Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's Getting Serious Now

Good morning everyone.  Things are starting to heat up now in the football world as some of the more prestigious bowl games are approaching, coupled with the impending NFL playoffs, where several seeds have yet to be determined.  Joey and I both had losing weeks last week for the first time in a while, but we're still hovering around the .500 mark.  I'll avoid stalling since Joey has picked some of today's games.  Live from Las Vegas, here's Joey!

Merry Christmas to everyone.  I hope everyone received the gifts they wanted.  Santa left me a list of seven things to go get.

Joey's Lucky Seven (Last Week 2-5, Overall Record 56-59-4)

Cincinnati (-2) vs. Virginia Tech
South Carolina (+4) vs. Miami
Boston College (-2) vs, Penn State
USC (-7) vs. Nebraska
Chargers (+3) @ Chiefs
Giants (-3) vs. Eagles
Panthers (+4) @ Falcons

One day Santa will tell me where all the naughty girls live...  Good luck and may all your tickets cash!

And now it's my turn.  As usual, I'm picking all NFL games, although I will weigh-in with predictions on next week's college playoff games, in conjunction with next weekend's NFL games (we'll be coming to you with an earlier post than usual, tentatively on Tuesday or Wednesday).  I have a new good luck charm for this week since my random girl from Las Vegas went 3-4 with me last week (I'm pretty harsh, eh, after probably more than a month with a winning record?)...  However, my friend Brittany posted a pair of photos on Facebook that was too late for my 'Merry Christmas' post, and Joey's naughty girls/Santa joke reminded me of her pictures.  I'm gonna need Brittany's good karma this week, because all seven bets that I'm giving you revolve around games that have playoff implications (for qualifying or seeding).  This wasn't even intentional, but off we go...


Coach's Lucky Seven (Last Week 3-4, Overall Record 59-59-1)

Packers (-6.5) vs. Lions - I think Lions will literally freeze up in the 19-degree wind chill...
Chargers (+3) @ Chiefs - Bolts fighting for playoff spot/Chiefs are out, and won't have Alex Smith...
49ers (-6.5) vs, Cardinals - Arizona is free-falling due to their quarterback situation...
Raiders/Broncos (Under 48) - Raiders don't score, Peyton will suffer in 22-degree wind chill...
Panthers/Falcons (Under 47.5) - Betting that the good Carolina defense shows up...
Ravens (-13) @ Browns - Ravens still alive for playoffs/Browns have QB issues...
Bengals/Steelers (Under 48) - Battle in the cold for the AFC North...

And that's it for this weekend's football my friends.  Hopefully my picks are nice as opposed to naughty - C'mon Brittany!!!  :D  It's been awhile since I've leaned on a friend in this spot...  :P  Have a great football weekend my friends, and we'll see you soon!


  1. I hope the Chargers and Giants pull it off. I have 2 remaining tickets from my season win totals bets. KC exactly 8 (which they currently are at) and Philly exactly 9 (which is where they currently are at). KC pays 4 to 1, and Philly pays 4.5 to 1. Neither one is life changing money, but if either wins I come out ahead on my win totals bets for the year. I made 12 bets, 1 unit each, and currently will be collecting 10 units. GL ME!! lol

    Good luck with your picks!! :)

  2. Hey Cokeboy - I just noticed today that your blog has a link to mine. I'm currently in the process of linking back to you. That's a tough spot with Philly and KC, having lost their quarterbacks (potential injuries are one reason that I don't like futures bets). At least you'll get your money back on those, at worst... Have a great weekend!