Mitch Albom- (via Francesca Welsh)

"Is it bad that while running over a rattlesnake that was 4-5 feet long with my car I still closed my eyes and screamed?..." -Kristen Williams Atwood-

"What did the sushi say to the bee?" - "WASABI?!" -Erin Vincent- (via Rhiannon Bilsing)

"Some people don't have to lose their blessings to remember to be thankful..."
-Jessica Johnson-

"It's official, I have perfected my rice.  My mom is eating out of the pan!!!!!" -Cristal Zamora-

"You know your hair has gone wild when you know you put 4 bobby pins in your hair but can only find 3..." -Leanne Calderon-

"Play your best game all the time..." -Mike Caro-

"I hate when I get stupid songs stuck in my head..." -Belyne Gonzalez-

"Every little thing I do, never seems enough for you, you don't want to lose it again, but I'm not like them, baby, when you finally, get to love somebody, guess what...,

" -NSYNC- (It's Gonna Be Me) -via Brittany Flores-

Good evening everyone, and I'm so, SO SORRY for that - Brittany, Brittany, Brittany...  ;)  My friend Crystal shared a photo on facebook which I connected with immediately (I'll share that picture with you and explain my instant LOVE for Crystal's status in just a second), and then I saw Belyne's tweet (which fit right in with Crystal's photo), AND THEN Brittany shared the Justin Timberlake shot above with her sister Carrie, and we suddenly had a theme...  Not too long ago at work, I had a song STUCK in my head almost all day, and I was not "happy" about it.  And then Crystal shared this gem...


My immediate reaction was "YES!"  :D  I'm generally a good-natured person, but OH does that song annoy me...  Brittany's status was equally (if not more) horrible, although I don't mind the song, and I actually think that Justin Timberlake is pretty entertaining, based on his 'Saturday Night Live' appearances, films that I've seen him in ('The Social Network' comes to mind), etc...  Despite how horrific Brittany's share was however, she makes an excellent point:  April is almost over, and it's gonna be May.  After writing a check today, I now have to pay rent here only two more times...  :)  The future is getting closer (and yes, you can quote me on that)...  ;)  

It seems that food has also managed to become a theme today.  First we had Annon passing along Erin's wasabi joke, and then Cristal had to talk about her rice that's so perfect, her "mom is eating out of the pan!!!!!"  Well, it seems like everyone must know that I'm trying to eat right and lose weight, because 'Team Flores' wasn't done posting facebook statuses.  Carrie hurt me with this photo over the weekend...


Shockingly, I've still never visited an In-N-Out location, but GOODNESS GRACIOUS, DOES THAT LOOK HEALTHY!  Just to pile on (and why not, he played a lot of football), my friend Tim posted this last night...

I hate facebook!  :P  Okay, let's talk about some more food that I didn't eat.  When I lived here in Austin a couple of years back, I went to a free crawfish boil at the Cain & Abel's here on West Campus.  Last week I saw a sign advertising their annual crawfish boil for Saturday, so naturally I stopped by.  When I arrived, they really didn't seem that busy for having a crawfish boil on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I asked the first employee that I encountered (as a courtesy), "How much is the crawfish?"  He promptly gave me an answer that I didn't expect...  "Twenty dollars for all you can eat..."  Hmmmm...  Remember, we're talking about the Coach that has been eating right and losing weight.  I just wanted to eat SOME crawfish, I didn't want to eat TWENTY DOLLARS worth of crawfish...  Yeah, so I still haven't had crawfish this year..., Carrie didn't bring me a burger..., Tim didn't bring me a burger..., Cristal didn't bring me any rice..., and I don't have any wasabi.  Life sucks...  ;)

Okay, life might not suck.  Like I said, I'm about three months away from returning to Las Vegas, and the lure of sportsbooks and poker tables has a very strong appeal...  I'm pretty confident that sometime in the near future I'll be redoing and republishing my pros and cons of living in Las Vegas blog post that I did some time back.  As much as I detest some aspects of desert life, I'm obviously eagerly anticipating other parts of it.  I'll also be talking more and more (in depth) about sports and poker as the days go by.  I came to the realization recently that I haven't gone into nearly as much detail as I easily could on several sports-related topics because it would just remind me how far I was away from returning to Las Vegas.  Not so much at this point.  For example, the 2014 NFL Draft begins a week from Thursday, and you will PROBABLY be hearing more about that in my next couple of entries...  #probably  ;)

Speaking of sports, we've got some playoff hockey and basketball that are vying for my attention right now, so I'll have to let you go.  Have a great week and I'll see you again on Saturday!


  1. recovering today. SHARKS CHOKE. almost too sad to smoke.well now it is officially baseball season GO ROCKIES

  2. So Coach, WTF is going on with the Spurs? Are they gonna beat the damn Mavs or not? I'm concerned. They kinda sucked tonite.

    @anger.....The Sharks didn't choke....the Kings UNchoked! Heh heh.

    1. I thought that you followed along here Rob.. ;) I said that last year was probably our last good chance at the time, and that I'm concerned about our age and susceptibility to injury here about two weeks ago. The Mavericks won 49 games this year and would be the #3 seed in the East. The West is strong 1-8, and any of the group representing the conference in the finals wouldn't surprise me (except for the Rockets now of course). Cutthroat conference...

    2. I was counting on you to be more of a homer than that!

      The Mavs would have been the #3 seed in the East? That's suppose to impress me? BFD. You, me and three members of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders could take 3rd place in the east.