Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy 2015!!!

Good evening everyone.  As we're nearing darkness here in San Antonio, Texas, with the calendar reading December 29th, I can assure you that this will be my last post of 2014.  All in all, 2014 was a pretty good year for me, and I'm more than ready for 2015 to begin.  Before we get to all of my mushy personal stuff however, we're going to get our football out of the way...  Joey and I both finished under .500 for the second straight week with our 'Lucky 7' picks, and as a "reward' for that, we both get to weigh-in on 12 bets this week.  We're giving you our bets on both of Thursday's NCAA playoff games, in addition to all of this weekend's NFL playoff action, both against the spread and the totals (overs/unders).  We're throwing in our score predictions at no extra charge...  I'm going to lead things off this week just because I feel like it...  :)  Brittany helped lead me to a 3-4 mark last week, but I have faith that we'll turn it around this week.  Also, Brittany is a Cowboys fan, so she's probably going to like my prediction on that game...  :)

Coach's Lucky Dozen (Last Week 3-4, 62-63-1 Overall)

Oregon 41  Florida State 28  ---  Oregon (-9)  ---  Under 72
The Seminoles can't afford to give the Ducks a head start.  I think that Oregon's tempo on offense will give the Seminoles problems.

Alabama 38  Ohio State 17  ---  Alabama (-9)  ---  Under 58.5
The Buckeyes are way down on their quarterback depth chart, the Big Ten is not the SEC, and Ohio State doesn't deserve to be in this game anyway.  The Tide should roll...

Cardinals 23  Panthers 17  ---  Cardinals (+5.5)  ---  Over 38
I really like the Cards getting the points here.  Arizona still has a formidable defense, and just needs to keep the game close to win this bet...

Steelers 27  Ravens 17  ---  Steelers (-3)  ---  Under 47
I'm not pleased that my team lost Bell to an injury, but the Steelers are still chucking the ball with success.  I constantly say that Flacco is overrated, so I have to back it up...  Go Steelers!

Colts 31  Bengals 24  ---  Colts (-4)  ---  Over 49
The Bengals were running of receivers last night, and will need a big game from Hill to beat the Colts.  I do expect points to be scored in this one, but I like the Colts in the dome...

Cowboys 34  Lions 20  ---  Cowboys (-7)  ---  Over 48.5
It's amazing what the Cowboys can do when they block and tackle, isn't it?  Romo, Murray, and Bryant are a formidable trio, and Stafford is now 0-16 on the road against teams with a winning record in his career...

In case I haven't clarified this before, I tailor my score predictions to match my feelings on my bets against the spread and on the totals (overs/unders).  I'm just saying that I'm more interested in getting my bets right than being close to my score predictions (for what's it's worth)...  Now that I've clarified that, we'll get to Joey's picks.  You'll notice that several of Joey's predictions differ from mine.  Joey is also betting against the weatherman, as he feels that this week's prediction for snow in Las Vegas won't come to fruition...  :)  With that being said, live from the Palace Station Sportsbook, here's Joey...

Well, that was a fast NFL season.  Happy holidays and I hope you made some money during the regular season.  Here are my wild card and college playoff picks...

Joey's Lucky Dozen (Last Week 2-5, 58-64-4 Overall)

Florida State 37  Oregon 21  ---  Florida State (+9)  ---  Under 72
The Seminoles are the defending champs and still undefeated.

Ohio State 17  Alabama 14  ---  Ohio State (+9)  ---  Under 58.5
Even with their third quarterback, the Buckeyes are a top four team.

Panthers 31  Cardinals 24  ---  Panthers (-3.5)  ---  Over 38
***Joey bet this early at (-3.5), and I took today's line of (+5.5)***
The Panthers are now my pick to win the NFC, at least til they lose.

Steelers 17  Ravens 10  ---  Steelers (-3)  ---  Under 47
Big Ben is good enough to keep the Steelers winning.

Colts 28  Bengals 27  ---  Bengals (+4)  ---  Over 49
The Bengals can be good when they don't have the flu.

Cowboys 31  Lions  17  ---  Cowboys (-7)  ---  Under 48.5
Suh is out - Romo gets a playoff win.

Happy New Year and may all your parlay cards cash!

I'm really surprised at how many games Joey and I disagree on, and at how many totals we do agree on - this ought to be an interesting week of football...

And now for my last keystrokes of 2014...  I'm really thankful for the family and friends that I have, and for the opportunities that I've had to live life (like that Brittany?  :) ) every year.  I have seriously been blessed to have had the opportunity to do so many different things in my life, and go so many places, and meet so many people.  I've gone about a week and a half now without working (Christmas Break), and I went almost three months during the late summer and early fall without having to work.  My point is that it would be very hard for me to complain at all about 2014.  With that being said, my resolution for the new year is to make money.  When I say make money, I mean MAKE MONEY!  I'm serious when I tell you that I'm probably going to GRIMACE every time that I write a rent check in 2015 - NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS a month for a one-bedroom apartment.  GRRRRR...  Oh well, at least I should never be bored during the new year.  If I do ever complain about boredom in the next twelve months, just tell me to get a job (or another job, or a better job)...  :)
Well, I'll have plenty of time to fill up your computer screens in 2015...  I hope that all of you have fun welcoming the new year, and that you have an OUTSTANDING 2015!