Saturday, December 6, 2014

We Need Eight Teams

Good evening everyone.  The Florida State/Georgia Tech game finished up not too long ago and I'm probably going to be returning to a youth select team baseball tournament tomorrow (and watching NFL games the rest of the day), so I thought that I'd retype my opinion on a previous topic for ya really quick.  Somewhere in the archives here I recall stating my belief that we need to have an 8-team college playoff system as opposed to a 4-team format, and the finale of this first season under the current plan seems to back up my stance.  If your team can't CLEARLY make a case for being recognized as one of the eight best in the nation, then I don't want to hear your crying.  However, there are several teams that I feel have a legitimate argument for being included in this group of four, and it's very difficult to differentiate among them.  I just wanted to say good luck to the committee members as they try to sort out this mess...  :)  Have a great Sunday and I'll see you soon...

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