Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

"You need to stop focusing on the darkness behind you.  The past is the past..." -Breaking Bad-

"Hang on to your hopes my friend..., that's an easy thing to say, but if your hopes should pass away, simply pretend..., that you can build them again..." -The Bangles- (Hazy Shade of Winter)

Good afternoon everyone.  I'm currently passing the time at my brother's house just days before Christmas in the same way that I passed it at my apartment in Austin in the days following Christmas last year - I'm watching episode after episode of 'Breaking Bad...'  We're all thrilled that I'm expanding my horizons...  There is actually a two-day marathon on AMC that begins on December 28th, but I found a half-dozen episodes on Time Warner's "Entertainment On Demand," so off we go...  Joey and I will still be back with some football picks for you this weekend, but there wasn't much of a chance that I'd give you a post before Christmas after today.  And yeah, I also watched 'Less Than Zero' again yesterday (where those 'Bangles' lyrics came from, for those of you who are keeping score at home)...

I'm hoping that I'll get my head screwed on straight (or that I'll run just a little bit better) so that I'll find myself in a better financial position at this time a year from now.  Two years ago at Christmas, I was less than 4 months removed from a Labor Day Weekend break-in out in Las Vegas.  Last year I was just about five months removed from a San Marcos to Austin relocation at this time.  I have already proved to myself twice that I can save money while living at the apartment complex that I'm moving back into less than three weeks from now.  However, I'm going to be paying the highest monthly rent that I've ever paid in my life when that lease begins, and that means that 2015 is going to be a very busy year for Coach...

As I've said before though, don't shed any tears for me.  I seem to remember that I visited the desert from August until the last week of October, Las Vegas and Reno, while doing nothing but playing poker and betting on sports.  I drove each leg of my journey in a 2014 rental vehicle.  I didn't have to show up for work at all during this time, AT ALL...  However, since I plan on saving money at the same rate that I did last year (at least), and my rent is going to be about $300.00 a month more, Coach will be showing up for work A LOT in 2015...

Back to the part about not crying for me, don't.  A couple of years ago at Christmas I was thrown when I abruptly discovered that a friend of mine was at best, immature, or at worst, someone that I completely misjudged as a person.  That revelation was soon followed by a week-long trip to Las Vegas however, a visit that helped take the sting out of that fall's Labor Day Weekend break-in. Last Christmas was much more positive as I was able to spend some time with a friend from high school when she visited Austin, someone who was able to remind me of the things that I'm capable of simply by the life she lives.  And then of course this holiday season I've been fortunate enough to have good friends and family looking out for me as I patiently wait to take over my new apartment, people who I'll be forever grateful to.

Like I said here recently, give me about another month (give or take) to get settled into my new place, and then I'll resume boring you on a more consistent basis...  In the meantime, here are some cheery Christmas photos from my friends to send you into the last week of 2014...

This one is from my friend Jessica, and her outfit is probably cute enough to win her a prize in a bikini contest.  Oh yeah, it did...  Congratulations Jess, and Merry Christmas!

This shot is brought to you by Austin's Capital City Dancers, courtesy of my friend Heather, the cute reindeer on the right.  It was from Heather's lips that the words, "You better stop watching me" were spoken (for you longtime blog readers), still the best first words ever said to me, and one of my favorite stories...  Merry Christmas Heather!


And this picture is from my friend Taryn, showing that Santa is alive and well in Austin, and making the last of his practice runs for tomorrow night in the Lone Star State.  Have a Merry Christmas Taryn!

And as for all of you, have a Very Merry Christmas and I'll see you soon!